2017 Spring Fashion Forecast

Let’s take a break from winter fashion for a day and talk 2017 spring fashion trends!

2017 Spring Fashion Trends for Women Over 40

I am in full-on winter mode here, and spring isn’t even a twinkle in my eye, however, last year I published a spring forecast on the first day of January, and it was my most popular post for months. I take that to mean that while most of us are still dressing for winter, we probably have our winter wardrobes fairly well established and are ready to think ahead to spring.

I will still be featuring plenty of winter outfits, don’t you worry! But for today, let’s look ahead to what’s on the fashion horizon for spring.

Often I focus on wearable trends and forego the crazy ones, but I’m including some that I’m not so much a fan of for the fun of it. I will let you know how I feel. #feelingopinionated #onmy2ndglassofwine

Let’s get this party started. (The pictures below are all clickable, in case you want to shop.)

2017 Spring Fashion Trends

#1. Seaside Stripes

Think beach umbrellas and weathered awnings… Stripes have been big for a while now, but this spring is all about bold colors anchored with black.

2017 spring fashion trends: stripes

#2. Khaki

Not khakis, but khaki… khaki dresses, khaki coats, etc. This is a hard color to wear near your face, so I suggest adding a pretty scarf in the neck in a flattering color palette.

2017 spring trends: khaki

#3. Flashdance Shoulder

I am including this, NOT because I think we should all embrace the trend, but because I’ve already seen it in winter fashion on a lot of popular fashion blogs, and I’ve been dying to say my piece. I think this trend of intentionally “allowing” your top to fall off one shoulder is ridiculous. I think it looks so affected and unnatural and trying-way-too-hard to be sexy. No thank you. (Yes, I realize that some of you may say the same for trends I readily embrace, such as ripped jeans, so to each her own, but you will not see me rocking the Flashdance shoulder, thankyouverymuch.)

2017 spring fashion trends: flashdance shoulder

#4. Off-the-Shoulder and Cold Shoulder Tops and Dresses

These trends are still going strong for spring 2017. I’m seeing them everywhere in spring resort wear. I do like the off-the-shoulder trend, but I can’t be bothered to wear a strapless bra, so I’m more likely to go for the cold shoulder tops that allow you to wear a regular bra.

2017 spring fashion trends: off the shoulder tops and dresses

#5. Statement Earrings

The bigger, the better! Tassel earrings are still a huge trend.

Style tip >> When I wear a statement earring, I either go with a delicate necklace, or no necklace at all, so as to not compete with the earrings.

2017 spring fashion trend: statement tassel earrings

#6. Transparent Skirts

We’ve already been seeing this trend, but evidently it’s still going strong this spring. I’m not a huge fan of this trend, but it can be done in good taste.

2017 spring fashion trends: transparent skirts

#7. Flatforms

Added height without teetering precariously on stilettos??? Yes, please! Flatforms had a moment last year, but I’m excited to hear they’re back this year in full force.

2017 Spring Trends: Marc Fisher Platform Sandals

#8. Bold Florals

I’m not much of a florals girl, but I’m going to try to incorporate this trend into my spring wardrobe for variety’s sake. It gets old wearing solids all the time.

spring 2017 fashion trend: bold floral

#9. Shades of Blue

Who wouldn’t like this trend? Blue is so easy to wear, and it’s universally flattering.

2017 spring fashion trend: shades of blue

#10. Robes

Okay, I didn’t include this until I saw it on three (yes, THREE) lists. I cannot EVEN believe this will be a thing, but I’ll throw it in here so I can say you heard it here first. And we thought yoga pants and pajama bottoms were bad… now you might see BATHROBES at the grocery store, and it will be considered fashion-forward. SMH.

This is the closest I could find at the retailers I frequent, and if this is the more mainstream take on the trend, then I can see how it might be a fresh take on the cardigan. I’ll reserve my judgement until I see how this one plays out.

2017 spring fashion trend: the robe as streetwear

#11. Neckerchief (small square silky scarves)

I love this ladylike trend, and it’s a much easier type of scarf to wear for those of us who don’t like the bulk of blanket scarves and large wrap scarves. Plus, it hides neck wrinkles. YAY!

2017 spring fashion trends: small square scarf aka neckerchief


What do you think about the 2017 spring fashion trends? Which is your favorite?

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27 Responses

  1. It is amazing that we are thinking about spring, when it’s going to snow today, right?
    But I love many of these styles! I think the neckerchief is one of my favorites. I’ve been trying it for awhile now, and even wrote an article for Sixty + Me about it—I think it’s so flattering for older women especially due to that wrinkle thing you mentioned—ha ha!
    I still haven’t tried the off the shoulder tops exactly because of the strapless bra aspect.
    But I had to laugh when you said you’re never going to try the flashdance shoulder! I’ve said that about many styles that I end up wearing later, so I’m learning to never say never!! Besides, at least I could wear a bra with one strap with these shirts???

  2. Love the neckerchief! I live on the Gulf coast. So I don’t wear heavy winter clothes. My front door is open this morning ????

  3. I wouldn’t wear #3, been there & done that when the movie first came out, lol. I also wouldn’t wear #7 because it seems like they add a lot of visual weight and bulk to an outfit. #10 for lounging around the house? It does look comfy. I’m still looking for a nice cold shoulder blouse that covers the bra straps. Love the neckerchief, the rest seems pretty doable, too. Thank you for the heads up for Spring fashion 🙂 Hopefully your daughter feels better soon, mine stayed home today for the same reason.

  4. Oh, I’ve been waiting for this. I won’t be wearing them any time soon but I can buy. ????
    I could get into floral, if it’s on a black background, but not those cutesy little prints. Now, the stripes, I looove! I like khaki but not near my face, so I would buy it in pants or a jacket. I’m with you on the off the shoulder top. It’s an obvious attempt to look sexy but it comes off as “cheap”. #beingpolite Love blue anything, sheer bottom skirts, robe type sweaters/jackets,
    Oh spring, where are you???

  5. I’m always amazed at what’s on the “runway” vs. the “sidewalk”…LOL Some of those looks just DO.NOT.TRANSLATE and I don’t know who’s wearing them. I’m going to keep my robe at home. 😉 YAY for flatforms. I think I’m going to have to get a pair this year!

    1. Had to reply to Lisa’s “runway” vs, the “sidewalk” comment – hilarious and how true! Thanks for posting things we can dream about; I live in CO and we got a foot of snow overnight….spring won’t be here until possibly May (maybe June!)….but I can dream! Please keep bringing us great options for the (cold) winter places! Love your style!

      1. Oh Carrie, I feel your pain! Been there done that. We lived in Minneapolis for 3 winters… that’s how you quantify your time there????. It’s beautiful but the “snirt” becomes so ugly and you long to see the the ground. Hang in there!!!!

  6. Isn’t it funny how we’re totally in to try some trends and know some just aren’t for us? I resisted the distressed jean trend fearing I was just too old but, on impulse, I bought a pair recently at WHBM. They’re my favorite pair for casual wear! I think it’s the addition of texture to an outfit that appeals to me. Thanks for sharing these Spring trends! Even though I’m wearing jeans, a sweater and boots today, it’s fun to see warmer weather clothes.

  7. I have loved the cold shoulder look for a while now so happy to see it will still be around. I also love the neckerchief. It looks so refreshing and anything to hide the wrinkles!

  8. Love your post!!! I am so done with winter even though there is still snow outside!!! I do not want to buy anymore winter clothes. I want to start thinking of spring and seeing the new trends!!! keep the posts coming!! Love your blog.

  9. Jo-Lynne, I sure hope your daughter gets to feeling better quickly! Regarding the spring fashion, it’s nice to see some of what will be out there, even if most of it will not end up in my closet. I want to try on a pair of the wedge sandals to see if I can wear them. I’d love to make my long legs look even longer. The forecasters are saying parts of GA may see snow or a wintery mix late Friday and Saturday. I’m sure the milk and bread will start flying off the shelves real soon. Such fun!

  10. It is -28 windchill factor today in Mpls, so this post was so uplifting for my downed spirit. I’ve always loved the neckerchief and flatforms trends, yaee ! Even though I consider myself large chested I think I’ll try the off the shoulder tops–the fitting lady at Nordstrom had recommended the Wacoal (sp?) strapless nude bra and couldn’t be more right. It holds the girls in their place and can wear for long periods of time. Thank you Jolynne for the heads up, I love your blog and look forward to reading it every day !!

      1. I am smaller busted, but I find them uncomfortable too after awhile. I just can’t be bothered anymore! Ha!

  11. Oh my gosh I had a feeling that Flashfance look would be coming back! I was in high school the first time around and we all permed our hair and ripped our sweatshirts! LOL! Is curly hair on its way back too?

    I think a few of these trends are better left (dare I say it) for the “younger” girl to try……however most of them;”: blues, stripes, khakis, statement earrings, flat forms, sheer skirts and neckerchiefs can be styled by us “older” moms/ladies/career women! ????

    I’d love to see you style a neckerchief so that we don’t look like a 1970s Pan Am stewardess. I love the small scarf look and almost bought one last week at Ann Taylor, but my friend said I looked like I should be walking the airplane aisle pushing the drink cart! Not the look I was going for. (Not that there’s anything wrong with being a stewardess!!)

  12. Wasn’t sure if I could do the cold shouldered look but seems like it is going to be around for awhile. May need to try it. Love all your posts!

  13. Hi from Disney world FL. I am the one that checked your blog on what to wear to Magic Kingdom., and packed as close to what you showed. Sitting here watching people go by and what they are wearing is oh my what was they thinking. I need to send them a link to your blog. Thanks for your fashion blog. And teaching me how to dress fabulous.

  14. Thanks for a spring idea list. Now I will have a general idea of what to look for when shopping. I am so ready for warm weather. My favorite from the list was the flatforms. I’m just 5’1″, so anything that can give me longer legs makes me happy. Thanks again.

  15. I am so glad you did not include the “free the nipple” trend! Ha, ha! I know you wouldn’t, but when I was doing some research on the coming spring trends, I found that! Talk about trying too hard to be sexy! How about down right indecent. I just can’t figure out what the fashion industry is trying to do and why women even tolerate it!! I like the seaside stripes, the blues, and the neckerchief. I like bold florals too when done minimally. And, true confessions, I have a robe sweater, but it is a sweater with a tie, not a bathrobe, so there is a difference. But I guess I could see the robe idea if it was worn sort of like a kimono and done in a classy, stylish way, not just wearing my bathrobe to go to the grocery store. But hey I could wear my see through top without a bra and throw the robe over top! Ha, ha. ha. I’m sorry! The world’s views of fashion just strike me as so peculiar some times. Now, enough of my rant. Thanks for sharing these in a tasteful way! Have a great weekend! – Amy

  16. Happy to see this post! It’s fun to see what’s coming up and think about what I would or would not wear. I start Adore Your Wardrobe next week and am counting the days! By the time that’s complete it will be time to really start working on the Spring wardrobe and I’ll know just what to try and what to stay away from. Thanks for introducing it – I would have never known about it otherwise.

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