3 Ways to Wear White Converse Shoreline This Winter

One thing I want to try to do more of this year is show multiple ways to wear one wardrobe staple. It’s a request I get often, and recently someone specifically asked for more outfits with Converse, so I thought I’d roundup three of my favorite looks from the past year featuring my white Converse Shoreline sneakers.

Before you ask, yes, it’s totally appropriate to wear white sneakers in the wintertime these days. In fact, I really love the fresh, clean look against a darker winter palette. That said, I’m jonesing for a pair of the grey. They would go with most of these outfits as well as the white, and they give off an even more casual, carefree vibe. And while we’re at it, how fun are these orange Chucks!?! Okay, I’ll stop now, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

For the purpose of this post, I’m featuring white Chucks because that’s what I have. These outfits are all from last winter, ironically. I really should wear my Chucks more, but I tend to gravitate to ballet flats for the same purpose.

3 Ways to Wear White Converse Shoreline This Winter

OUTFIT #1: White Converse with black skinnies, grey tee, and burgundy leather jacket. (original post here)

You could sub a cardigan for the leather jacket, since I know burgundy leather jackets aren’t typically in everyone’s closet, but the general idea here is that the Chucks look unexpected and sharp against the black deconstructed denim. My burgundy denim jacket has a removable grey hood, which keeps it casual, so I just paired it with a basic grey v-neck tee.

3 ways to wear converse shoreline: black decon skinnies and burgundy leather jacket

Converse Shoreline // similar decon jeans // similar grey tee // burgundy leather jackets // Moon & Lola Dalton pendant // R Minkoff Mini MAC

OUTFIT #2: White Converse with olive cargo pants, white tank, and black hoodie. (original post here)

I built this outfit around the black hoodie. I bought it as workout wear, and I often wear it over my workout clothes on the way to the gym, but it’s too cute to keep for just my workouts. For a casual day at home, I like to wear it with jeans and sneakers. This outfit is just a little more dressed up than wearing yoga pants, but every bit as comfortable. I like how the white tank coordinates with the white sneakers. It’s not necessary to have white somewhere else in the outfit (see outfit #1) but I think it is nice when it works out.

3 ways to wear converse shoreline: with olive skinnies and black hoodie

Converse Shoreline // olive skinnies // black hoodies (mine is Alo brand) // SD Engravable Disc Pendant // similar handbag

OUTFIT #3: White Converse with cropped skinnies, pullover, and bold infinity scarf. (original post here)

I could totally wear ballet flats with this outfit, and I typically would, but the Converse are fun for a change, and they help dress it down a bit. Any basic pullover would work. I like the light oatmeal-grey color of this one with the pop of red in the scarf and bag. Of course, the sneakers have the red trim, which pulls it all together perfectly.

3 ways to wear converse shoreline: with white pullover, skinny jeans, and red scarf

Converse Shoreline // Hudson Krista Crop Skinnies // similar pullover // similar red fringe infinity scarf // similar red tote

BONUS: 2 Casual Dresses with Converse

I realize I posted all skinny jeans. I think they’re the easiest thing to wear with Converse in the winter because it’s too cold in most areas for dresses without tights (and I don’t recommend wearing tights with Converse.)

If you live in an area with mild winters, you can pretty much pair Converse with any casual dress.

how to wear converse shoreline with a casual dress

I wore mine with this slub t-shirt dress last fall and with this casual black shift dress last summer.

converse shoreline with black shift dress

If you have a long-sleeve version, like this striped shift dress, that would be perfect with Chucks this time of year.

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23 thoughts on “3 Ways to Wear White Converse Shoreline This Winter

  1. I think Converses are a fun way to add some personality to an outfit—-just like you’ve shown, Jo-Lynne!
    I have to admit though that I will wear socks & tights with them because it can get darn cold here in Denver!!
    I have a pair of silver ones, that one of my readers painted for me!!

    1. I actually ordered no-show socks to go in mine, I forgot about that! Not that they help much with warmth, but they might prevent the blister I usually get on my pinky toe when I wear them longer than an hour, lol.

  2. I loved this post, maybe because I love the look of converse, if only they were comfortable to wear…sigh.
    Happy New Year Jo-Lynne!

  3. Fotini, I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one on the planet that thinks the shoreline converse are really uncomfortable! I sooo wish I could wear mine without quickly regretting it due to discomfort.

  4. Converse are not a winter staple in our cold winters – snow or no snow. Brrrrr great examples for those that live south though.

  5. I wouldn’t have thought of these in winter, cute! Cleaning out junk and trying to get back to routine too, feeling a little after holiday blue and rain isn’t helping. Ugh! What’s in your grocery cart today?

    1. Oh, my, I still need to make a list! Gotta stock up on all the basics — eggs, salad greens, meats for dinners, canned tuna, dinner veggies, bread for kids’ lunches, apples, berries, bananas… I also want to try a few new recipes I found in that Whole30 group. Did you get the invite?

  6. Love the look of converse, but agree that they are not very comfortable. I also have the gray, which I ordered after the white ones. I love the gray and wish I had ordered them first…if I had, there probably wouldn’t be white ones in my closet:)

  7. I found an alternative, my son calls them Mom chucks. Taos “Star”. They have the same look, tons of colors and come with a removable arch support insert. I cross laced mine and then put the excess lace under the insert. Note the comments about ordering 1/2 size up. Love mine

  8. Love this look but agree, it’s not for our winters here and Converse shoes don’t have proper support for these high arches of mine. I’ve been able to mimic the look with a couple of Dansko’s leisure shoes. I can wear those all day!

  9. Love all of your looks Jo-Lynne! I just wish the Converse fit my skinny and very thin feet.

    I hope you felt better today!

  10. I got my first pair of Converse just a month ago at a deep discount at DSW. I had been looking for a pair because I have seen so many bloggers wearing them in such cute ways. These outfits are all perfect! I love the casual look of the chucks with the skinny jeans, but they are adorable with the casual dresses as well. The ones I bought are actually hi-tops that are made of a gray mesh material, so more for summer, but I am going to have to wear them more this winter. Now I am also feeling I need to get a white pair. Ha, ha. Thanks so much for sharing, JoLynne! – Amy

  11. Love your blog and look forward to your emails everyday. Could you do some spring outfit ideas with long sleeve swing dresses? I have several that are thin enough to wear in spring but would like to know the best way to accessorize them to look springy. They are all neutral colors. Please and Thank You ????

  12. I have some black sequined Converse (I nearly squealed in the store when I found them!). I get the sore pinky toe rub too, but thin no show socks have helped. Now if I could only think of more places to wear them. (The shoes, not the socks, ha!)

  13. I was really hoping you would explain how to wear sneakers in the wintertime with FULL LENGTH socks as it gets quite cold where I am. Looks like boots it is!

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