The Warmest Snow Boots: UGG Adirondack

Good morning! It’s hard to believe just a few days ago, I was in Maine looking out on this snow-covered lake as I enjoyed my morning coffee. That sure was a far cry from my messy office this morning with the January rain pitter-pattering outside my window. Not that I’m complaining; it’s good to be home, but I do miss the view.

The Warmest Snow Boots: UGG Adirondack Boots in Otter

We didn’t really plan to take pictures for the blog while we were away, so I didn’t bring any new outfits along with me. Of course, once we were there and settled in, we couldn’t resist this backdrop, so I borrowed snow boots from my mom and threw on some clothes and tromped outside to get a few shots. I never expected to fall so in love with her boots!

The Warmest Snow Boots: UGG Adirondack Boots in Otter

I have Sorel snow boots, and I love them. They are super cute, and they’re comfortable and plenty warm. However, these UGG Adirondack boots had me wishing I lived in a climate where I could justify multiple pairs of snow boots.

These are lined completely with shearling, and they are so toasty warm, I can’t even tell you. When you slip your feet inside, it’s like wearing the most decadent slippers, but they’re also completely weather proof. They even have a ribbed Vibram sole for traction.

The Warmest Snow Boots: UGG Adirondack Boots in Otter

Stupidly, I did not pack my Sorel boots for this trip. I knew we were expecting snow, but I was trying to pack light, and I figured I’d be fine in my black flat OTK boots. As is usually the case when I pack light, I regretted not having something. In this case, it was my snow boots. I was slipping all around in my black boots, even though they have a lug sole, and my feet were cold. Lesson learned.The Warmest Snow Boots: UGG Adirondack Boots in Otter

Not only are the UGG Adirondack boots amazingly warm and comfortable, they are super cute, and they come in 5 color options. These are the Chestnut, and I thought they were the perfect compliment to my new LV Neverfull (Christmas present from my sweet hubby.)

If you’re in the market for a super duper warm, waterproof, practical snow boot that looks good too, snap these babies up today.

The Warmest Snow Boots: UGG Adirondack Boots in Otter

This is a basic outfit formula that works for me time and time again — a great pair of jeans with a cute sweater in a flattering color and fit and weather-appropriate boots.

Add a jacket and scarf for your outdoor excursions. I don’t keep this scarf on inside; I wear it purely for warmth when I’m going to be out and about.

The Warmest Snow Boots: UGG Adirondack Boots in Otter

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photos: Paul Shane

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25 thoughts on “The Warmest Snow Boots: UGG Adirondack

  1. I’ve had a pair of Sorrel’s for over 30 years, and as much as they keep me warm in the snow, I really wouldn’t consider them the most comfortable boot. I guess I feel like they are heavy and so clunky. Are these Ugg’s better?
    What a great backdrop, Jo-Lynne!! I bet you had the best time!

    1. I’m guessing they’ve improved the Sorels over the years. I actually feel like mine are a little lighter and less clunky than these UGGs, but it’s hard to say b/c my mom has a larger foot than I do, so they were big on me. The UGGs look a bit clunkier to me – just look at the foot in the pictures, and you’ll see what I mean.

      However, I compared the weight of the two, and the UGG is actually lighter than the Sorel – UGG is 1.7 lbs, and the Sorel is 2 lbs. Interesting! Also, it says the UGG has a removable sockliner so if you don’t want the extra warmth, you can take that out. This is from Zappo’s. They have more info than Nordstrom – http://bit.ly/2iACw5Q.

  2. Jo-Lynne, Lets talk rain for a minute. Since Saturday, we’ve had a little over 8″ of rain, and it’s not done yet. The rain and possible storms are expected to last until around 6 tomorrow morning. We are under a flood watch! We live on a dirt & sand road, which will be in a royal mess. No way to keep your vehicles half way clean.
    Your mom’s snow boots are awesome! When I saw your first post of you wearing them, I thought how smart you were to take them. Ha!
    Good luck with the cold! i hope you are able to accomplish all that you need too today!

    1. Yes, in these parts, it seems like rain boots are a better investment than snow boots!!! I’ll be wearing my Hunters today for sure. 🙂 Oh and the car… I’ve given up. LOL!

  3. Woke up to much needed rain ???? here in n.c
    So far so good have the day off . I’m hoping to take down Christmas decorations .
    Love your pictures of Maine you look great.

  4. I have been boot shopping/trying on and am torn between Uggs and Hunters. I live in AZ, but we do have a cabin and business in the White Mountains; and I spend a lot of time there, plus we do have 4 seasons and cold/snow and everything in between! :). Would you say the Uggs fit true to size or would I size up half a size? What about Hunters? I was in Indiana for Christmas and all the stores I tried to try them on at were sold out of my usual 8 size, which didn’t help get an accurate feel for sizing. Love the picture of you and your grampa! He looks great!

    1. Hey Lori. Hunters are great b/c you can wear them in snow with super thick socks for warmth. They’re definitely more versatile. The Hunters run large. I wear an 8.5 in boots and a 7 in Hunters, and they are still roomy. I assume I’d be a 8.5 in the UGG snow boots b/c I am in other UGGs. I hope that helps!

    2. Actually lately i buying ugg boots adirondack too and in classic uggs I am size 9 and bought ugg adi from zappos size 9 and they were slightly too tight so I returned them and oder size 9.5 as last year size 10 was too big and I also returned it.

  5. Your pictures look surreal!! U look beautiful!! I hope u get over your cold quickly. We all have colds here also. Ugh.

  6. Lovely pictures, how wonderful to have such a scenic place visit. Today is our day for “undecorating” the house. It always looks bare afterwards but I’m ready for a clean house again! Hope your cold gets better soon☹️

  7. They must be super warm. We get more rain than cold & snow, so I have leather boots and rain boots in rotation.
    Loved the picture of you with your grandfather. You are so lucky to have such a man still in your life, we can learn a lot from the older generation.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon. Maybe, you should take a day for rest. It might do a world of good for your health. The clean up isn’t going anywhere. Unfortunately!

    1. I did as you suggested, and I do feel some better today. I just puttered on the computer for a few hours yesterday and then went back to bed and took a nap, lol. After that, I rallied to do some shopping and go out to dinner, but I was in bed for the night at 8PM. I think staying up till midnight really took its toll. I felt awful all day yesterday. My mom always told me, it’s the 2nd day that’s the worst (after staying up too late.) She is usually right about such things. Our 2nd tree is still up, there are still bins strewn throughout the house, and the kitchen still needs to be put away. I guess I can get to all that today. 🙂

  8. Those are super cute boots and great jacket from your hubby!! Do you know anything about the UGG company? I had read some not so great things about how they get their shearling? I know we have to be warm, I just wonder sometimes about faux fuzzy stuff, I feel a bit better with that :(. What do you think??

  9. I bought UGG boots very similar to your mom’s (mine our knee high), and I just love them too! I’ve never been a fan of UGGs, but one whirl around the store, and I couldn’t believe how comfy, warm, and good looking they are! And I second your love of AG–I only have one pair of premium denim, and they are AG skinnies. Wear them constantly. But I love my Target jeans too! Happy New Year! Always look forward to your blog 🙂

  10. Beautiful pic! Love the one with your Grandpa ????- what a blessing ! I’ve had a cold for 6 weeks????- just started steroids for wheezing so try and rest, rest,rest !

    1. Oh no! I was wondering if I might need an antibiotic. I try never to take them, so I keep letting this go, thinking it will get better, but it seems to be moving into my chest. UGH.

  11. I just got new UGG rain boots and love them. They have the furry bottom lining, and fit true to size. They are not as chunky looking as the Hunter mid calf style. Love them.

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