Casual Weekend Style: Hooded Leather Jacket + Destructed Denim

I’ve been waiting for the weather to warm up enough to wear this outfit, and I was finally able to wear it to the mall one day last week. This is the hooded leather jacket that came in my first box from Trunk Club.

Fashion Over 40: Hooded Leather Jacket with distressed black AG Ankle Leggings and white Chuck Taylor Converse Shoreline fashion sneakers

The minute I pulled it out of the box, I knew I wasn’t going to want to part with it. Fortunately it fit as well as I hoped it would, and the smell of genuine leather was intoxicating.

I had already been eyeing up leather jackets online, and I wanted one that wasn’t the typical black, so this hit the nail on the head. I love everything about it — the cut, the color, and the detachable knit hood which makes it extra versatile.

With the hood attached, it has a sporty vibe, so I decided to style a casual weekend outfit that would be perfect for shopping with the kids or meeting a friend for coffee.

Fashion Over 40: Hooded Leather Jacket with distressed black AG Ankle Leggings and white Chuck Taylor Converse Shoreline fashion sneakers

Fashion Over 40: Hooded Leather Jacket with distressed black AG Ankle Leggings and white Chuck Taylor Converse Shoreline fashion sneakers

I went right to this grey V-neck tee and my ripped black jeans. It would be just as cute with blue jeans, and I suppose I could have done a black or white tee, but I love the combination of grey and burgundy.

Fashion Over 40: Hooded Leather Jacket with distressed black AG Ankle Leggings and white Chuck Taylor Converse Shoreline fashion sneakers

I decided to wear my Chucks as opposed to the black ankle boots that I originally went for. I like how they play off the knit hood and keep the look sporty.

Fashion Over 40: Hooded Leather Jacket with distressed black AG Ankle Leggings and white Chuck Taylor Converse Shoreline fashion sneakers

I know not everyone is into the ripped jeans. I totally get that. But black jeans have become one of my go-to wardrobe essentials this winter, and I think every woman should have a pair in her closet.

For a non-ripped version that is on sale for $113, try these Joe’s Flawless Skinny Jeans. Joe’s is a brand I don’t talk about much anymore, but they used to be my favorites. They make a great pair of jeans.

For a more budget friendly version, I am really liking American Eagle for jeans. They’re all my daughter wears, and they look great on her. They have this black pair for $49.50, and right now they’re buy 1, get 1 50% off!

Fashion Over 40: Hooded Leather Jacket with distressed black AG Ankle Leggings and white Chuck Taylor Converse Shoreline fashion sneakers

This grey t-shirt is my “investment tee.” In fact, I’m realizing as I type this up that this entire outfit is made up of investment pieces to some extent.

I got the jeans on sale, but they still were a bit of a splurge. Same goes for the handbag.

The Converse Shoreline sneakers are $49, but they go on sale from time to time if you watch. In fact, there is a Converse Event on HauteLook today!!!

I’ve linked to cheaper options for everything below.

Fashion Over 40: Hooded Leather Jacket with distressed black AG Ankle Leggings and white Chuck Taylor Converse Shoreline fashion sneakers

Details: Hinge Hooded Leather Jacket $298 (faux leather option $168)
T by Alexander Wang $85 (cheaper option $19)
similar AG Ankle Leggings $188 (cheaper option $49)
OR non-ripped black jeans: Joe’s Flawless Skinny Jeans $113 (cheaper option $49)
Converse Shoreline sneakers $49 | R Minkoff Mini MAC (some colors are on sale!)
Dalton Initial Pendant $76 | similar hoop earrings $24

* * *

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21 thoughts on “Casual Weekend Style: Hooded Leather Jacket + Destructed Denim

  1. Gorgeous jacket! I am so envious. I’ve been looking for a leather jacket for ages, and never got one, as black is too harsh on me, and brown or grey didn’t look right either. This colour is perfect! It suits you so well. Love the way you stiled it with the Converse, that gives it a more chilled out feel.

    1. Thanks, Emma!! I love it. 🙂 I think a good leather jacket is a worthy investment, but it definitely pays to wait and find the right one. Cognac is a great versatile color too, if you want something that is not black.

  2. I’m telling you, if I could justify another jacket, something similar would be in my closet right now! I absolutely love this look. The color is gorgeous and it fits you beautifully.
    I have one leather jacket and probably haven’t worn it in over 8 years. It’s a little big and I’m not crazy about the style anymore (it’s longer-down to my hips long). I’ve been on the fence about parting with it and updating it, but I’ve always been told black leather jackets will always be in style. What do you think?

    1. Yeah, I’m kind of heartless about that sort of thing. I’d probably ditch it and figure if/when that styles comes back around, there will be a new twist on it or I’ll want something slightly different. Or it just won’t fit anymore. I mean, if you loooooove it, it is GORGEOUS, it fits beautifully, and when that length comes back around, you know you will be excited to wear it, I’d keep it. But if you’re eh…. ditch it. You’ll find something better when the time comes.

    2. I have 2 of the longer styles of leather jackets, Holli, and while I wear my olive/spring green one because of the unusual color, I find that I don’t wear the black one any more.Honestly, I do feel it’s dated, though I’m not ready to part with it. I try not to save clothing in case it comes back in style, but that’s one piece that’s an exception.(It has sentimental value.) I did buy a black moto-style leather jacket from Nordstrom half price a few weeks ago and I love it so much and have worn it so many times that I’m seriously considering one in a color other than black.I find that I wear it as a “third piece” over T-shirts rather than wearing a sweater and it really makes my outfits look put together.

        1. Thanks for both of your input. Yeah, I’ve tried wearing it as part of my outfit, but it’s just not working for that at all. It just kind of takes over the look and that’s all you see. I tend to be super indecisive (especially about investment pieces) and I often need a little kick in the rear to get me in the right direction! 😉

  3. I love that outfit on you. I cannot justify another jacket in Savannah, GA. So few times I need one but love that. So cute. And I have the Converse Shoreline in cloud grey and love them. Will get a white pair if they go on sale. I do love your blog, Jo-Lynne. And look forward to the spring one with Cyndi. You both rock!

  4. I like this blog, as you explained how you have been searching and it literally fell in your lap. That is the best! The color and fitting look fabulous on you. I prefer the wine color over black. It has a little more personality. Speaking of jackets, I found a new jean jacket with the perfect wash and fit. I was so opposed to them in the past, and guess my thinking was all wrong. I’ve been wearing it a lot! Jackets are peculiar, and for me, it depends on the texture. I don’t really like when the fabric is too stiff. Which, btw, it would be nice to read a blog on breaking in jackets, shoes, and jeans. Thanks for sharing your jacket find!

    1. I loooove jean jackets! And yes, I am all about jackets that move with you. That is why I like this one. It has those knit panels under the arms so it’s stretchy when I move around. 🙂 I also hate stiff jeans, which is another reason I buy premium denim. They are much softer and you don’t really need to break them in.

  5. Love the outfit, Jo-Lynne! I’ve been struggling with the idea of what’s age-appropriate lately. I’m in my early fifties and am trying to update my style, but worry that I might look like I’m trying to look like my sons’ wives and girlfriends. But I love some of the “younger” styles. Like the moto jackets and even the ripped jeans. And I feel so good in my short leather jacket! What are your thoughts on age-appropriateness? Is there such a thing as age-appropriate as long as we’re not flashing too much skin, lol?

    1. I know some women are starting to take issue with that phrase entirely. 🙂 I think style has much more to do with personality than age. I agree that showing too much skin is a big no-no. Fit and proportion are crucial to good style, so there is some right and wrong with fashion. But when it comes to certain styles like ripped jeans and moto jackets, I think it comes down to what you area comfortable wearing and what works with your personality and personal style aesthetic.

      I actually think going more edgy as we age helps keep us looking current. When I was younger, I could get away with more classic looks, I actually shopped mostly at Talbots and Ann Taylor!! Now at 43, if I wear things that are too conservative, they really age me. I find myself gravitating to more edgy styles, and I think it works. This would be a great post topic!

      1. I would love a post on this subject as well 🙂 At 59 I may dress “younger” than some, but I can’t see myself ever wearing the dreaded “Koret” I do worry at times about being age appropriate, I usually ask my daughters if I’m in doubt of a certain outfit.
        As always your outfit looks great! 🙂

  6. I love this outfit, especially the jacket! Yesterday I saw a woman that is at least in her late 60’s, but very possibly older, that was dressed very trendy, and she looked great. She had on a sing sweater that covered enough of her backside, skin tight pants, with knee high decorative books. She made me smile! It was obvious she was comfortable in what she was wearing. You look great interface distressed jeans. I know they don’t fit my personality, so they are not something I should spend my money on.

    I hope you have a blessed day!

  7. Gorgeous jacket! I am sold on the leather jacket as I just love wearing my black one and this color is wonderful on you.

  8. I love this jacket! What size are you wearing? Do you feel it runs small or bigger? I’m similar in body size to you and was curious. Thanks!

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