Neutral Wedge Sandals for Spring

Wedge sandals are a hot trend again this spring, and for good reason. They give you the height and stature of your favorite stilettos, but they’re comfortable enough for everyday wear.

I am personally super excited about wedge sandals this spring and summer because I spent the last 2 years avoiding heels due to various foot injuries, so this spring I plan to wear heels as often as I can! I even splurged on a pair of Stuarts to celebrate.

9 Fabulous Neutral Wedge Sandals for Spring 2016

Sam Edelman Brenda // Stuart Weitzman Elixir // Montego Bay High Wedge Sling
UGG Jolina //Jimmy Choo Portia // Michael Kors Damita
Charles D Arlington // Tory Burch Marion // Michael Kors Josephine

You can wear wedges with shorts, jeans, trousers, dresses, and skirts. They are the most versatile workhorse in your spring/summer wardrobe — aside from possibly your favorite flat sandals. Both have a unique purpose in your wardrobe, so we’ll be discussing flat sandals next!

Here are some suggestions for you if you’re in the market to invest in a pair of neutral wedge sandals this summer. I tried to cover all price points. And if you can’t wear high heels, never fear! I’ve got you covered too. Scroll on down to see my favorite low wedges this spring. 

10 Fabulous Neutral High Wedge Sandals for Spring

#1. MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Josephine’ Wedge: I’ve had my eye on these sandals since last summer. I haven’t tried them on, but they look so cute. They always catch my eye when I see them on the Nordstrom website. I also like them in the Black, but I’m picturing them here in the Luggage color. They’re on sale for $149.90. They have a heel height of 4½” with 1″ platform, making it comparable to walking in a 3½” heel, and they’re genuine leather — truly a gorgeous shoe.

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Josephine' Wedge

MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Josephine’ Wedge $149.90

#2. MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Damita’ Wedge Sandal These are cute too, and they’re priced more moderately at $98.95. In addition to the Natural color pictured below, they also come in black, fuchsia, gold, and navy. The fuchsia ones are REALLY pretty! They have a 4″ heel and a 1″ platform.

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Damita' Wedge Sandal

MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Damita’ Wedge Sandal $98.95

#3. Sam Edelman ‘Brenda’ Espadrille Wedge: This is a really nice choice for $109. It comes in Saddle and Black suede, and it has a 3½” heel with a ¾” platform, so it should be easy to walk in.

Sam Edelman 'Brenda' Espadrille Wedge Sandal

Sam Edelman ‘Brenda’ Espadrille Wedge Sandal $109

#4. UGG ‘Jolina’ Open-Toe Wedge: This is super cute too in a buttery nubuck. I love the cut-out sides. It has a 4″ heel with a 1½” platform, so it’s really like walking in a 2½” heel. I bet it’s super comfy.

UGG Jolina

UGG ‘Jolina’ Open-Toe Wedge $159

#5. Charles by Charles D ‘Arlington’ Wedge Sandal: This is a great choice too. It’s $98.95 with a 4¼” heel and 1¼” platform. I love the earthy cork wedge and the reversed seams for a deconstructed look.

Charles by Charles D 'Arlington' Wedge Sandal

Charles by Charles D ‘Arlington’ Wedge Sandal $98.95

#6. Montego Bay Williams High Wedge Sling. For wedge sandals under $50, I always recommend Payless. They have cute styles at great prices, like this High Wedge Sling available in black or brown for $19. It’s quite similar to the Josephine Wedge above, but at a fraction of the price. I’m actually partnering with Payless for a series of 3 posts on spring shoe styles, so stay tuned for that!!


Montego Bay Williams High Wedge Sling $19

#7. Noah High Wedge: I also really like these at Payless for $39.

Payless Noah High Wedge

Payless Noah High Wedge $39

#8. Jimmy Choo ‘Portia’ Platform Wedge: If you’re looking to splurge, these sandals are stunning. I was drooling over these when I saw them at Nordstrom last week. They definitely make a statement. I love the crisscross straps, and the logo-engraved rands at the heel give them that Jimmy Choo signature touch.

Jimmy Choo 'Portia' Platform Wedge

Jimmy Choo ‘Portia’ Platform Wedge $525

#9. Tory Burch Marion: I like these for a more delicate look. The cork is flecked with metallic, and the wraparound ankle strap lends a bit of elegance. I see these shoes more with skirts and dresses than jeans and pants. They would also be cute with dressy shorts. The heel is 3¼.

Tory Burch Marion Wedge Sandals

Tory Burch Marion Wedge Sandal $295

#10. Stuart Weitzman Elixir Sandal. My go-to wedge sandals for the past few years is a pair by Stuart Weitzman in a neutral tobacco. I love the color because they go with literally everything in my summer closet. I bought them on a super sale at 6pm.com several years ago, and I have worn them to death.

I found this picture of me wearing them a few years ago, the summer I was training for my half marathon. I wonder what happened to that sweater. That was cute! LOL!!

wedge sandals

Anyway, I decided that it’s time for an update. Because Stuart was so good to me before, I decided to splurge on the new Stuart Weitzman Elixir. The wide, braided leather straps give them a slightly bohemian flair, but they’re classic enough to work into my conservative wardrobe. They are absolutely gorgeous and incredibly comfortable.

Stuart Weitzman Elixir Wedge Sandals

Stuart Weitzman Elixir Sandal $445

I have never spent this much on a pair of shoes before, so I admit that I had a moment of second guessing myself, but I know these will last many years, and I’ll get a ton of wear out of them — as long as I don’t injure my foot again! Ha!

I got the Dove color, pictured above, but they’re also available in Adobe (tan) and String (a white/ivory color.) The heel height is 4¾” and the platform is 1½” so it works out to a 3¼” heel drop, which is manageable to walk in but still makes a statement. I’ve already worn them with a couple of spring outfits (stay tuned for 27 Days of Spring Fashion, starting next week!!) and I absolutely LOVE them.

Here’s a picture of me fooling around with R when I was wearing them last weekend. She was trying to show me how to walk the catwalk. She’s such a nut!!

goofing around with becca

striped sweater ($26 !!!!) // similar mint skinnies (cheaper option) // Stuart Weitzman Elixir // chandeliers

After I put this post together, I realized that all of the wedges I’ve posted have super high heels. They’re my favorites, and I’m excited to be wearing them again, BUT!!! I also know how frustrating it is NOT to be able to wear high heels, and I know many of you have finicky feet too, so here are a few lower heeled versions for you to consider.

I have actually been told by my foot doctor that a low heel is better for your feet than flats, and wedges are the easiest to walk in by far. So these shoes are great for those of you who have foot problems.

6 Neutral Low Wedge Sandals for Spring

#1. Born Terra: For comfort shoes with style, you can’t go wrong with Born. These sandals have a rear buckle closure for a secure fit, and the platform wedge heel provides stability. They have a 1¼ inch heel with a 1½ inch platform, so the heel lift is only ¼ inch, which is perfect for finicky feet.

Born Terra

Born Terra $99

#2. Born Metzger: Another similar and very cute option by Born is the Metzger, also for $99.

Born Metzger

Born Metzger $99

#3. Umberto Raffini: This is another brand I’m fond of at The Walking Company — my go-to shoe store when my feet were acting up. I love the laser detail embellishment, and they are 2½ inches with a 1 inch platform, so they give you about a 1½ heel lift.

Umberto Raffini Orchid

Umberto Raffini $129

#4. Payless Dexflex Val Gladiator: These are part of the DexFlex Comfort collection at Payless, and they have a slightly edgy style that is on trend right now. Also check out the Suzie Woven Low Wedge for $24 from their Comfort Plus line.

Payless DexFlex Val Gladiator

Payless Dexflex Val Gladiator $19

#5. Jimmy Choo ‘Portia’ Cork Platform Wedge Sandal: For a splurgier pair, these strappy patent leather Jimmy Choos with the cork wedge are classy and comfortable.

Jimmy Choo Portia Cork Wedge Sandal

Jimmy Choo ‘Portia’ Cork Platform Wedge Sandal $525

#6. Stuart Weitzman ‘In Chains’ Wedge Sandal: Finally, these Stuarts are a pre-order item, but I wanted to include them because I think they’re so cute. My experience with Stuart Weitzman shoes is that the comfort and quality is bar none. In addition to the wedge sandals I mentioned above, I also have a pair of their pumps that I’ve had for well over 10 years, and I still wear them. If your budget allows, you can’t go wrong with this brand.

Stuart Weitzman 'In Chains' Wedge Sandal

Stuart Weitzman ‘In Chains’ Wedge Sandal $375

There are sooooo many more sandals I could have linked to in this post. I keep looking through the selection at Nordstrom, thinking I should have added like 10 more. Shop all neutral wedge sandals at Nordstrom HERE and also check out Nordstrom Rack HERE. They have a bunch of wedge sandals on sale right now!!


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  1. Great round up once again. Funny, this is actually what I’d just been looking at before clicking over to your blog, lol. I’d even just looked at those fabulous Stuarts too! I’m not huge on higher wedges, I just parted with a gorgeous pair of MK Giovannas because of the heel height. I need 2.5″ or lower so I’m glad you included some of those options as well.

  2. At 5’9″, I appreciate you including the lower wedge too! That last Stuart wedge was adorable! A great splurge, but might have to look for something similar in budget range! HA ! Can’t wait for the “flats” you show us! Enjoy the day???? Looks like we are going to get some snow in Michigan today! UGH

  3. the shoes you splurged on are really cute but the price would kill me….and the thought that the heel is woven would also scare me cause when you drive your heel is slanted and touching the floor and I’d be afraid of getting the back of the woven part of the heel dirty….how would you clean it. Driving shoes are a must I guess huh? 🙂 Really they are cute and I’ve never turned down a cute pair of wedges, they are my fave kind of shoe

    1. Hm, I didn’t think of the woven heel thing! I do have another pair of woven heel wedges and they get a little dirty, but nothing terrible. I will have to be careful driving! haha.

  4. What a terrific round up! High heeled wedges are my favorite type of summer shoe. I am really in need of a pair in a neutral color so I am checking out all the ones that are reasonably priced which means under about $150 for me. 🙂

  5. Those shoes DO seem so versatile; I’m glad to see them still hot this year. I was so bummed because they were all high–and mostly platforms to boot–so I was really excited to see the lower heels, even if they’re not as cute. Since I’m not a “feet never leave pavement” gal, I wouldn’t feel safe in some of those. I’m definitely checking out those Dexter gladiators.

  6. I wish I could afford all of these, teeheehee! I had a similar pair to the MK ones a couple of years ago but they were from Target and I could never get a proper fit. A lesson learned! I ended up going too short to get the arch right and hated them every time I wore them. I recently ordered a pair similar to the SW ones but if they don’t feel right, I’m returning them! Thanks for this post…can’t hardly wait patiently for Spring!!!

  7. Okay, you know I am not a fashion person. And you know I am a barefoot gal. But girl, I think I want every single one of these! I was just starting to think about my Easter outfit(it involves white skinny jeans) and I was considering wedge sandals. I am fully convinced now that would be the perfect compliment. Thank you so much for all the different options to consider!

      1. Now, if I could just find a short sleeved, A-line type flowy top in a pastel color that won’t break my budget. Think you could help me out? I am only half kidding you know, he he!

          1. Okay, you nailed it with the green peasant top at Kohl’s. Jeans and top are now winging their way to my house. Now to pick out a pair of sandals.

            Thanks so much for your help Jo-Lynne, you really know I love my Kohl’s!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new Stewart Weitzman sandals…..they color is amazing and the quality of the leather is so rich in the picture so I can imagine how beautiful they are in person. You can wear them with anything and they will last so a great investment purchase!! Can’t wait to see them with your Spring outfits in March!! I think it’s great you gave options for all price points so there is a choice for every budget. A great wedge never goes out of style:) Thanks for doing all the hard work for us.

    1. I certainly hope wedges never go out of style b/c I will need to wear these for 10 years to get my money’s worth! HA! I’ve already styled them twice. I’m definitely excited for spring!

  9. On a cold, windy, snowy day here in Missouri I am really enjoying looking at the wedge sandals you have shared! I really appreciate you including the lower heel options since I can’t do heels anymore! Can’t wait to try them out! Now to get a pedicure and hope for Spring!

  10. I swear by Payless Shoes! I get more compliments on shoes I buy from there more than any others I own. They are also the most comfortable shoes I own! Payless and Tory Burch are by far my favorites in the closet. Go figure LOL! Those Stuart Weitzman Elixir are to die for………..Congrats!

    1. Teehee! I may need to try that. Seriously, though, now that I bought those, I was able to write this post and not even CONSIDER ordering a pair. I think if I had bought $50 wedges, I’d be buying several more pairs. If nothing else, buying $$$ shoes keeps my closet pared down. haha!

  11. I love shoes!! Especially sandals. Some of these need my full attention. Thanks for showing some of your favorites.

    1. That’s why I love ankle length pants. They are much more forgiving. 🙂 But I hear ya, if you’re tall, you might not want that extra height. I’m only 5’5″ so I LOVE platforms. 🙂

  12. This is a Great post! I love how you try to help everyone with so many options. I love the lower heel shoes…I can not function in the others LOL! The tops you recommended are beautiful too. Thanks so much!!R

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