Spring Denim Report: 7 Wearable Spring Denim Trends 2016

Denim is very much on trend these days, and today’s post is all about the latest spring denim trends!

Spring Denim Report: 7 Wearable Spring Denim Trends 2016

I’m all for a killer handbag or a great pair of shoes, but if you pressed me to name my favorite wardrobe item, I would have to say jeans.

I love my denim.

If you’ve hung around for long, you know I wear jeans almost every day. If I’m not wearing blue jeans, I’m usually wearing black ones or white ones. If I wear a skirt, it’s likely denim, and my denim jacket goes over almost every dress I put on.

I love dressy jeans for date nights and casual, destructed styles for hanging out at home or running errands on the weekends. I even wear jeans to church, although I usually reserve my colored jeans for that. (We have a very casual church; we actually worship in a school gymnasium, so while we do try to maintain a degree of reverence for the act of worship, the venue doesn’t require that we dress to the nines.)

I realize not everyone has a lifestyle conducive to wearing jeans daily, but even if you work in a professional office environment or wear workout clothes to the gym every day, you probably still have a few opportunities each week to wear jeans.

This is a list of the hottest spring denim trends this year. I’d love to hear which ones are your favorites!

As with all trends, take this information and weigh it against your own personal style and what works for you. Remember . . .

Fashion passes. Style remains.

7 Wearable Spring Denim Trends 2016

#1. Skinny Jeans. Skinny jeans are still king. They are just so easy to wear. That said, see #3. Basically, everything is in style these days, which is awesome because you can choose what works best for your body type and personal style.

AG Super Skinny Jeans: spring denim trends

#2. Ankle-Length. Cropped and ankle-length jeans are a huge trend right now. Cropped jeans are particularly nice for spring and summer. They lend a casual air and are easy to wear with heels or flats. Just make sure they end beneath the widest point of your calves. You never want to cut off your leg at the widest part.

Articles of Society 'Carly' Frayed Hem Crop Skinny Jeans: One of the hottest spring denim trends!

#3. Flares. Yes, skinny jeans are a huge trend, but flares are also hot right now. I prefer skinnies for everyday wear, and I consider flares more of a sassy, evening look. I only wear flares with heels, but if you’re tall, perhaps you can make an exception to that rule. (Incidentally, the jeans in this picture are the right length. Your flares should only clear the floor by a 1/4 or 1/2 inch at most.

Madewell Flea Market Flares: One of the hottest spring denim trends!

#4. High Waist. Rejoice! High-waisted styles are making a comeback this year. I’ve seen a higher waist on both flares and skinnies. These tend to look best with shorter tops. Legs for days!!

Topshop Leigh High Waist Skinny Jeans: One of the hottest spring denim trends!

#5. Raw Hem. This is a trend I’m liking a lot. A raw hem, or released hem, as it’s sometimes called, gives a more casual, worn-in look to your jeans. Unlike distressed jeans, I think a raw hem is a style any woman can feel comfortable wearing.

Paige Released Hem Ankle Skinnies: One of the hottest spring denim trends!

#6. Distressed. These aren’t for everyone, I know, but they’re still very much on trend this year, so if you like them, go for it!! I don’t think there is an age at which these are no longer okay. I think it depends entirely on your personal style aesthetic and whether or not you like them. I enjoy wearing distressed jeans because I like to integrate an edgy piece into most of my outfits. It’s also fun to wear a dressy top or high heels with distressed jeans for a fun juxtaposition. Mixing dressy and casual outfit components is a great way to keep your style current.

STS Blue 'Bella' Destroyed Skinny Jeans: One of the hottest spring denim trends!

#7. Light Colors. White, grey, olive, blush, mint, and baby blue! It’s all about the pastels for spring fashion this year, and jeans are no different. Light colored jeans, or super washed jeans, as Nordstrom likes to call them, are one of the biggest trends this year, thanks to the Pantone colors of the year: rose quartz and serenity. (That’s basically pale pink and pale blue.) I loved my deep red jeans, but I retired them last season because they started to feel dated. I’m excited to replace them with pale colors for a fresh look.

Paige Denim 'Transcend - Verdugo' Ankle Ultra Skinny Jeans (Soft Pink): One of the hottest spring denim trends!

Shop Spring Denim Trends

Because so many of these styles overlap, I decided to do one big widget with shopping links rather than individual ones for each category. As always, I tried to include a variety of price points here, but I am a HUGE believer in investing in good quality denim. It is so much more comfortable, fits better, and wears longer. Plus it’s made in the USA. You can often find good sales if you’re patient. My favorite brands are DL1961, AG, Joes, and Paige.

Note: If you get a message about turning off your ad blocker, that is not from me. The widget I am using to show these products seems to be conflicting with some ad blockers, so if you see that message, that is what’s happening.

I understand the desire to block ads, but please remember that ads allow me to provide all of this information for free day after day. Just sayin’. 🙂

Hover over each image to see the price; click through to shop!


And it’s Friday, so you know what that means . . .

Fashion Friday

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37 Responses

  1. Love my jeans.

    My Trunk should arrive today with white skinny jeans and a denim jacket 😉

    And in my next Fix, I asked for a denim pencil skirt and pale pink (or other pastel) jeans – can’t wait!

    I am loving the raw hem – cute!

  2. I absolutely love jean!! I attended a college prep school for high school. We had to wear uniforms, so I wore jeans after school and weekends. During college, jeans became my uniform of choice, and I’ve worn them ever since.
    I love skinnies, but also have a couple pairs of flares. I love distressed jeans, and just bought a pair of ankle jeans last weekend. My husband bought me a new jean jacket that I had my eye on, for Valentine’s day. He knows the way to my heart! 🙂
    I love a great pair of white jeans as well. I’m looking forward to shopping for some pastel jeans soon. They are so pretty!
    Thank you for your post today!

  3. Me too. Love jeans. Saw some cute Payless flats in denim. May have to get them. Might be too much though with jeans. Too matchy??

  4. I love jeans but haven’t found the perfect brand yet. I shop mostly at Gap but would only give them a 6/10.
    I was happy to read about the released hem. I had to lengthen a pair of jeans as I shrunk them in the dryer (Hubbie put my jeans in the drier by accident). I released the hem but felt a bit self conscious about wearing them. Now I’ll go ahead!

  5. So I’m what you might define as being a wee bit late to the party since I only started wearing jeans in my late 30s. Yeah. I know. But I am making up for lost time as we speak 🙂 I’m a huge fan of the bootleg as well as the skinny, and adore all the treatments I’ve seen thus far. Distressed. Embellished. Ripped beyond believe. Spatter Paint. Love love love. And you’re absolutely right about the colour palette, Jo-Lynne, it’s a welcomed treat to start wearing pastels. Speaking about love, I wanted to thank you for hosting this link-up. I’ve been joining in for a bit now but never quite said anything and I thought it was high time 🙂 xoxo

  6. I, too, love denim! I love Citizens, AG, Paige, Gap, JCrew and Express (especially when I am lifting a lot because they stretch over quads and glutes). 🙂 I have purchased a pair of flare, raw hem jeans and cannot wait to figure out what to wear with them. I gave up shopping for lent, so I will have to wait to try any other styles. I am a huge fan of distressed and wore black skinny distressed yesterday. JCrew has a great toothpick skinny jean with a lot of stretch. Mine are ankle length. I am pretty much a fan of most denim styles, with the exception of the high rise. These look great on the super tall, skinny models, but for those of us with any extra in the middle, they seem to emphasize that…IMO. I am also not a fan of pastel jeans or pastel anything. I will wear white jeans and/or grey, but most likely not the pinks, greens, yellows, etc. Can’t wait to see how you style all of these great looks! Love reading your blog daily. 🙂

  7. I love all of these jeans! And I have a lot of jeans already, but I would like to find an ankle length distressed pair for petites. However, I’m not going to spend more than $50 on them. Any suggestions?

  8. Since I no longer work, I’m typically in jeans. Ankle length skinnies are my favorite! I’ve always been a fan of the pastel colors in the spring and summer. I think flares look great with high heeled sandals, like the ones shown, and for a dressier look. I’m glad to see the high waisted, it keeps everything tucked away, ha!

    I’m glad you got some answers on your knee, and hope you continue to improve!! Happy weekend!

  9. Hope you continue to get good news on your knee! Will say an extra prayer! Loved the denim info- THANKS! Question: is it still okay to roll the hem on skinny jeans? I have a couple pair but they are too long – should i have them professionally shortened or just roll them? And…what should the width of the roll be? Thanks!

    1. It really depends. 🙂 I know, I hate that answer. I mean, the short answer is yes. You can definitely cuff your skinnies, but if there is too much material, it might be better to hem. The nice thing about having them hemmed is that you can still cuff – it gives you more options. OR honestly? A trend right now is the cut hem. I don’t know what you paid for them, but you could just cut them the length you like, and then cuff sometimes with ankle boots or whatever.

      The size of the cuff also depends on several factors – namely your shoes and the length of the jeans and how much you need to cuff. A wide single cuff is often cute, or you can double it up if you prefer. I usually try it a few different ways until I figure out what works with the shoes I’m wearing.

  10. Really hope I can make it to Nordstrom soon and try some jeans. I am loving all the pink and really need a new pair of white jeans but finding a pair that does’t accent my larger bottom half is always tricky. Thanks for sharing….and I am totally noting fashion passes, style remains!

    Have a super weekend!

  11. Yeah for jeans!!! A must wear when you work from home like me!!! The only ones that work for me are bootcut style or boyfriends. Skinny and ankle jeans were not made for my body-I’ve finally learned that lesson, stick to what works!!! Love the blog!!! Lots of ideas that I can use!!!

  12. Love the blush color denim and need a pair of white too! Did flares in another lifetime so will stick to a straight leg now. Glad you got a good report on the knee! Hope the tests come back negative!

  13. I really like the cropped skinnies for spring / summer. Last year rolling your cuff once or twice to show your narrow ankle was in style. Is it still?

  14. My favs would be the pastel colors. Now, to find at least one pair in my price range that fits. I prefer the higher waist because on me they help hide the excess in my middle. I have long legs, so I can wear skinny or flared leg.

    I hope you’ve had a great Friday!

  15. Great post, JoLynne! I was in Nordstrom today and looked at the NYDJ ankle jeans in the pastel colors. I will put a pair in my shopping cart soon. I have put my deep red jeans up for the winter…I love them…maybe we will be able to wear them next Fall/Winter??

  16. You know I always appreciate a good denim report from you. We seem to be on a similar page where that’s concerned so seeing your picks is always helpful. I’m all over the skinny ankle trend too and super excited they’ll be more widely available. Oh, and I love the widgets! I hope you keep them going. 🙂

  17. Hi Jolynne,
    Thank you for the great information. I have made several great purchases using your info and my style IQ is improving tremendously. I am still having trouble with denim. I have bought designer in the past, but have ended up struggling with sizing and the stretch out factor. Stitch Fix sent me a pair of Emma DL1961, Azalia(navy.). They fit great now. Do you find that they stretch out? Also, is the color too dark for spring?

    1. Hey Jackie. DL1961 is known for not stretching out. When I was in Nordstrom shopping a few weeks ago, the sales girl even said to me that they wouldn’t stretch out. That’s not to say that as I wear them, they don’t stretch a bit, but they don’t get saggy and baggy or make you wish you’d gone down a size. They just get more comfy. 🙂 I hope that helps!

  18. Sorry if this has come up before, and I didn’t see, but after seeing your post and Cindy’s with the distressed jeans, I followed the link to order some. Before I take the plunge, I wondered if you could explain the difference between boyfriend and girlfriend jeans?

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