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Warning: $$$ ahead.

I first heard of lululemon at a group training session at our gym when we were discussing our favorite brands of running and workout gear. As a huge fan of Under Armour and Athleta, I only half listened. I didn’t really WANT to know about some new, spendy, fabulous, must-have workout gear so the name didn’t really stick with me at first. But you know how it is when you hear about something new (or at least new to you) . . . suddenly it seemed like where ever I went, I was hearing about Lululemon and how fantastic their workout clothes are.

You know me, I had to see for myself. So one day I went online and checked out their site, and before I knew it, I had added a few items to my Christmas wish list.

Now, I won’t lie to ya. Their stuff is spendy. I’m accustomed to Athleta prices, and even there, I usually only buy when they have sales. But I heard a rumor that Lululemon makes the best-fitting pair of athletic pants on the market, and I had to know . . . are they really better than what I have, or is it all a bunch of hype?

Lo and behold, I woke up on Christmas morning to a box of Lululemon under the Christmas tree (thanks, Mom!)

So, the verdict?

The first thing I noticed was the feel. The material of the Toasty Tech Run Tights and Toasty Tech Pullover was slightly thicker than most (without being at all bulky or heavy) and the texture was satiny smooth.

The Swiftly Turtleneck was so lightweight and the seaming so attractive that I just knew it was going to become my new favorite.

I wanted to put everything on immediately, but I patiently waited until all the presents had been opened and oohed and ahhed over. After the boxes and bows were all put away and the trash taken out and some semblance of order restored to the house, I ran upstairs to give my new Lululemon a test drive.

While both tops are adorable and fit perfectly, it is the pants that caused me to sit down at my computer and tap out this post.

All my other running tights and yoga pants are cut too low or loose in the waist to do anything to camouflage the mom pouch. My Under Armour running tights are the worst. I have to wear a loose sweatshirt over them to be even remotely modest.

My Athleta yoga pants that I wear so often, both for gym workouts and around town are cut slightly higher and have a nice flat waistband that doesn’t create the dreaded muffin top, but it also does nothing to hold you in.

The Lululemon Toasty Tech Tights, however, have this incredible high rise panel that comes right up to your natural waist (despite the way they appear on the model in the photo) and holds everything in. I swear, it takes 5 pounds off. If this is your problem area as it is mine, you will love these.

But it’s not just the fit that I love. When I ran in them, they totally stayed put, and they kept me warm in 30-degree weather. Upon closer investigation, they are actually made of 2 layers, which work together to keep you very warm without added bulk.

The Toasty Tech Pullover is another miracle piece. I can wear the pants and the top AND NOTHING ELSE (except undergarments, of course) and be completely comfortable in 30 degree weather, even with the wind blowing.

The Swiftly Turtleneck is the perfect layering piece. It is so cute and comfy, and it will be great worn alone when it’s not QUITE so cold. For now, it looks great under a vest or sweatshirt.

I immediately went online to order another pair of Lululemon pants. I really want another pair of yoga pants to wear to the gym and around the house when I’m not going anywhere. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a pair with that awesome high waistband, and the Astro Pants that I ordered were not flattering at all. They hit right at my flabbiest and created a dreadful bulge. Bleh.

So it’s back to the drawing board for yoga pants. However, as for my new running gear, I am quite pleased!

Do you have any Lulu? What are your favorite pieces???

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21 thoughts on “Fashion/Fitness Friday :: lululemon Review

  1. I have one of their running skirts and tops that I wear for tennis. Both are fantastic and I receive compliments every time I wear them. The skirt has a layer of not-too-cutesy ruffles in the back which are actually quite flattering. The top has wide shoulder straps and a dropped, cinchable waist and is the most perfect ice-blue color. Glad you found Lululemon!

  2. I’ve been dieing to start running. I have atrial fibrillation and asthma and I think that running would be a good exercise to keep my heart & lungs strong (Dr. agrees). Unfortunately I have this freaky fear (not really) of running where people can see me. And we don’t have room for a treadmill. Obviously that is a lame excuse. Anyway, point is, it’s nice to know that if/when I get over that I can come here to know the best places to by running gear because I am pretty much clueless as to quality running gear vs not quality running gear. 🙂

  3. I love lululemon and spend hours on their website drooling over all their wonderful workout clothes. Alas, I can’t afford the stuff (unless someone gifts it to me). Your post just made me want it more. Thanks! Seriously though, the more active I become the more I see that good, quality activewear is vitally important. Thanks for this post now I know that I need to find a way to add some lululemon to my collection.

    1. I know, it’s kinda crazy to spend that much on workout gear. I’m not planning to invest in a lot although I was willing to get a pair of yoga pants if I can find some I LOVE. Did you know there is a retail store in Wayne?????? I just saw it yesterday. I had no idea! I want to go in and try some stuff on. Their return policy is pretty strict so I think it’s better to go in person.

      1. I know there’s a store in King of Prussia and part of me wants to go try stuff on. The other part is afraid I’m going to love everything and then be sad I can’t have it all. I wish we had an outlet store near here, I think the closest is in NY somewhere.

  4. Nice! Would you suggest the same attire for indoor work outs-treadmill? I think I would enjoy it so much more if I was dressed better….

    1. Not the Toasty Tech stuff – unless your gym is 30 degrees. 😉 But definitely lululemon makes great stuff for working out indoors too. And Athleta makes cute things, and they do sell their pants in short, regular and tall.

  5. Oh, how I love the Swiftly Turtleneck!! Problem is I am not an outdoor workout person. I need the warmth of an indoor gym in the winter. But I so want it anyway! Love lulu. Not only is the quality awesome, but spending THAT much money on workout gear is inspiration to use it!

  6. I can’t believe you haven’t been to the Wayne store yet! Right across from White Dog (which is fabulous, btw).

  7. I knew you’d love lulu! My sister took me into a store the store Richmond and said, “Trust me, you won’t ever want to wear Nike pants again!!” I was so hooked. They are expensive but the are so well-made that it’s one of those, “I could by 3 pairs of target pants that are unflattering and will wear out quickly for the same $amount of lulu pants that are incredibly flattering and will last a longer” kind of things. Plus, you can always find something on sale that is more reasonable. Personally, maybe this is vain, but I feel like if you feel good (like your muffin top is being properly sucked in or the shirt is long enough to cover your rear), your confidence is boosted and your performance is greater. I’m not a runner so I can’t prove minutes being shaved off a mile just by switching to lulu, but I do interval training, kettlebells, and other things, and I definitely feel better in these pants/shorts that really just feel better. Keep talking about this company and taking pics of yourself in the clothes and maybe you’ll magically receive a gift card from them!!! 😉

  8. Too spendy for me. I do fine with the Champion stuff at Target, but I’m not very particular. I pinned a brand too, that has some cute tops that look a little different. I love buying workout gear, but I buy cheap. Would rather spend on my regular clothes!

  9. I was a skeptic too but now I have 4 pairs of lululemon crops and my nike stuff sits in the drawer unworn! I didn’t find their tops worth the extra price (I’d rather wear old navy workout tanks or tees), but I love love love their crops. They are the only ones that stay put on me and don’t slide down or ride up.

  10. lululemon is absolutely amazing! Yes, pricey, but hands down the most comfortable pieces of clothes that have ever touched my body. My absolute favorites is my run inspire crops & my vinyasa scarf! I’ve had my run inspires for 3 years. They have been worn multiple times a week and still look brand new! I am so excited to have scored three pairs for $30/each this weekend at their {ware}house party!

  11. The astro pants, scoop neck tank, and wunder under crops are my favorites! I know it’s expensive stuff, but they are so flattering, wash well, and most pieces outlast my other exercise and lounge wear by years! Once you know which pieces work well for you, you can track them online and wait for them to go on sale. The bra tanks end up costing the same as a cheap sports bra + cheap ribbed tank and are so much more comfortable to exercise in. I’ve got a chest and find the Scoop Me Up Tank to be supportive enough for yoga, spin, running, and even rebounding (45 min of jumping on a trampoline!).

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