Fashion/Fitness Friday :: lululemon Review

Warning: $$$ ahead.

I first heard of lululemon at a group training session at our gym when we were discussing our favorite brands of running and workout gear. As a huge fan of Under Armour and Athleta, I only half listened. I didn’t really WANT to know about some new, spendy, fabulous, must-have workout gear so the name didn’t really stick with me at first. But you know how it is when you hear about something new (or at least new to you) . . . suddenly it seemed like where ever I went, I was hearing about Lululemon and how fantastic their workout clothes are.

You know me, I had to see for myself. So one day I went online and checked out their site, and before I knew it, I had added a few items to my Christmas wish list.

Now, I won’t lie to ya. Their stuff is spendy. I’m accustomed to Athleta prices, and even there, I usually only buy when they have sales. But I heard a rumor that Lululemon makes the best-fitting pair of athletic pants on the market, and I had to know . . . are they really better than what I have, or is it all a bunch of hype?

Lo and behold, I woke up on Christmas morning to a box of Lululemon under the Christmas tree (thanks, Mom!)

So, the verdict?

The first thing I noticed was the feel. The material of the Toasty Tech Run Tights and Toasty Tech Pullover was slightly thicker than most (without being at all bulky or heavy) and the texture was satiny smooth.

The Swiftly Turtleneck was so lightweight and the seaming so attractive that I just knew it was going to become my new favorite.

I wanted to put everything on immediately, but I patiently waited until all the presents had been opened and oohed and ahhed over. After the boxes and bows were all put away and the trash taken out and some semblance of order restored to the house, I ran upstairs to give my new Lululemon a test drive.

While both tops are adorable and fit perfectly, it is the pants that caused me to sit down at my computer and tap out this post.

All my other running tights and yoga pants are cut too low or loose in the waist to do anything to camouflage the mom pouch. My Under Armour running tights are the worst. I have to wear a loose sweatshirt over them to be even remotely modest.

My Athleta yoga pants that I wear so often, both for gym workouts and around town are cut slightly higher and have a nice flat waistband that doesn’t create the dreaded muffin top, but it also does nothing to hold you in.

The Lululemon Toasty Tech Tights, however, have this incredible high rise panel that comes right up to your natural waist (despite the way they appear on the model in the photo) and holds everything in. I swear, it takes 5 pounds off. If this is your problem area as it is mine, you will love these.

But it’s not just the fit that I love. When I ran in them, they totally stayed put, and they kept me warm in 30-degree weather. Upon closer investigation, they are actually made of 2 layers, which work together to keep you very warm without added bulk.

The Toasty Tech Pullover is another miracle piece. I can wear the pants and the top AND NOTHING ELSE (except undergarments, of course) and be completely comfortable in 30 degree weather, even with the wind blowing.

The Swiftly Turtleneck is the perfect layering piece. It is so cute and comfy, and it will be great worn alone when it’s not QUITE so cold. For now, it looks great under a vest or sweatshirt.

I immediately went online to order another pair of Lululemon pants. I really want another pair of yoga pants to wear to the gym and around the house when I’m not going anywhere. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a pair with that awesome high waistband, and the Astro Pants that I ordered were not flattering at all. They hit right at my flabbiest and created a dreadful bulge. Bleh.

So it’s back to the drawing board for yoga pants. However, as for my new running gear, I am quite pleased!

Do you have any Lulu? What are your favorite pieces???