Why I Love Downton Abbey

It seems like everyone and her sister is talking about Downton Abbey these days. I wasn’t going to board this train, but I can’t help myself. I have to chime in! No, I’m not going to start writing recaps or anything, but I have to share why I love this show so much and why I think you should be watching if you’re not!

We first heard about the show a couple years ago from a friend at church who often suggests shows that are a bit off the beaten path — usually historical in nature and always very well done. For example, they were the ones who turned us on to the HBO mini series Band of Brothers.

When they told us about Downton Abbey, we were looking for something new to watch together so they lent us their DVD of the first season. After the first episode, we were hooked.

When Season 2 came out on Netflix, we watched it in several marathon sessions, and we’ve been eagerly awaiting Season 3 ever since.

I was shocked to find out this winter that Downton Abbey has such a huge following — not shocked because it doesn’t deserve it. It most certainly does. But shocked because a) it is on Masterpiece Theater, not a major network channel or even a popular cable channel like HBO, and b) because, simply, it is such classy TV.

Yes, that is the point of this post. I could go on and on about the brilliant dialogues, the great storyline, the fabulous one-liners, but the reason I love Downton Abbey so much is that it is a class act.

They don’t resort to graphic love scenes and shocking language to garner ratings. They don’t need to. The storyline is so captivating, the characters so believable, the acting so skillful and the one liners so hysterical that you just want to keep watching show after show after show.

I hope they don’t change a thing!

Do you watch Downton Abbey???