Daily Mom Style 01.09.13

It’s slim pickin’s this week in the photo quality department. It’s just too cold and windy to venture outdoors, and my house still looks like Christmas threw up in here so I only have one spot that is remotely conducive to taking outfit photos. So here it is… this week’s edition of Daily Mom Style, for what it’s worth!

day 1

I was on my way to get a facial so I didn’t bother putting on makeup. I ran earlier so I did shower and do my hair, and I was tired of living in yoga pants over the holidays so I threw on this casual outfit — skinny jeans (Sevens, old) with UGGs (cozy – it was COLD) and my Oakley Indy Sweater over a gray tank. I snagged this London Fog Puffer coat on a winter sale at Macy’s last year, and I wear it ALL. THE. TIME. Best investment ever.

day 2

I wore this outfit to the mall one day last week — my darkest skinny jeans (Paige – not sure the style, but I got them at Nordstrom last summer) and silver ballet flats (Aldo, old) with magenta modal top (Banana, old) and a scarf I picked up at the LOFT outlet last fall. WITH . . . new leather jacket — a Christmas gift from my husband.

black leather jacket with skinny jeans and purple scarf

Years ago, I had a black leather jacket that I wore constantly. I wore it till it had no life left in it. I haven’t had one in years, and leather jackets seem to be coming back in style as of late so I started to get a hankering. I put this one on my Christmas wish list on a whim, and lo and behold, it showed up under the tree on Christmas Day!

I tried to like a color other than black — I think gray or camel would be cute, and not as predictable, but in the end, I fell in love with this one, and I’m really happy with it.

day 3

(Pardon the horrid lighting,I look like an extra terrestrial!!) I wore this outfit on Friday night to a small get together at a friend’s house.

I picked up this turquoise cashmere sweater on sale at Nordstrom last week. They have a TON of gorgeous colors to choose from; I wanted to buy them all. They are so scrumptious and soft and delicious. Yes, a sweater can TOO be delicious!

I used the opportunity to wear this Stella & Dot necklace that doesn’t get much airtime, and I wore my Franco Sarto Poet boots to dress the outfit down a bit.

I also splurged when I was at Nordy’s and picked up this bracelet because when I saw it, I knew this sweater needed it! it seems like EVERYTHING is on sale at Nordstrom right now; I’m telling ya, you’ve gotta have a strong constitution to look and not touch!!!

day 4

This was Saturday, I took my daughter to gymnastics and basically hung out at home, not feeling very well.

Same Sevens, same UGGs, same gray tank (see Day 1) but this time I threw on this coral and gray striped cardi that I picked up at the JCrew Outlet last fall. I feel like it’s kinda frumpy, but for some reason I always get compliments when I drag it out. I guess it’s the color – it IS a pretty color! I just wish it had a bit more shape to it. I accessorized with a hand-stamped silver necklace and a silver beaded bracelet.

day 5

And this is the outfit that I wore for the next 2 days because I was feeling sick and generally worn down.

I just got this fleece in the mail from Athleta (I stocked up during their winter sale a few weeks ago; they rarely run promotions so when they do, I usually place an order!!) and it is fast becoming my new favorite at-home-with-yoga-pants top. It is so cozy and soft and warm.

And aren’t you glad to see that I filled my wall vases again? They were looking pretty forlorn there in the first few pictures!

day 6

And now, may I reveal . . . my big splurge????

Last Friday we were talking about finding a go-to handbag for winter, and I confessed that I’ve wanted a green handbag for, well, years, really. But recently I’ve had it in my head that I want a truly fabulous handbag — something that I can carry with most everything, rather than switching around so often. After writing the post last Friday morning, I really got into shopping mode. I spent a whole day at the mall — to no avail. Then I spent all weekend online, obsessing over this purchase.

I wanted something I loved as much as the bag I carried last summer, and I finally realized that I was trying to find a “fabulous bag” but looking at my typical tote styles. I found lots of great bags, but nothing that really stood out to me — nothing I was willing to invest in. Until I found THIS.

In the end, R Minkoff came through for me again. Rather than my typical tote, I went for a satchel this time. It’s not as easy to carry as a tote; it’s quite heavy, and the zippers are fussy. But I love it so much those features are worth any minor inconvenience.

When I discovered this bag on Zappos, I fell in love, but it was totally out of my price range. But then, as I clicked through the various colors, I discovered that this Bright Green was on a mega-sale AND there was only one in stock.

It was meant to be!

Knowing how easy returns are with Zappo’s, I immediately purchased it, knowing I could send it right back if I decided it wasn’t The One.

Even after placing the order, I spent the weekend online, looking and looking and looking…. but nothing excited me like this Cupid Satchel from R Minkoff. It is unlike anything I have in my closet.

When it finally came in, I was delighted. It is HEAVY, that is the only real drawback. But the bright green is a pleasant contrast to all the  reds/pinks/corals/oranges I like to wear, and it even works with most blues and purples. And of course it provides a great pop of color against neutrals like black and gray and denim.

I carried it yesterday to go to the radio studio to tape an interview with my friend Joey Fortman and 95.7 BEN FM and then to meet my husband for lunch, and I loved every minute of it!

It holds everything — my wallet, sunglasses, cosmetics, inhaler, meds, phone, MiFi and even my tablet — with room to spare. It feels and looks luxurious, and the color is just divine.

So THAT is this week’s edition of Daily Mom Style!! I hope your New Year is off to a fabulous start!

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  1. ha! i met my twin! well in mind anyway…i am still stuck with my baby weight of three kids and look so ick…i don’t put pics of myself on wiww…just pics of what i should wear! haha….
    nice to meet you!

  2. Ok, I have those same Uggs (Jillian riding boot, right ?) in dark brown. Being in Texas, I don’t get to wear them much BUT when it’s cold and rainy I really really want to pull them out. Do you wear them in the rain or wet snow?

  3. Really love the leather jacket! I think the look of a leather jacket and a pretty scarf to soften it a bit looks so classy! I’m in the market for one myself and am trying to decide on a color as well. For some reason I think black jackets look better on brunettes than blondes. Thinking of camel color. Suggestions??

    Also love the bag!! I bought a bright green Kate Spade bag last summer on super sale and was surprised at how many outfits it complimented.

    1. My friend just got a green Kate Spade that is gorgeous. I have wanted a green bag for years, but I was envisioning sage. I’m so glad I waited until the bright greens came on the scene. I’m loving it so far!

  4. You look great! If it makes you feel better, I am Day 5 about 360 days out of the year. My life is t-shirts and yoga pants. That IS my “daily mom style” lol

  5. MUST GO SHOPPING FOR BAG in my copious free time. Sigh. I know I could shop online, but I need to feel the bag, handle the bag, put it on my shoulder, look inside. Ack! I sound like a guy looking at a car.

    Love Day 5 – that’s how I feel today, though I’m wearing my nice pants on the bottom.

    1. I agree about needing to see them in person. That is why I went to the mall on Friday. And I only ordered this online b/c I knew how easy it is to return things with Zappos. Plus, I just love this designer. Even though it isn’t as easy to get in and out of as a tote (which is what I’m used to), I am loving a new style. I needed a change.

  6. Oh that bag is FAB!! It’s very similar to the Michael Kors bag that I just splurged on (merry christmas to me!). Mine is a darker teal, but I love that color green. I had a slight case of buyer’s remorse after I bought mine (mostly bc of the $), but after carrying it for a day all my worries were gone. I really love it and I’m sure you feel the same about yours.

  7. Goodness girlfriend! You look amazing even when you are not feeling well!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the green bag!!! I’ve been looking for one too!

  8. I love the bag! Congratulations on your newest addition. I am so hesitant to pay the big bucks for a bag because I change my mind about things so frequently but every time I have I am glad I did;-) My regrets are usually about the ones I’ve settled for-or bought on sale.

  9. I love Rebecca Minkoff!!! I beat mine up and it takes it. Got love that. I love that color too. Perhaps I should invest in some color for my winter bags 🙂

    And you look so comfy in that fleece. I should have hit up their sale!

  10. I love that green bag! I bought myself a new teal/blue bag for Christmas too. This post just reminded me about a kelly green kate spade purse I bought 6 or 7 years ago… I need to dig through my closet and see if I still have it, Most of my fancy bags are stored on a high self in the fabric bags they came in, so I never remember what I still have. I never really used that kate spade bag and it will be perfect for this spring.

  11. Happy New Year Jo-Lynne!

    I have to say you really pull it together every single day, even when you’re sick! There are days I could simply NOT be photographed. And who takes your pics? Your kids? Tripod? I’m seriously so impressed that you remember. It’s really inspirational.

    LOVE the new bag. Enjoy it!

  12. I just want to say that I really like your blog and your style. It has been a great inspiration to me as I am trying to find my “happy mommy” style.

  13. I really like the tall Ugg Australia boots, and the tote is great! I need to find a new tote/purse. I love the color too.

  14. The Rebecca Minkoff bag suits you!! I just purchased the Cupid in Coffee colour thru Amazon and keep looking this bag up- I live in New Zealand (American from Seattle) and find it hard to find a designer/bag that suits me. Thank you for sharing your posts:)

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