Maui Jim for Holiday Gift Giving

I’ve loved being a Maui Jim ambassador for the second year in a row. The quality of their glasses and the enhanced view they provide is unlike any other brand I’ve tried, and they’ve done a great job with keeping up with current trends. In my opinion, they provide the perfect marriage of style and quality.

In fact, the last set of sunglasses they sent us to try out and share with you include some of my favorites yet. If you’re looking for a luxury gift idea for someone special on your Christmas list this year, don’t forget about Maui Jim!

First up, these Shoal polarized rectangular sunglasses feature their newest fashion mirror option: MAUIGreen™. These are intended to reflect the beauty of the rain-forested hills of East Maui, which of course makes me want to plan a trip immediately. I’ve never been to Hawaii, have you? Perhaps we should remedy that situation in the near future!

These glasses have brushed gunmetal frames that are seriously lightweight, making them super versatile for everything from sports to daily wear, and I really like the modern styling.

They also sent me these Kami Polarized Aviators to sample. These oversized aviators feature Maui Jim’s new dual mirror lenses. I love how they transition from gold to silver over the warm bronze base, and they’re designed to be versatile in changing conditions.

These come in 3 frame/lens combos, and this is the Gold with White, which I think is really fun for a change. I typically go for dark plastic frames, so these are different for me and I like it!

Next up, the Kanaio Coast polarized wrap sunglasses.

I’ve always loved a pair of wrap sunglasses on Paul. They seem to suit his face shape really well, and when I gifted him with a pair of Maui Jims for Christmas a few years ago, they were very similar to this pair.

The Kanaio Coast style is designed with adventurists in mind — the lightweight frames and hidden spring hinges allow for a customizable fit for any activity level.

These also come in a few frame/lens options, and this is the matte translucent blue black with stripe frames and Blue Hawaii lenses. These lenses seem to be one of Maui Jim’s most popular, and they’re definitely my favorite on Paul. Maybe it’s because he wears a lot of blue, but they just seem to look really good on him and go so well with everything.

Finally, these Mele polarized fashion sunglasses may be my favorite Maui Jims of all time. I’ve been wearing them nonstop lately. Even though they have oversized plastic frames, they’re incredibly comfortable and lightweight with a nylon frame and tension-relieving spring hinge.

The frames are the black with grey tortoise, which I love with my dark hair and the dark neutrals and jewel tones I usually wear, and the neutral grey lenses are my personal favorites on me. My other favorites, the Maui Jim Honey Girl cat eye sunglasses, also have neutral grey lenses and black/grey acetate frames. I guess I know what I like!

If you prefer softer colors, the mossy/blush/peach is a really pretty combination as well.

If you need a gift for a special someone this Christmas, be sure to check out the latest offerings from Maui Jim. After all, we need sunglasses as much in the wintertime as we do in the summer. Sometimes I think the glare off the snow is worse than anything the summer sun can throw at us. I certainly wear my sunglasses year-round.

You simply can’t go wrong with the gift of Maui Jim, and there’s still plenty of time to place an order. You have until 2pm (CST) on Friday, December 21 to place an in-stock order with expedited next-day shipping and get it in time for Christmas.

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    1. I did not know that!! I currently have a pair of LL Bean sunglasses that I really like, but I honestly thought I could no longer wear Maui Jim’s because I need the reader lenses. This is amazingly awesome news. 🙂 🙂

      1. Yes! On the website, find the pair you like and click on the MYMAUI under Customize Your Maui Jim Sunglasses. There is a slight up charge but it’s worth every penny. 

  1. You and your husband make such an attractive couple. The  Love Maui Jim sunglasses you both are wearing look great. My husband and I wear Maui Jim sunglasses and love them. Once you wear them, it’s next to impossible to settle for any other sunglasses. 

  2. Well, you answered my question below – can you put prescription lenses in these. Hmmm, I have been bugging my husband about a trip to Hawaii for my 50th birthday #H50. Maybe some Maui Jim’s would go good with that birthday present. LOL! (I’ve never been so I figured next year, turning 50 would be the perfect excuse). We were in NYC this year for our 20th Wedding Anniversay and it was fantastic. Hope you and your daughter have an amazing day! 🙂

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