Meeting Stephanie

Over the years I have met hundreds of lovely women through blogging. Each has affected my life in her own way, but some are just extra special. Stephanie is one of those.

She has been commenting thoughtfully and consistently on my blog for many years. She must have a schedule because about once a week, I’ll open my email to a series of her insightful comments on all my latest posts. She often asks questions that inspire future posts, and she always has relevant and interesting thoughts to add to the discussions in my comments.

I’ve watched as her own blog has evolved. Stephanie never hesitates to tackle tough subjects and express her opinions, but she does so in a humble and thoughtful way that doesn’t incite controversy. I often find myself taking the time to read through the comments on her posts because they are interesting and thought provoking.

Last year she shocked us all by announcing her plans to sell her house, buy an RV, and travel the country with her family for the purpose of giving to others. In February, she and her husband did exactly that. You can follow their journey at Give Every Day.

Stephanie feels like such a close and dear friend that I often forget that we’ve never actually met. While we run in the same circles, attend many of the same conferences and have even been invited to some of the same events, our paths have never crossed. Until last week.

Her RV journey has slowly been taking her up the east coast, and when I heard she was planning to spend a week in the Philadelphia area, we began plotting an opportunity to meet. Last week, I joined Stephanie and our good friend Colleen at Iron Hill Brewery.

Stephanie was everything I expected her to be — warm and thoughtful and intelligent and fun. We had so much fun chatting over dinner and then strolling the streets of town with ice cream in hand.

I’m just so thankful to be living in a time and place that affords the opportunity to meet amazing people from all over the world. Who knew, when I started that little weblog on Windows Live Spaces over five years ago, what a crazy ride it would turn out to be.

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12 thoughts on “Meeting Stephanie

  1. That is so cool, Jo-Lynne! I know from experience (wink, wink) what a treat it is to meet blogging friends . . . especially YOU! What a special day.

  2. I love that blogs have the ability to bring women (or any like-minded people) together in ways that they would have not otherwise met. I enjoy following a handful of blogs from women that I’ve never met who inspire me in different aspects of my life. (Jo-Lynne, I’ve recently found you and as a result, I’ve given more thought to what I put into my body and that of my family’s; thank you).

  3. P.S. You’ve ruined me to grocery store ice cream forever. An ice cream maker should be waiting for us when we reach Washington State…and I can’t wait to give it a try!

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