Menu Plan Monday


Since I usually spend as much time away from the computer as possible on the weekends, I always have a hard time getting back in the blogging groove on Mondays.  This Menu Plan Monday thing just might be the ticket.  Last week I posted about my menu planning routine and how it has been saving me time and money, to say nothing of aggravation.  I love knowing what I’m going to make each night and what I need to buy and what prep work I need to do.

Last week we didn’t quite get through all of our menus, and that’s typical.  We had a leftovers night, and then the weather inspired us to grill hot dogs (uncured — no nitrates) on Sunday afternoon.  The rain held out for a gorgeous Sunday evening in the ‘hood, but this morning we woke up to a heavy rain so I’m not sure I’ll be feeling motivated to get to the grocery store today.  Fortunately I have a few meals left that I can pull from.

When I don’t get through the meals I have planned for a week, I roll them into the next week.  It’s nice because I don’t have to come up with seven new dinner ideas, and I already have some of the ingredients in the house.

I realize these recipes are pretty labor intensive.  It is NOT necessary to make fancy meals to eat well.  I enjoy cooking, and I’m at home so I can prepare throughout the day.  I realize not everyone shares my enjoyment of the kitchen or has the time to devote to meal prep, and that is just fine.  If you’re looking for simpler meals, the salmon cakes and meatloaf come together quickly.  Because the meatloaf cooks for an hour, I planned to try the roasted brussels sprouts recipe that night because it looks like it will be more time consuming than my typical veggie dish.

So here’s what’s on the docket for this week:

Monday: salmon cakes, quinoa, roasted asparagus (recipe coming later this week)

Tuesday: meatloaf, potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts

Wednesday: crustless quiche, salad

Thursday: lasagna, Caesar salad

Friday: Shaved Parmesan Chicken & Lemon Creme, fresh spinach blanched and sauteed in butter

Saturday: pot roast with potatoes and carrots — This is one of the first meals I ever learned to make, and it’s still one of our family favorites.  I’ll share the recipe next week.  I love that it’s a one-dish meal.  So easy.  I can’t wait to use the new Le Creuset dutch oven that my mom sent me for Mother’s Day.  Thanks, Mom!!

And speaking of Mother’s Day.  I’m not sure what we’re doing for Sunday dinner, so I didn’t include a meal plan.  I might beg my husband to take us out to eat so I don’t have to cook.  Or we may entertain one of the moms in my life.  What are you doing for Mother’s Day?

the Motherhood TalksAlso, join me later today for a Talk at The Motherhood with Ellen Galinsky.   We’ll be discussing Ellen’s new book, Mind in the Making, and given my recent series on Raising Responsible Kids, I’m excited to hear what she has to say.  The talk begins at 11am and goes on throughout the day, so you can pop in whenever it’s convenient for you.  I’ll be in and out, as time allows.

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