Fashion Friday: Dresses

I wasn’t feeling inspired to write a fashion post this week, so I put out a call on Twitter for some suggestions.  This post is dedicated to Darcie and Courtney, who wanted to see some dresses.

Now I’ll say it up front.  I’m not crazy about dresses on me.  I rarely find one that I actually like.  And on the rare occasion that I do buy one and wear it, when I see pictures, I’m usually disappointed.  Give me a pair of rockin’ designer jeans and a cute sweater any day.  But I do envy those who can look cute and comfortable in a casual dress, and dress shopping for someone else turned out to be a heckuvalot more fun that dress shopping for myself.  So here’s what I found.

Darcie asked for sundresses, and she specifically mentioned she wasn’t feeling the love for LOFT this year, so I started out at my other favorite shopping destination, Banana Republic.

I could never wear this, but I think Darcie would look adorable in it.  It could easily go day to evening, which is nice too.


If you like the patio dress, this is really cute, but I’d like it better in another color.  Most of their dresses are on the fancier side this year.  Let’s move along.

Old Navy always has a few casual dresses, and they are usually pretty affordable, especially if you wait till you get a coupon.  The Broomstick Gauze Sundresses could be cute.  I know the maxi dresses are still fashionable this year, but I much prefer a dress that hits at the knee.  It’s a universally flattering length b/c it divides the body into thirds, and proportion is everything.

Old Navy Womens Broomstick Gauze Sundresses

Athleta is a little spendy, but they have really cute dresses.  Like this and this and this.  (And this comes in lots of gorgeous colors, not just black.)


And then I recently discovered that Nine West makes really cute dresses.  Who knew?  I thought Nine West was just for shoes, but I was wandering through Steinmart a few weeks ago and they carry a lot of them.  Like, how cute is this Dot Dress?  (I’m such a sucker for black and white.)


Courtney has just had a baby, and she asked to see shirtwaist dresses.  Those are a bit harder to find.  Macy’s has a few.  Like this one.  It also comes in black.


Target has a cute one.  Unfortunately only smaller sizes are available, but it might be worth taking a trip to the store to see what they have.  I like their Converse brand.  I have a cute navy blue cargo skirt in the Converse brand from Target that I got a few years ago.  I still wear it a lot during the summer months.

And here’s a sleeveless one from Lands End that could work.  You might be able to find it at Sears.  (I hate mail order.)


And finally, this one is a little dressier, but if you need a special occasion dress this summer, this might work for you.


Keep in mind, these models are usually about eight feet tall, so it probably won’t be that short on you.

How about you, where do you find cute, casual dresses for summer?  Help Darcie and Courtney out.

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    1. This post was getting way long, but I was going to suggest taking a walk through Marshalls and TJMaxx and Steinmart. I don’t enjoy poking through all those racks, but I know some people find amazing stuff at those stores, and they seem to be a good place to find dresses, in particular.

  1. I LURV dresses! No thinking involved – just throw it on, slide into a pair of flipflops or sandals and walk out the door. Have a great weekend!

  2. Steinmart has some great dresses in right now-how easy is that for summer? Just bought a real cutie there the other day. Now, I just need the right shoes………sigh…

  3. I love the idea of dresses, but they never seem to work for me either…especially post baby, which is a rather familiar state for me. 🙂 I am especially envious of those long-legged ladies who can pull of a maxi dress so beautifully. Throw a hat on me and I’d look like something straight out of the shire wearing one of those dresses. I have, however found some cute dresses in Talbots. I usually wait for them to go on sale because they can be kind of pricey; however, the good thing about Talbots is that they are classic enough to wear for a a few seasons, so if I have a special occasion, I can justify the extra $$. In my town, the Talbots and LOFT are next door to each other. I always chuckle a little because I often times feel too old and chubby for LOFT but too young for Talbots since it’s my husband’s grandmother’s favorite store. I think, though, over the past few years they’ve really freshened up their clothing and jewelry. The seem to offer a lot more choices that are in style, but not too over the top and they have a petite section…yeah! J.Crew’s my other go to store. I’ve gotten some cute cotton dresses from them in the past couple of years as well.

    1. I forgot to check JCrew this morning. I used to shop at Talbots a lot, but in recent years I’ve felt kind of frumpy in their clothes so I stopped.

      I love Ann Taylor, and I did find a dress there last summer that I actually bought and have never worn. I bought it b/c I happened across it and I loved it and I NEVER love a dress, and I figure this way, when I have an occasion, I’m all set.

  4. You are such a rock star when it comes to finding cute stuff. I can only find it when I don’t have any $$$ left in my clothing budget. But then when I head out to the mall with a healthy wad of cash, I come up empty.

    And TJ Maxx huh? Believe it or not I’ve not ever stepped foot in there (or Steinmart or Marshalls for that matter). Are they similar to Ross? I hate Ross. But I might have to venture into TJ’s and have a look. Oh, and Old Navy; that little turquoise diddy is so fun and splashy! Thanks for the fabulous finds!

  5. Old Navy for sure! I just ordered about one of every dress they had to see what I like. Granted, of the 16 dresses I ordered (I KNOW), only two of them worked; but I was anticipating some fails (obviously – I don’t need 16 dresses) and it’s easy enough to return them to the store. With a Gap card, you get free shipping (I think the code is MYCARD) so it’s really a win-win-win; I get stuff shipped right to my door – I get to try it on at home – I get to go shopping at the physical store when I return what doesn’t work. 🙂

  6. I recently started wearing dresses (on our trip in Ixtapa) – ADORE them. I got 3 from Athleta – I think it’s worth paying the extra $$ to get a with excellent material so it hangs the way it’s supposed to.

  7. I love the Athleta dress, all of their clothes are super comfortable and flattering to a woman’s body.

    Dresses in the summer is one of my favorite things.

  8. Thank you so much. I always love your fashion posts! I love that dressy one and I totally have several day events coming up and totally need buttons. Its perfect! I just found two adorable casual dresses at Old Navy. Totally adorable shirtdresses. Oh and I popped in Jcrew today. I have so many of their dresses (none will fit this summer), but they had an adorable selection as well. And of course, Anthro! But shirtdress are hard to find, but tunics in a similar shirt style has been easy to pick up.

  9. I love wearing dresses! I don’t like how shorts look on me so dresses and skirts are my warm weather staples. I don’t have the patience for a TJ Maxx or Marshall’s but do you have a New York & Company store near you? They have nice and affordable dresses, plus you can get put on a mailing list for coupons. Also, I’ve had luck at H&M too. My only warning there is to try everything on. Their sizing is so weird. Honestly, I’ve worn a size 4 and a size 14 from there.

  10. I love dresses. The problem I have these days is the slinky and/or thing fabrics they are using. I need to hide my bumps and lumps!! I wish there was a company that had the quality and price range of Talbot’s and Chico’s but with more hip styling.

  11. I’m like you. I’m not crazy about dresses on me. Mostly because it’s really hard for me to find dresses that FIT just right because I have a large chest and a smaller bottom half. Thus, dresses usually end up being way-too-tight on top and perfect on the bottom, or perfect on the top and way-too-baggy on the bottom. Oh, well.

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