Menu Plan Monday

menu plan monday

This is a short week, and I almost didn’t post a Menu Plan today but then I thought better of it. Even though I’m only going to be responsible for the cooking two nights this week, I know that I need a plan or we’ll be eating takeout or scrounging for sandwiches and leftovers. Actually, eating up leftovers isn’t a bad idea, but even that’s pretty much slim pickin’s around here this week.

We will be visiting my family in Virginia for the holidays and my mom is an excellent cook. While there will be a lot of preparation and clean-up work to do for a larger dinner crowd, it is a relief not to have to plan it all and shop for it all!!

MONDAY: Tonight we are having a simple sausage scramble. I came up with this by combining two recipes from Heather at Home Ec 101, and it is one of my family’s favorite simple meals.

TUESDAY: Salmon Cakes with rice and roasted broccoli

WEDNESDAY: We will be eating whatever goodness my mom has prepared for us. Hopefully it will be something light, as her Thanksgiving Day dinners always give new meaning to the word feast.

THURSDAY: Mom’s Traditional Thanksgiving Meal (everything made from scratch, right down to and including the cranberry sauce): roast turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, herbed stuffing, sweet potato casserole, baby onions in cream sauce, cranberry sauce (none of that canned stuff either!), and usually a green veggie of some sort. Oh! And homemade yeast rolls using my grandmother’s recipe. (Did I forget anything, mom?)

FRIDAY: Leftovers probably!

I am also looking forward to going out for dinner one night with my childhood bestie.

Oh and also. Did I mention? My whole family signed up for a 5K on Thanksgiving Day morning. This will be my first 5K. I’ve been wanting to run one ever since I got the running bug a couple years ago, but first knee problems prevented me and then I was just putting it off. Most of the family signed up to be with the walkers (because the kids are going too!), but I’m with the runners, and I’m hoping to finish in less than 30 minutes.

What are you cooking this week? Do you make the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, or do you like to change it up?

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  1. Good luck with the race! I hope you all have fun. I’m betting you’ll be hooked and will start looking for more races to run! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Good for you running the 5k! You’ll be surprised at how quickly you get there : )

    We’re celebrating Thanksgiving w/my mother in-law’s family. Close to home so no travel involved. Each guest brings a different dish and we’re bringing dessert this year. I’ll be making my “Nana’s Chocolate Cake” – a family recipe passed down from my great grandmother on my mom’s side. My mother in-law’s family is 100% Cuban so while they do most of the traditional menu items, black beans and rice, plaintain chips and some other Cuban dishes are always part of the meal too. My first year w/them there were NO mashed potatoes! I nearly cried. It was all so foreign to me. Next time I offered to bring them and they’ve been part of the menu every year since : ) Sigghhh.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. That would be so weird – I can’t imagine Thanksgiving with Cuban food, lol. But it’s great to incorporate both cultures! good idea to bring the potatoes. 🙂

      And that Chocolate Cake sounds like a recipe I need to try. 🙂

  3. Good for you and your family! You’ll enjoy the food so much more knowing you already did some exercise.

    Will you be able to eat the stuffing and rolls? Those are my favorite parts of the meal!

    We are going to my parents too. We’re not going until Thursday, so my mom and sister will handle the main meal. I will be responsible for snacks.

    1. Yeah, it’s hard – last year I didn’t have any stuffing or rolls. I have actually been eating small amounts of gluten with no obvious ill-effects so I will probably have a very small helping of stuffing and a roll for this special occasion! I’m trying not to eat much of it, though, for fear my symptoms will come back.

  4. Your Thanksgiving menu sounds almost identical to ours . . . usually. This year we are going to some friends’ house, so I’ll have to put up with some diversions from the traditional.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Good luck to you and your family in the race, and enjoy your Thanksgiving with everyone!

    We go to my mom’s, about 5 min. away. My brother and his family does the turkey and other dishes, and we bring our food. That way my mom doesn’t have to worry about anything, but the table.

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