Mom Fashion | What I Wore This Week 02.08.12

I’m so excited about this post today. WHY? Well, because I have actually had a reason to get dressed this week. AND ALSO TOO. I went shopping. EEEE!

I realize that last part PROBABLY doesn’t sound like news, but honestly, I have NO time to shop anymore. It’s a sad state of affairs, I know. BUT. Melissa and I have been working with Mainline Parent Magazine to pull looks for their spring publication so I have been forced to go shopping. (Tough life, right??) And I discovered some really cute new boutiques because they want all the looks to be from local shops.

I’ve been tiring of shopping at the same three stores over and over so this was the perfect opportunity to broaden my horizons. For you local yokels, my two favorite new shops are Skirtin Around at Spread Eagle Village in Wayne and Jennifer on the Avenue in Berwyn. Skirtin Around is a little more upscale. I didn’t purchase anything there (yet!), but I do have my eye on a blouse and a handbag (no surprise there, right??).

Jennifer on the Avenue has a great price point, and they were having some awesome sales to boot! That is where I did my shopping. In 30 minutes, I managed to accumulate 6 items — 2 pair of colored jeans (YAY! I have been wanting a pair for months), 2 sweaters, a tank and a really cute faux leather skirt! My husband likes to say I have the most expensive job in town. Ha!

This time of year tends to feel ho-hum so it was so nice to have some new clothes to pull from when I packed to go to the Family Travel Conference in NYC last weekend, and now I’m all set for Blissdom too!

Okay, so let’s get down to bidness.

What I Wore This Week

WEDNESDAY: This is the outfit I wore the day I went shopping. I am STILL trying to figure out what works with this sweater. I thought the teal was a nice color with it, and I put them with black jeans rather than regular denim. When I laid out the combination on my bed, I was excited to wear it. But looking at this picture, I’m not sure I LOVE it. Maybe it needs boots? Or maybe I need to give up on that sweater.

long cardi: Nordstrom (last winter)

teal ruffle-neck tee: Ann Taylor LOFT

black skinny cords: Bloomies (on sale last winter)

black ballet flats: Nine West (years ago)

long necklace: can’t remember

THURSDAY: On Thursday I had lunch at the mall with two gentlemen from Cradles to Crayons to discuss ways we can work together. They are doing an incredible work. PLEASE check them out.

striped sweater by M. Rena from Jennifer on the Avenue

high waist skinny jeans . . . be still my heart!! from Jennifer on the Avenue (on sale!!)
(also at Zappos: Joe’s Jeans – Visionaire Skinny in Raisin Deep Purple)

Dansko Brinkley boots

silver bold link bracelet and chunky hoop earrings

FRIDAY: This is the day I took the train to NYC and Day One of the Family Travel Conference so I wanted to be comfortable but chic.

asymmetrical cardi: Theme

black tank: M. Rena

red jeans: DL1961

black ballet flats: Nine West (years ago)

necklace: Stella & Dot

This outfit is entirely from Jennifer on the Avenue. The red jeans were an impulse buy. I’ve been wanting colored jeans, but I never intended to go with anything so bold. But when I saw these, and they were on sale to boot, I decided to try them on for the fun of it. I love them. I like the ankle-length, I love how they feel on, and the color makes me smile. I’d never heard of DL1961, but evidently they are known for their 4-way stretch fit, and I can attest. They feel divine! I have worn them twice now, and they stretch with you but don’t fall down. They are truly THE most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn. I’m going to try to find a pair in regular denim.

The sweater is kind of funky. While I love the color and fabric, I can’t say I’m in love with the asymmetrical action. I tried it both buttoned up half-way and open like the photo, and either way it’s sort of annoying. I looked and looked until I found the sweater on Theme’s website, and they picture it buttoned all the way up with the top in a bit of a cowl. Lemme find it . . .

Knit Cardigan by Theme Clothing

Maybe I’ll try it that way next time.

SATURDAY: I was at the travel conference, and I wore this old stand-by outfit. Actually, I’ve never worn it with flats before. I think I’ve always worn this outfit with boots.

purple drapey sweater: Nordstrom (years ago)

black tank: Banana

gray skinny cords: Paige from Bloomies

same black flats from Nine West (the most comfortable ballet flats EVER)

Speaking of boots, I changed for the train ride home because I couldn’t fit my boots into my suitcase. Ha!

I also threw on the scarf because it was a chilly day in NYC. The scarf I can go either way on, but I definitely like it best with boots.

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  1. I absolutely love the last outfit! That scarf with the boots just makes it.

    I also liked the red jeans. Definitely a color I would have picked. I don’t think I could pull off a brighter red at my advanced age.

    Just curious – was one of the stores Jonathan’s in Narberth? It’s a small boutique store. I have a dress from there that I’m anxious to wear, maybe at Blogher?

  2. I love all of your outfits! I really like the burgundy jeans in the second pic, especially that they’re high-waisted; can’t wear the low-rise. I just read about DL 1961 jeans in the latest issue of Better Homes and Garden. The red looks good on you.

  3. Oh shopping…. I’m resisting the urge – but sure am feeling it 🙂 I want some new sweaters and my black boots have a hole them now! Aack! Ah well… a few more weeks and the job I’m on now should be done and the check should be in the bank and maybe I can catch some sales!

    Love the purple drapey sweater and the long cardi – although I agree, it doesn’t quite seem to work in that first picture. I think the teal is great with it, but the black might be too dark? I’ve got a weird shaped, but really warm and comfy cardi that color that I like with a teal top and a chocolate brown straight skirt I’ve got.

    1. Oh – one other thought. The other thing I wear with my oatmeal colored cardi is a dark red shirt with that same chocolate brown skirt or a navy skirt I have. I wonder if you could wear a brown, black or navy top with that cardi and your new red jeans? Just thinking out loud!

      1. You know, I had wondered about that too – the black top and oatmeal cardi and red jeans. I also like your chocolate brown suggestion. Of course, I have no chocolate brown pants. Boo.

  4. Really liking the colored jeans! I will have to check them out. I have issues with skinny cut anything and I have been looking for something with some “give,” kwim?

  5. I’m slurping over those red jeans. I won’t ever buy any but I will comment on yours every time you wear them, I bet.

    I would try that first outfit with boots. And maybe a belt. If that doesn’t do the trick, then the sweater has to go, sadly. I feel your pain.

    And I LIKE that scarf on you!! I think you’ve found your style!! wooohooooo
    Mrs. Scarf

    1. Yeah, boots do work better on me overall, I think. At least, with the drapey sweaters. I think I need the balance they provide. I always loved ballet flats, though. Maybe with straight jeans rather than skinnies? Or only with more fitted tops?

  6. I love those outfits. They look great and really comfy, which is always a biggie for me.
    I just stumbled onto your site from another blog. I was excited to see you are in Philly. I live about 40 minutes north of Philly, in Spring Mount

  7. i’m thinking the first picture with the teal shirt just needs a black cardi, some boots (maybe booties) and a scarf with some colors, including teal, in it. i know its sound like the usual but i think it would look better that way.
    love your blog, by the way!!! <3

  8. LOVE those red jeans! You should definitely wear more red — with your complexion, hair and eyes jewel tones are very flattering. The one suggestion I would make for you is to find some tops that give you more of a waist. So much of what you wear is straight/baggy on top and I think it makes you look less slim. Your pose last picture with the scarf (which is a winner) emphasizes your waist and you look 10 lbs lighter than the other pics! 🙂

  9. Your colored denim looks great. I like the richer colors way more than some of the bright/neon colors you see online and in stores.

    The last outfit is my favorite of the bunch this week. Just looks really fabulous on you.

  10. You look the best in the boots. Not crazy about the flats. Have you tried ankle booties? Also, sometimes it’s the color that just won’t ever work on you. You are best in jewel tones. I’m thinking grey just isn’t for you.

    1. LOL. That is direct. 🙂

      I have tried ankle booties and I haven’t come up with an outfit I really like with them. I think it’s because they are gray and the contrast against pants always looks a little awkward to me. They might look cute with the red pants tho… hm.

      I do love jewel tones and I’m so glad they’re back in style. For a few years there, they were hard to find. However, I don’t think I’ll be giving up gray anytime soon. I love it, and it’s such an easy neutral to wear. Perhaps using more scarves to bring color to my face would be good though. I need more scarves. MALL RUN! lol

  11. Love your looks, and that asymetrical cardy (as well as the purple one! OK, I clearly have an addiction to cardigans, haha). I tried doing this daily snapshot and utterly failed yet totally love that you have this. Discovering you via Monday MIngle.

  12. Love the teal and gray together in first photo. Think black might be a bit too much. How about gray pants? I have some thin cords from Loft that I think would look great with this outfit.

    Second photo not my favorite outfit. Sweater seems a bit too boxy but I do like the plum colored pants.

    Love love love the red pants on you! Also like the sweater but think you need a different color top and shoes. Maybe dark brown?

    The last outfit is cute but it’s a big wow with the scarf and boots. 🙂

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