Living Room Makeover

The Living Room Makeover is COMPLETE.

For now anyways. I still want to get a new couch someday, but we are saving for a deck. Boo.

I mean yay, a deck. But boo, no couch.

Any. Who.

Remember the before pictures?

Nolan Painting came and gave us a whole new look with Benjamin Moore’s Whitall Brown.

After we got the room painted and put back together, I decided I didn’t care for the muted leafy pillows I’d bought. So they went back. I really wanted something that pulled together the red and green from the chair, the green from the sofa slipcover (although I was open to replacing that if need be) AND maybe even some of the blue/green/yellow color palette from the dining room.

I found these curtains at Pottery Barn and fell IN. LOVE. They cost more than I’d budgeted for, but I finally decided they were an investment I was willing to make. They will last years and years and can go in a different room someday if I ever want to switch things up.

From there, choosing the pillows was easy.

Well, not easy, but there just weren’t a lot of choices if I wanted to keep the green sofa slipcover. I ended up going with a fairly neutral set.

I feel like they help lighten up the room, and I just love the embroidered fabric. (The pattern in the curtains is embroidered too.)

Here’s the other side of the room. The curio cabinet was my husband’s grandmother’s. I keep my most treasured trinkets inside it — in other words, all the fragile things I don’t want my kids to break.

Dontcha love the basketball in the corner and the crap on the stairs? Yes, this is how we live.

Okay, one more angle and I’m done.

I love it. It’s warm and peaceful and relaxing — just what I wanted. I often sit in this room and read on Sunday afternoons, or visit with a neighbor over coffee while the kids take over the family room. Now it will be that much more enjoyable to spend time in here!