{Gluten Free} Weekly Menu Plan

Meal planning has been touch and go around here, but this week it’s on. The rest of the month is kind of CRAZY with a day trip to NYC on Thursday, a PSMM workshop this weekend, an event in Philly next Tuesday, and my trip to Blissdom next Wednesday through Sunday. Meal planning is going to be key to keeping this household running smoothly (or running at all).

menu plan monday

Menu Plan Monday

MONDAY: Asian Grilled Salmon, rice cooked in homemade chicken stock, roasted broccoli

TUESDAY: Split Pea Soup and biscuits (save leftovers for next week when I’m at Blissdom)

WEDNESDAY: Beef Brisket with herbed new potatoes and steamed green beans

THURSDAY: spaghetti and garlic bread (I’ll be in NYC for Fashion Week!! This is an easy meal my husband can prepare.)

FRIDAY: Crustless Quiche with a side salad

SATURDAY: Chicken In A Pot with roasted carrots and mashed potatoes (I’ll make chicken stock with the bones and save any extra chicken for a casserole next week.)

SUNDAY: dine out

Also, I’m the guest blogger this week at Once A Month Mom for her Get Real Challenge — a year-long series is for those desiring to transition their family to whole foods. Check out my post on Breads and Cereals.