Monday Morning Coffee Talk


I meant to sit down and write a “coffee talk” post on Saturday morning and then on Sunday morning, but I’m only now getting around to it. I have hardly been online this entire weekend, and it’s actually been quite nice. Sometimes you just need a break, ya know?

Today I start back on that sugar detox — you know that little diet experiment that monopolized my blog during the better half of August 2014. Don’t worry, I’m not going back to posting what I eat every day, but I will keep you posted about how it goes the second time around.

This time I’m not doing it as strictly. I realize that could be my downfall. It might be harder to stick to if I’m not being as strict, but the purpose this time isn’t so much to break the sugar cravings as it is to lose a few extra winter pounds, and more importantly, get rid of the bloat. I know, such pretty talk, but let’s face it. We all know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there, and it doesn’t look good OR feel good. I have to put on a bathing suit when we’re in Arizona next month, and I want to look and feel my best. Without the ability to exercise, the only thing I can do is adjust my diet, so that’s what I’m going to do.

I will still enjoy fruit and perhaps an occasional glass of wine, but I’m cutting out all desserts, breads, beans, peanut butter, and white potatoes. In fact, I sort of started on Friday, but I had some events this weekend that I wanted to enjoy, so I’m officially starting today. The good news is, I already dropped a pound, and I’m already feeling better, so I’m motivated to keep going.

I know a few of you have asked me to let you know if I decide to do this again, so let me know if you’re going to join me. We could even start a Facebook group for accountability if there’s interest.

In other news, it’s been a busy weekend — in a good way. We attended my nephew’s baptism yesterday after attending our own worship service, and on Saturday, I had a marathon women’s council meeting for our church. That may not sound like fun, but we had a good time, and we accomplished quite a bit, so it’s all good. Friday night, I played BINGO with some neighbor friends. It was a fund raiser for our middle and high school music organization. I love that our school district has such an active and enthusiastic music program.

Last week the kids had two 2-hour delays, one early dismissal, and two snow days, so it was a relief to send them off to school today. Not that I don’t enjoy my kids, but having them underfoot definitely creates some challenges as far as getting my work done and staying focused. I feel like I can finally hunker down and bang out some posts today.

I’m still babying my foot and hoping I’ll be able to do everything we have planned when we go to Arizona. We aren’t planning any hiking or anything like that, but I know there will be a lot of walking involved, and I hope I’m up for it.

My foot still doesn’t feel right. I may have to break down and get that injection the doctor wanted to give me for this latest diagnosis of sinus tarsitis, but that is my last resort. I haven’t had good luck with injections, and I don’t relish the thought of yet another complication to this seemingly endless string of injuries and diagnoses.

I truly feel like this will never end, and I will spend the rest of my life with one issue or another involving my feet. I honestly don’t get it. I was healthy and strong and ran a half marathon 18 months ago. How I’ve gradually become an invalid since then, when I haven’t even been running or doing much exercise at all, I just don’t understand; but I am trying to stay positive and take one day at a time. What else can I do??

I posted this on Instagram yesterday. That about sums it up.

Dean Karnazes Quote

And did I mention that I got summoned for jury duty? It is when we are planning to be in Arizona, of course. So I have to claim undue hardship and hope to be excused.

Oh, yes, and due to the two snow days last week, our kids now have school during spring break, which is also when we will be in Arizona, so now I have to fill out a non-school sponsored travel request and hope THAT is approved. I was trying NOT to take my kids out of school for our vacation. What is it they say about the best laid plans??

I just don’t know why nothing can be easy.

But anyway.

On that note, I will publish this epistle and get on with my day. I have a loooong to-do list awaiting me, with so much work time lost last week, and these new tasks on my agenda.

Here’s to a productive Monday for all!