Moto Jacket + OTK Boots with Aubergine Skinnies

Moto Jacket + OTK Boots with Aubergine Skinnies

There’s an outfit on Pinterest that pops up in my feed time and time again, and I’m drawn to it every time. If you use Pinterest, especially if you tend to search some of the same words and phrases, this probably happens to you too. I think I’ve pinned it at least 5 times over the past couple of years because every time I see it, I want to recreate it from my own closet.

This is the outfit that inspired today’s post.

OTK Boots source

It’s simple, really, but I think it’s so chic — black moto jacket, colored denim, neutral infinity scarf, and black over-the-knee boots.

Moto Jacket + OTK Boots with Aubergine Skinnies

Since my scarf is charcoal and my jeans are aubergine, I went with a long-sleeve black tee underneath. I felt like white would be too stark. My moto jacket is wax coated cotton rather than leather, but either would work. Mine is a few years old so I’ll link up a bunch below.

I don’t have olive skinnies anymore, so I went with aubergine, but I really love the look in the inspiration photo. Maybe I need to add olive skinnies to my shopping list!

Moto Jacket + OTK Boots with Aubergine Skinnies


I’ve talked about these boots before. They were pretty stiff behind the knees when I wore them with a dress and bare legs, but over jeans, they’re not a problem at all. Plus, I think they’re loosening up each time I wear them. The quality on these boots is fantastic, they’re super flattering, and they’re 40% off right now at Nordstrom. They also come in a gorgeous burgundy leather as well as black, khaki, and cognac suede. The nice thing about these boots is that they work well with both skirts and pants.

I wrote a post on how to wear over the knee boots, if you want more tips on rocking this trend.

Moto Jacket + OTK Boots with Aubergine Skinnies

Moto Jacket + OTK Boots with Aubergine Skinnies

It was a grey day when we shot this outfit, and the colors near my face are drab, so I made sure to wear a bold lip color. I’m wearing MAC lip pencil in Spice topped with Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Pink Mauve and MAC Lipglass in Cultured.

Moto Jacket + OTK Boots with Aubergine Skinnies

I carried my black moto hobo bag and accessorized with some of my favorite basics — faux pearl studs, silver link bracelet, and mixed metal link ring.

Moto Jacket + OTK Boots with Aubergine Skinnies

infinity scarf // long-sleeve tee // similar skinnies // similar moto jacket // similar OTK boots // similar bag // faux pearl studs

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the winter outfit she’s styling today!

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30 Responses

  1. What did we do without Pinterest?? I mean, I realize I can go through my closet on my own, but I don’t always think of all the possibilities until I’m looking at Pinterest!!!
    I’ve usually been trying to keep my OTK boots the same color scheme as my jeans, but this shows that they can look great even with contrasting jeans!!
    It’s a hot look, Jo-Lynne!! I think it calls for date night! 🙂

  2. Good morning! Were you at the Outlets for these photos? I was there on Friday with my daughter and it was crowded!!! You must be there very early! Love this outfit, especially with the Aubergine jeans and grey scarf. By the way, I loved your family Christmas photo!!!

  3. You nailed it!! I think the olive colored jeans are fine but the aubergine jean really make it pop! I love it! This may be the new inspiration pin!

  4. Jo-Lynne, I can see why you pinned this outfit. It is so you! It’s perfect for any everyday occasion that pops up at this time of year. Have a marvelous Monday!

  5. I love this outfit and it really looks great on you! Thank you and I am looking forward to seeing your ideas for running attire. I go to the gym more than I run but I am hoping to run more now that the weather is cooler.

  6. This is my favorite outfit of the whole series! I LOVE the aubergine with the black. And I so want the black moto bag. I bought it in gray last year and it’s my favorite bag. And your tree is beautiful. We still have a live tree every year, though I put up an artificial one in the kitchen/dining room that stays up for a while. I may have to go get my tree now. Thanks for sharing, Jo-Lynne!

  7. This outfit is super cute! Great combination of pieces and I’m reminded of an earlier outfit of yours that involved a yellow sweater with an animal print scarf, (I think?).

    Incidentally, I wanted to thank you for your consistent and cheerful “voice”. I imagine it can be challenging offering something new and creative on a daily basis but, you make it seem effortless. Thanks for sharing your talent and time.

  8. Love this outfit. I don’t have OTK boots, but I’m thinking it would also look great with black boots that fall just below the knee. As someone just eluded to, you will be our new inspiration. This is a great outfit. Your Christmas tree is beautiful. Sitting by the tree with wine and your feet up looks utterly wonderful. I need to try that!

  9. Very cute outfit. Such a great look for this time of year. Your nail polish is such a pretty color. I wondered if it’s a gel or acrylic polish?

  10. You’ve really captured your best personal style in this outfit, and your confidence shows in the photos! And I am one who loves your hair straight like you have it today.

    Beautiful tree, and I’m glad you took the time to go get it with your family. As children get older and are gone from home, you treasure these times even if you do have to rush to get to do them. Merry Christmas!

  11. Wow! Very hot! I can’t get over your resemblance to Mercedes Schlapp. She is a political analyst and quite beautiful.

  12. This outfit looks terrific on you! I would not have thought to wear the colored jeans with the black but I love it. I’m inspired by you to try something similar.

  13. I’m very excited about this outfit. I actually have all the parts (sort-of)! I just got aubergine skinnies recently, which are great. I would never have even tried them before I started following your blog. Also, I’ve been wanting a black leather jacket for months but it wasn’t in my budget. Today I happened to be in our local Salvation Army and I found one that’s nice and actually fits me – not a moto jacket, but that’s okay. It was 1/2 price for $4.00! Now I have your outfit inspiration for what to wear with both my new purchases. Thanks!

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