Coffee Talk + Sale Alerts

Good morning! I hope you’re having a good weekend. I’m glad I got to hang out at home and relax on Friday night because yesterday was pretty nuts. I’m hoping to rest this afternoon and get rejuvenated for the week. I can’t believe Christmas is only two weeks away!

This is the first holiday season in a long time that I’m not feeling hopelessly over-committed, so that’s good. I do have a few more gift guides I want to get out this week, and I’m looking forward to wrapping up 25 Days of Winter Fashion. Hopefully the weather will cooperate because I have a few more outfits to shoot to complete the series.

We managed to get two shoots in yesterday morning, actually it was three if you count the one of Paul. Can I count a men’s outfit towards my 25 winter outfits??? I’ve been debating. Will you feel cheated? Ha! We’ll see… it might come down to how many of my own outfits I can shoot before Friday. I think I need two more, and the weather for the week is looking pretty uncooperative.

Yesterday morning, we finally got to the tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree, so the kids are happy. It was FREEZING so I wasn’t able to wear my cute red vest outfit, and my daughter usurped my favorite hat. I settled for red boots and a red scarf.

All the trees on the lot were HUGE. Not only tall, but wide. I think we found the smallest tree they had, and it’s 9 feet tall and almost as wide. It definitely takes up a chunk of the family room.

After we got back from the tree farm, the girls and I changed and went right back out the door to the ladies’ Christmas Tea with our church. That took up the rest of the afternoon, and when I got home, I had about 30 minutes to regroup before friends arrived for a get-together we had spontaneously planned earlier in the day.

I think I hit the hay around 11PM, which is late for me, but it was a fun day, and I’m glad we were able to fit it all in. Unfortunately my body is pretty set in its ways, so I woke up at 5:30 this morning like clockwork. Sleeping in is a pointless endeavor, I’ve learned, so I just got up and shuffled downstairs for a cup of coffee and some quiet time by the Christmas tree.

Needless to say, I’m dragging a bit today. Fortunately there’s not much on the agenda other than church this morning and decorating our Christmas tree this afternoon.

I’ll probably make eggnog or hot chocolate to add to the festivities. If I get really motivated, I might make Shane Christmas Cookies, but it’s not much fun anymore now that I’m gluten-free. I don’t really like the process of cookie making, but I do enjoy nibbling on a frosted gingerbread cookie and chasing it with a cup of java on a cold winter afternoon. Don’t these look delicious??? The recipe and the story behind them is HERE.

Shane Christmas Cookies

Before I go, I want to mention a few sales that arrived in my inbox this weekend that might be of interest to you!

KATE SPADE // Surprise Sale! 75% off. Ends 12/22 at 11:59PM.

Kate Spade Surprise Sale 75% off!

J.CREW // 30% off your entire purchase or 40% off when you spend $200+. Use code PRESENTS.


LOFT // 40% off everything. Use code STYLEEVENT.


WHITE HOUSE BLACK MARKET // 30% off your full price purchase + free shipping!

White House Black Market

NORDSTROM // New markdowns on UGG, great gifts for the whole family!

UGG Sale

I wish I had time to go through and make some product recommendations, but you’re on your own this time. I need to get moving here and get ready for church.

Enjoy your Sunday!