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I tend to be a sweater girl this time of year, and I rarely wear prints, but when I saw this Lucky Brand printed peasant top, I was instantly smitten. I have another floral Lucky Brand top I picked up at a local boutique a few years ago that I wore to death, I loved it so much. I finally donated it this fall, so I decided it was time for a replacement.

Printed Peasant Top with Blue Jeans and Grey Booties

Printed Peasant Top with Blue Jeans and Grey Booties

Printed Peasant Top with Blue Jeans and Grey Booties

Printed Peasant Top with Blue Jeans and Grey Booties

I love the feminine paisley print, the pintuck detailing, and the combination of blue and red. For size reference, I’m wearing a small. I need a medium in most Lucky Brand tops, so this one seems to run a bit large.

Obviously a peasant top is meant to be full, but I like how this one isn’t too voluminous. Also the material is soft and thin and moves with you and still follows your curves. Sometimes tops like these can be stiff and hang straight or even balloon out in the middle. This one doesn’t do that, so I feel like it’s flattering even though it isn’t form fitting. Bonus, it’s 40% off, bringing it down to just $35!

I paired this printed peasant top with my go-to skinnies (my exact wash is discontinued.) The medium wash denim is the perfect compliment to the red and blue print, although a darker wash denim would work too. I like how these keep the look casual. These are a similar color and style for just $68. I have these jeans too, and they are amazing for the price — very soft and stretchy with interior control and “booty-lift construction.” I mean, who doesn’t want that!?!

I finished off the look with mushroom-colored leather booties and a coordinating handbag. These booties are really cute and come in tons of neutral tones. They’re genuine leather and retail for less than $100. I like how the boot shaft isn’t terribly high, and it’s level all the way around so it makes cuffing your jeans easy. Sometimes when booties have more going on at the top, it’s hard to know how to wear your pants with them, so I love it when booties have a level boot shaft. I like to cuff these jeans so they pretty much sit right on top of the bootie. I did a wide single cuff, but a smaller double cuff would be fine too. It’s just preference.

Printed Peasant Top with Blue Jeans and Grey Booties

Printed Peasant Top with Blue Jeans and Grey Booties

Printed Peasant Top with Blue Jeans and Grey Booties

My tribal earrings are also Lucky Brand. These two-tone drop earrings with their pave detailing instantly elevate a basic outfit to something a little bit special. I also like how they’re big and bright enough to show against my dark hair. Unfortunately they appear to be sold out, but this tribal hoop earring would serve the same purpose.

I wore this outfit on Thursday to run errands and work from home, and I felt cute and comfortable all day long. It was a chilly day so I threw on my camel reefer coat over top. I love the mix of dressy and casual and the contrast of the neutral camel against the red and blue in the outfit.

Printed Peasant Top with Blue Jeans and Grey Booties


printed party peasant top // DL1961 emma leggings // mushroom grey booties // similar crossbody // reefer coat // tribal earrings // lipstick: lust red

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17 Responses

  1. Jo-Lynne, You look great in this outfit! The blouse is a very nice change for you. For those of us in warmer climates, that top would be great for Christmas functions. It was 22 when I got up this morning, with frost on the ground, but it’lol be back in the 70’s Mon. & Tues. Crazy weather for sure.

    Enjoy all of your activities today! We have some men coming over around Noon, to move out the old microwave, stove, and fridge, and move the new ones in. I can’t wait to have the new appliances in and start using them. The old ones have been in the house since 1998, when the house was constructed.

  2. Thank you for sharing your style with us. Love the outfit. Children driving is always a “breath holder” but you do learn to breath through it much like Lamaze, ha.

  3. This is a great outfit. Love that look! Sorry for this long response but I really know what you’re going through.
    About the young driver thing… It does get better- I promise. We have an 18 year driver and soon-to-be 16 year old who will get his license in March. I must say that the uneasiness still has not totally disappeared for me (will it ever? Maybe when he goes to college next year?? – nope!), but it does lessen and you do learn to relax and come to appreciate the convenience and this new chapter in his and your life. But, oh, that feeling when everyone is at home safe!
    Hang in there and remember that cell phones are a good thing. Have him send you a quick text when he gets to his destination. Hint: If ours “forgot” to text he had to be home an hour earlier;) Then within a couple months we relaxed and made him check in less and less. It’s hard to let them fly. Good luck! I’m right back there with you in March. Ugh!

  4. I love peasant tops…especially when they have a low back hem like yours. I bought several in the early fall, but now that it’s full-bore sweater weather they’re harder to find.

    I love the booties, too…but I keep wrecking the look with socks!

  5. I love it! You look awesome and that top is making me rethink my no clothes shopping but I will be strong! Maybe my husband can gift it to me for Christmas!

  6. Love the color. I have discovered the peasant top this past fall and I love them. I bought 2 on clearance and wear them every single week. They look nice under a cardigan too when it’s colder outside.

  7. This top is very “me”. I love a more flow top over shorts especially and I love a gorgeous pattern! It’s an easy way to look classy and be comfortable – the perfect combo!

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