My Dog Hates the Housekeeper

The dog, she is funny.

When we brought her home from the rescue, she was the shyest, sweetest li’l thing you’ve ever seen. She just sat on my daughters’ laps in the backseat and looked at us with those big dark saucers as if to say, What on EARTH is happening to me, and WHERE am I going NOW?

You see, we got her from a rescue. She was turned in as a stray so we have no background on her whatsoever. All we know is, she was picked up at a rescue in Philly and brought back to foster care, where she stayed approximately 12 hours before we met her and took her home. I can only imagine what she might have been through before that.

She didn’t make a peep the whole way home. On our way, we took her to the pet store to stock up on essentials. She greeted two other dogs with curiosity, but never barked or whined or cried.

We brought her home and immediately drenched her with the hose. (With our history of allergies, we didn’t dare bring her in the house without getting her nice and squeaky clean.)

She just stood there and looked at us. She didn’t try to get away. She didn’t bark. She didn’t object in the least.

The first night home, we put her in a crate. We have no idea if she’d been crate trained or anything trained, but we knew that we didn’t want a brand new dog running loose in our house, so we crated her. She didn’t whine or cry or bark or paw at the cage. She just curled up and went to sleep.

For the first few days we had her, she didn’t bark, she didn’t get on furniture, she didn’t jump on people, she didn’t even try to go upstairs.

We thought we were golden.

We were such unseasoned pet owners. Little did we know . . .


Then one day, it all changed.

Actually, it happened gradually. At first it was a few yips here and there when a stranger appeared at our front door. Then she started growling at certain persons for no apparent reason. Now she barks at anything that MOVES outside.

Half the time I think she’s barking at a fly because there is NOTHING out there. Forget it when the mailman comes to the door. You’d think we had been invaded by aliens the way she freaks out.

But that is bearable. I mean, all dogs bark at strangers, right?

Until we discovered . . .

My dog hates the housekeeper.

Now THIS is a problem. Because my house keeper? She’s not going anywhere. Ohhhhh, NO.

The day the housekeeper comes is the best day of the entire week. It’s like getting a Christmas present every time she comes.

The housekeeper is staying.

If one of them has to go, it is NOT going to be the housekeeper.

Savannah, however, is unfazed by my warnings.

She growls every time she gets a glimpse of my housekeeper, and if they are in the same room together, she barks incessantly.

In what I thought was a stroke of brilliance, I offered my housekeeper some of Savannah’s favorite doggie treats to use to try to win her over, but she wouldn’t even take them.

In fact, she ran behind me by means of escape, and then turned around and punctuated her statement with a couple more vicious barks, as if to suggest that our attempts at bribery were highly insulting.

This went on for hours today, and it is the third time the housekeeper has been here since Savannah joined our family.

Eventually she will get over this, right??

How can she have such a strong aversion to one particular person???

She’s such a lovable little pooch 98% of the time. I mean, look at this face.

Savannah seems to be trying to make up for that first week of perfect behavior. It’s like we flipped a switch and now we can’t turn her off.

I’m begging you, oh wise internets. What can be done about this yippie dog??? Do you have some wisdom to offer? I’m all ears.

***We absolutely love and adore this little girl, and she truly isn’t going anywhere. But I think we have some training to do . . . ***