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A new store just opened at our mall. Athleta. I DIE. Athleta is my favorite store for athletic wear (for the gym and my running) as well as sporty casual wear. Since I work from home and run kids to and fro for the majority of my days, sporty casual wear is my life!!

I love Athleta’s slogan: Power to the She! I was never much of a feminist and I certainly am no athlete, but as I’ve come into my own, I have really become to appreciate the power of woman. Not that men don’t deserve their day in the sun; I think men actually get a pretty bad rap these days. But I love to support brands that represent women as smart and strong and beautiful, and I think Athleta does that.

I haven’t gotten to the mall yet to visit the Athleta store, although I plan to remedy that next week sometime. But with the onset of fall weather, I’ve been jonesing for some cooler weather duds so I thought I’d peruse the online catalog and see what’s new this season.

This cozy Balkan sweater coat is at the top of my list.

Athleta Balkan Sweater Coat

Look, how awesome is this picture!?

Don’t just want to BE her right now? I want to hop in that jeep and tool around that deserted beach in my cozy sweater coat and cute knit cap . . . Okay, so that’s an unlikely scenario, but it’s fun to dream.


How awesome is this Izmir Tunic Top?? Wouldn’t that be awesome with a patterned scarf and boyfriend jeans??

Athleta Izmir Tunic Top

Look at the back!

Okay, so this tissue-weight Utopia Hoodie is exactly what I need for layering over a tank on those warmer fall days.

Athleta Utopia Hoodie

And this Organic Cotton Stripe Sweater is calling my name.

Athleta Organic Cotton Stripe Sweater

For working out, I’m dying to try this Dye Stripe Tinker Tank. I love the relaxed fit. I just wish they offered one that wasn’t a racer back. I never know what bra to wear under those because even the racer back sports bra I have would show under most racer back tops.

Athleta Printed Tinker Support Tank Top

Oh and this burnout tank is just too cute! I’m a bit of a closet hippie. I know you don’t believe me, but I have the Grateful Dead on my playlist, after all.

Athleta Second Layer Tank

Okay, that was fun! Now I need to find time to go to the store to try this stuff on! I love that I no longer have to deal with mailing back the things that don’t fit.

Have you been shopping yet this fall? What do you have your eye on??

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  1. I feel like I am on an endless return loop with Athleta right now. First order looked great, but too big – and of course the items were sold out before I could exchange online. New order fits great, but I don’t like the reflective strips on the shirts.

    But I do believe I will find something I like…just don’t know how many orders I have left to go.

    Free shipping (orders and returns) make it manageable – and their customer service has been great so far. I’d love to go into a real store and try on a bunch of stuff.

  2. I just discovered your blog recently and I have to tell you how much I enjoy it. After I get my kids off to school I grab a cup of coffee and read your blog. I can relate to you so much and I love your sense of humor. You always put a smile on my face and it’s a great way to start my day. Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of your life.

  3. Ohh, I love that tunic and how detailed the back is (plus it would hide my love handles I’ve been getting from my one pair of jeans lately) And that picture realllllly makes me want to get all cozy and explore outdoors! I’ll be linking up later today, but just wanted to say hi this morning, and also share this fashion course I 110% recommend. It’s 67% off plus they’re giving a $20 gift card (Unfortunately, when I bought it it was $297) through the end of Sept. I’ve learned sooo much (not just about fashion) and been able to put together my own personal style without having to feel like I need to wear all the latest trends when they’re not always something I even like. https://Kelly.dressingyourtruth.com/spreadthelove

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I am in brand love with Athleta as well. I love the tinker tops for working out. They are cool and athletic-feeling while still able to hide the tummy if needed. My sister almost got me hooked on lululemon…I may, in fact, be addicted to their incredibly comfortable running shorts–seriously, they are so cute with little ruffles down the sides and the most comfy shorts I have ever worn. HOWEVER, I will remain loyal to Athleta for everything else! It would be so dangerous to have an actual store near me. Can’t wait to see your first haul from there!!!

      1. Yes, Mrs. Housewife…yes I did. Unfortunately, I can’t find them online. Mine are like these, https://shop.lululemon.com/products/clothes-accessories/women-shorts/Turbo-Run-Short-33075?cc=0962&skuId=3433402&catId=uswwearit9 but the seams on the sides are little tiny ruffles. So cute. Acutally, I would still encourage you to at least go to a store and try them on. I’m sure you have one near you seeing as how you are in the Philly area. They have a nice, comfy, soft wide waistband. You will want to wear them out of the store and never take them off.

    1. Oh, and the tinker tops have a built in bra, but I still need a little more support for the girls so I usually wear a thinner, lighter sports bra and find that together they offer enough support. The straps show but it actually looks cute since it’s not the typical huge, thick bras that I normally have to wear to keep the girls from hitting my knees and my chin. 🙂 (not that they are that huge…nursing 7 kids plus gravity…you know) A cute black sports bra would look great under the picture you have above, even if the straps show. Just my two cents.

  5. I’ve never ordered anything from Athleta but I get their catalogs. I have to say I LOVE that they use athletic women for their photo shoots. I would love to try one of their dresses some time.

  6. Be still my beating heart…which mall? If you say KOP, we need another lunch date, lol. I just bought a ton of stuff from them before I left for Mexico.

  7. Its okay for sports bras to show when you’re wearing athletic wear. I love the look of Athleta but have never purchased anything because its so expensive. 🙁

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