Neutrals in the Snow

Well, friends, it’s Christmas Eve, and I have one last winter outfit to share with you! Hopefully it will give you some outfit inspiration now and into the new year.

You may remember this scarf from my post with Express. It’s thick and soft and cozy, and the pretty pastel color palette will carry me well past the holidays. I love wearing grey/camel/blush tones in January and February.

I tried to round up some other options, for anyone who loves this look and is dying to copy it… LOFT has a plaid scarf in shades of pink and taupe that would be fresh and fun for winter after Christmas, and this one is pretty too.

And this cashmere check scarf from GOBI is on the spendier side, but it’s gorgeous.

I also wore my Naadam recycled cashmere crew in the Oatmeal with these Everlane skinny jeans in a shade of white they call Bone.

The jeans are a pair I’ve had for a while. I like the softer shade of white for some outfits — especially in the wintertime.

They’re on sale, and selling out, so be quick if you like them. FYI, I sized up to a 29 in these, and I’m wearing the ankle length.

I picked up this sweater when it was 40% off over Black Friday weekend, but it’s back to full price now. It’s worth watching, though. It may go on sale again after the holidays.

And these are those Sorel Lennox shearling boots that I featured in my winter boot review.

This combat boot/hiker boot combo is very much on trend right now, and I love that they’re as practical as they are cute. They’re very soft and cozy inside, and they’re lighter than they look but still have a pretty stiff sole.

These boots are 30% off and also selling out. You can find a few sizes left at Nordstom at Bloomingdale’s, and I recommend sizing up half if you want to wear thick socks with them. I kept my regular size 8, and they fit fine, but I only wear them with thinner crew socks.

Another option is the original Lennox boots without the shearling. These look and fit more like combat boots, and they’re very cute. There are also a few sizes left at Zappo’s and Evereve.

I decided to keep this pair because I decided I liked the more wintry vibe.

While I didn’t wear socks for this photo shoot, I will probably wear these cashmere trouser socks in the camel when I wear this outfit “in real life.”

I picked up these socks in the camel and grey when they were on sale over Black Friday weekend, and they are ah-mazing. Indulgent, yes, but so luxurious and soft and warm.

Also, how cute would this beanie be with this outfit? I would probably wear the grey, or maybe the white… I wish I’d thought to order it.

So anyway! That’s it, for what it’s worth — my last outfit post of 2020!

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sweater // jeans // boots – 30% off at Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s // scarf options here, here & here // earrings

I’m off to hit the grocery store early this morning before the crowds… and the rain. We’re supposed to be getting some nasty weather tonight and tomorrow. I won’t even crack the obligatory 2020 joke, but you really can’t make this stuff up.

Whatever! We’re together and happy and healthy (at the moment) and I can’t ask for much else. I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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27 thoughts on “Neutrals in the Snow

  1. Merry Christmas, Jo-Lynne! Thanks for the joy you bring throughout the year. I love your blog and your help with style is much appreciated!

  2. Thank you for all your posts this year!! I have enjoyed them everyday during this unusual year. I wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! I’m over here in NJ, and I think the storm is a way to tell everyone to stay the heck home (not that we want to). Lets finish 2020 already and stay healthy. Enjoy your time off it is well deserved. Oh, I love the outfit. I just bought these jeans a few weeks ago and have been trying to figure out how to wear them and how to not get them dirty while wearing them. Again, enjoy your holiday and time off and lets hope for a better 2021….

  3. Lovely outfit and perfect for January and February! This week it’s only holiday tartans and red for me!!! I also checked the scarf (8:40am) and it does say SOLD OUT. But the price is awesome! I think there will be some great sale prices after Christmas on lots of pieces. Merry Christmas Jo-Lynne to you and your family. Stay healthy and safe and God bless!

  4. Merry Christmas Eve!  We are having the stormy weather today that will be coming your way.  I’m glad it’s hitting us during the daytime cause it would interfere with my sleep.  Good luck!  This is such a pretty outfit in so many ways!  So, you won’t be posting any outfits next week?  I’m glad you are taking tomorrow and the weekend off for quality family time, and I’m glad you are.  We didn’t have all of our ducks in a row when we were in Publix on Monday because we didn’t buy anything special for tonight.  And with this really nasty weather, I have no desire to run to Piggly Wiggly to buy steaks.  I hope the next few days are filled with extra blessings for you and your family!

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family !! I just wanted to thank you for all you do and mostly for keeping it real this year … saying what we are were thinking all along and helping us still feel good about ourselves in the process  …. please enjoy your down time and the season !!! Pray 2021 is good to us ❤️🙏🏻

  6. Merry Christmas JoLynne! 🎄 Thank you for all your posts this year. I so enjoy following you. You have such a great sense of style, and I appreciate your honesty, positive spirit, and professionalism. Your posts are consistantly enjoyable, interesting and fun!

  7. Merry Christmas. Love your blog. Lots of variety, great details about each piece, thoughts on making outfits.  Those are my favorite take aways.  

  8. A great outfit, Jo-Lynne, as I love getting inspiration for winter outfits. I find winter to be the hardest season in terms of fashion. I think you were wise to keep those boots as the white on them ties in so nicely with white jeans. Snow is just starting where I am this morning so we will have a white Christmas. It will be only my husband and me as we have cancelled all Christmas and New Year’s Eve plans. Lockdown in my province starts on Saturday and ends on the 23rd of January. Hopefully this will flatten out the covid numbers and we can help lessen the strain on our health care and frontline workers. I am thankful that we are healthy (still) and that we will be able to attend Mass tomorrow morning. Brian will build a fire and we will enjoy a quiet holiday playing cribbage by the fire and listening to holiday music. Merry Christmas, Jo-Lynne, to you and your loved ones!

  9. I love this outfit! Also, thanks for posting the mark downs on the Nordstrom sweaters. I just ordered two. Merry Christmas!

  10. Merry Christmas JoLynne! So glad you are taking some time off for family, rest & relaxation. Here’s hoping you don’t lose power during this time. See you in a couple of days! 👋

  11. Merry Christmas, Jo-Lynne! I wish you a wonderful holiday. Thank you for all you do all year long. I’ve learned so much from you and my style has certainly evolved because of reading your blogs and belonging to the FB crew.

    I hope and pray that 2021 is much better for all of us, and that the vaccines reach ‘the rest of us’ sooner than anticipated.

    But today, I pray for PEACE. Regardless of what we do or don’t celebrate, or who we voted for, we all need more peace. Peace in our health, peace in our minds, peace in our spirits, and peace in our conversations, even with our thoughts to our selves.

    “Dear God, may peace reign in our hearts, souls, minds, families and conversations. Amen.”

    Here’s to holly and ivy!

  12. Merry Christmas to you and your family.  I’m so happy to have discovered you earlier this year.  I look forward to your email every morning.  It’s been a great every day, considering all the other stuff going on.  It will be a quiet Christmas for the four of us this year, but that’s ok.  We’re thankful to all be healthy, and hopefully stay that way.  Our best friends all had Covid leading up to Thanksgiving and they had all had a really rough go of it.  Thankfully they’re all better, but some lingering minor issues.  On a more fun note, I asked Santa for a new purse…shocking, I know.  My list contained several options, so we’ll see if I was a good girl. Enjoy the wonders of the season.

  13. Jo-Lynne,I love this neutral winter outfit! Thank you for all the work you do on the blog. In this crazy world it’s been nice to know I can keep up with fashion and try to achieve a small amount of normalcy by reading your blog.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  14. Merry Christmas to you and your family! I finally bought the Halogen Cashmere sweater today on sale. I chose the Camel. I have always loved your picture from a few years ago with your black vest, scarf & red shoes. I plan on doing the same. Couldn’t pass it up. You still inspire me!

  15. Merry Christmas! You look lovely. I’ve noticed you kind of got me off the jewel tone train and buying more neutrals. I think they look classy and for some reason just make me feel calm and peaceful. Something I need right now.  I bought a house this summer and am decorating in the same grays, creams, golds and silvers. Hoping it’s a look that will last awhile. 

  16. I love everything about this outfit. It would  be perfect to wear today in South Texas because it’s a beautiful cold sunny day. Well, cold for us is 54. The only thing I wouldn’t buy are the boots because I just wouldn’t get enough wear out of them here but I did treat myself to some Blonde skye waterproof boots from Nordstrom this morning. I’ve been watching them and they went from $150 to $69.90 😃

  17. Love the outfit! Merry Christmas and
    Blessings to you all in the new year! Thank you for providing a much needed outlet during these challenging days! No matter what the day has been  like, I always look forward to reading posts from you and enjoying your family adventures! 

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