Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Teen Picks

I always get a lot of requests for teen picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, since I have teens… and apparently many of you do too! So today I’m sharing what my daughters bought at the #NSale this year, as well as some more of my recommendations for teens for your shopping inspiration!

This is the second year I’ve taken both girls with me to shop the #NSale on opening day, and while it definitely makes things a little more confusing, it’s a lot of fun. My girls have very different styles, and as they get older, that becomes more and more evident.

Meet C

C is 18, and she keeps a minimalist wardrobe. She’s very selective about the pieces she adds to her closet, and she goes for more sophisticated, slightly retro styles.

You will usually find her in a dress, even if she’s walking the dog around the block. When forced to wear jeans, she prefers skinnies, and she usually pairs them with a simple v-neck or turtleneck sweater. She loves ballet flats, boots, and sandals; you will rarely find her in a pair of sneakers.

In keeping with her personal style and shopping habits, C chose a few quality items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

She surprised us all when she fell in love with these Good American Good Straight High Waist Ankle Jeans. It was fun to see her branch out from her usual skinnies. She loves the lighter wash and the slim, straight silhouette.

The sweater she’s wearing here is from Quince, and her Sam Edelman ballet flats are well loved. I can vouch for their extreme comfort, as I’ve had several pairs of my own over the years. They’re not on sale, but we still highly recommend them.

C also picked up this faux leather crossbody when we were shopping on Monday, although it’s not included in the sale either. I love this size for her, and it has those sleek, clean lines that she enjoys so much. For anyone looking for an affordable, neutral crossbody, this one is a solid choice.

Her other #NSale purchases included the Slip silk pillowcase set and a True & Co. True Body Triangle Convertible Strap Bralette. She found the True & Co. bralettes at last year’s #NSale, and she loves them, but they often peek out underneath her sleeveless dresses, so she wanted to try this new style.

Meet R

R is 15 and loves all the trends. She’s very casual, and a little bit sporty, but she’s not one to wear oversized athletic gear all the time. She likes mom jeans, plaids, graphic tees, Converse, and Doc Martens. She accessorizes with delicate layered necklaces and small earrings — studs and hoops are her favorites.

R was with me when we arrived at Nordstrom on Monday (C joined us later) and we started out in the shoe department. I like to start my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopping in the shoe department because that way I have different options to try on with my clothes in the dressing room.

She went right to these white leather Converse platform high top sneakers. )She already has the canvas high tops in black as well as the canvas Shoreline style.) She says these white leather sneakers are super cushiony and comfortable, and she loves the vibe.

When we went upstairs to the women’s department, she got excited for all the graphic tees. There really are a lot to choose from this year! Most are band tees, and of course she hasn’t heard of most of them, but she does like Queen’s music, so she ended up with this Queen Quest boyfriend tee. It runs pretty true to size; she’s in the XS.

Her mom jeans are from American Eagle, as she didn’t have any luck with the jeans at Nordstrom. I think she’s just so used to the fit and feel of the jeans at AE, nothing else seems quite right to her.

She went out to look around on her own while I was trying things on in the dressing room, and she came back with a few pieces from the junior’s department.

This Thread & Supply Frayed Corduroy Shirt Jacket will be perfect for wearing over her t-shirts this fall when she needs a light layer. It’s an XS.

She also came back with this Thread & Supply Shirt Jacket in the Black Tan Plaid. This one is very heavy, which is perfect for wearing in the fall and winter to school because she doesn’t usually wear a coat except for on the most extremely cold days.

She got this jacket in a size Small. I don’t know if she even tried the XS, although it looks like she could probably size down. Here’s the whole look. This is the type of outfit she’ll be living in this fall and winter.

R also found this Billabong Headline Graphic Tee, which appears to be sold out at the moment, and this BP Split Neck Ribbed T-Shirt. And because C loves hers so much, R decided to pick up one of the True & Co. bralettes to try.

I also have a 21-year old son, and while D had no interest in shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with us, I always pick up a few things for him to be fair. He lives in workout clothes, so I got him this pair of Nike fleece joggers and a few of these Dri-Fit running t-shirts. Also, he always needs new socks, and these Nike crew socks are his favorites.

Of course, a lot of things are selling out at this point in the sale, but there will be a lot of returns and restocks over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on your favorites. This sale doesn’t end until August 8, so it’s a marathon not a sprint!

You can also try calling your local store if there’s something you really want — they sometimes have inventory on the floor that isn’t showing up on the computer system. There have been a few times in the past when I’ve seen things sold out online, and then when I go to the store, they have racks of it. It’s always worth a shot to call and see.

Amy and I worked together to come up with these lists of #NSale teen picks, since we both have teenagers we’re shopping for. I hope it’s helpful!

#NSale Teen Picks

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24 thoughts on “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Teen Picks

  1. What a great post! This morning, I received a text through my Nordy app saying an item on my list was available again and as I moved it from my wishlist to my shopping bag, 3 other items showed they were available, so be sure to check your wishlist.

  2. Love this post! My youngest daughter, who will be 18 on the 26th of this month, shares a bit of both Caroline’s and Becca’s styles. What I mean is, she’s all over the place. lol She wears Converse and Vans (high tops and slip ons), band tees, dresses/skirts, florals, prints, stripes, hoodies/sweatshirts, Coca-Cola logo items, just to name a few! Oh, and yesterday she came home from a thrift store with Two pair of Z Cavaricci jeans!! Remember those?!? She says she absolutely loves the style that the cast wore on Saved By the Bell…ah, memories! ha ha Anyway, have a great weekend!

  3. Wow! Your girls are adorable! And SUCH different styles! I love that. Must have something to do with a fashion blogger as a Mom!😀 Can you share what you’ll be cooking? Can use inspiration there always!

  4. Your girls have sure grown up and they are beautiful! What color crossbody is Caroline carrying? The colors on the Nordstrom website look different.

  5. I’m thinking of ordering the P448 sneakers, undecided about the size. I’m usually an 8 in sneakers, on Instagram you mentioned the Theas run small. Please let us know which ones you decide to keep, can’t decide between the traditional leopard print or the more metallic/muted leopard. Love them both!

  6. I love the high top converse. Do you think they are age appropriate for a 53 year old woman? Lol I can’t decide. Hmmm

  7. Thanks for including the kids in your posts. I took my 13 yr old to the sale yesterday. We both enjoyed the converse shoes but in the end my kiddo choose a gorgeous pair of Blonde booties. My kiddos face lit up when they read “waterproof” on the label – I had to laugh and remind them that “waterproof” doesn’t mean they can go sledding in them.

  8. It was fun to meet your daughters in this way!! My 13-year-old granddaughter wears nothing but oversized sportswear, but I’m sure she’ll develop a “real” style soon! Being home for a whole year with virtual school has given her no reason to get dressed! HAHA! Thanks for your great coverage of the NSale! Going to a store last night was so much better than looking at everything on-line. But they didn’t have some of my sizes, and I wanted to come back home and order on-line to give you “credit” for my purchases! Have a relaxing weekend, you deserve it!

  9. I loved this post! Both of your girls are so pretty and see so comfortable in front of the camera. I really like seeing the styles that Caroline and Becca like. You are right, their tastes are very different. At least neither one of them have to worry about their sister borrowing something and not returning it. I see some of your style preferences in both of them. I ordered the Marc Fisher chunky short boots along with a pair of Dolce Vita chunky short boots to see which pair fit the best. I will be returning one pair for sure. And I ordered one sleeveless top that Tania from 50 Is Not Old recommended, and that’s it. I hope y’all have a relaxing day!

  10. Your daughters remind me of my sister, Beka, and me, even though we are 42 and 38! Only Beka would be the one with the style more like Caroline’s! And, mine is more like your Becca’s when I’m not at work.

  11. I love seeing a post with your girls. Becca’s style reminds me so such of my middle daughter M’s style. Both of my teen/tween daughters love AE denim too. They are too old for the girls’ department at Nordy’s but the juniors denim doesn’t quite fit their changing bodies. They are both big fans of the True & Co bralettes too (as am I)!

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