Coffee Talk 07.18.21

Happy Sunday, friends! I didn’t manage to get this post up before church today, but I didn’t want to leave it till next week, so here we are!

It’s been an insane week for many reasons, of course the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale being one of them — but not the only one. There’s a lot to juggle over here, but we’re managing.

Paul is verrrrry slowwwwly getting better from his last episode of diverticulitis, which came right on the heels of the one before that. He’s just now getting his energy back and starting to eat more regularly. He has to be very careful until he can get the surgery, so it doesn’t flare up again.

He spent yesterday getting his smoker set up — it was his Father’s Day gift, of sorts. We’re going to use it for the first time today, and make some chicken thighs for dinner. (I’m making mac and cheese and steamed green beans to go with it.)

D got home from his last week of camp yesterday, and it’s nice to have him around again. It sounds like he had a lot of fun and a four great groups of boys. (Boys’ camp is 4 weeks long, and each week they get a new group of kids.) I hardly saw him yesterday because he has to go to work shortly after he got home, and he went straight from there to the Phillies game last night. I’m sure he’s beat!

C is starting to talk more about college like it’s really going to happen, ha! For a while, I was wondering if she was going to go through with it. She’s been chatting with her roommate, and we’ve started to order some things for their dorm room.

I’m both excited for her, and dreading the transition. I’ve been spoiled, having D back here at home, and I feel like I’m starting all over again with sending a kid off to college. (He’s planning to live at home and commute for the remainder of his college career.)

And R is already starting to practice her marimba for marching band camp next month. They got their music last week, so if you hear the melodic sounds of a pitched percussion instrument in the back of my IG Stories from time to time, that’s what’s going on there.

Band camp starting in August always makes summer feel so short. It’s hard to believe, but I’ve had a kid in the high school marching band for the past eight years!

I realized after putting last week’s  Coffee Talk post up that I never shared pictures from Maine, other than the one of the girls and me for What I Wore Lately.

Here are a few shots from the lake. This was one of our last mornings there. The lake was like glass.

And this was one evening at sunset.

I have others, but they are more of the same. Since Paul wasn’t feeling good on the pretty days, we didn’t really do any water activities, although my mom did take us out in the motorboat one afternoon.

I’m perfectly happy sitting on the “beach” or the dock and looking at the scenery, but the girls missed the activities. Oh, well. There’s always next year, Lord willing!

We’re trying to figure out a way to get down to the beach (Jersey shore) for a few days before band camp starts, but it may be too late to find a place to stay. That is actually on my agenda for the afternoon. If nothing else, we can make it a day trip, but we wouldn’t mind staying over for a night or two.

So yeah, that’s that. It’s kind of gloomy here today, so we’re all just hanging out, reading, watching baseball, etc. I’m using my laptop to write this post so I’m not tethered to my office, but I’m planning to get off the screens and get back to my book. I’m still working on The Gown.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. I didn’t receive your email today. Do I need to sign up again? I am a long time subscriber and have always received them, even during your most recent website transition.

    1. Hey Mary. Sorry about that. I didn’t send an email today, so there nothing wrong. It was late when I published the post so I figured I’d just include it in tomorrow’s email. 😊

  2. If you want to come midweek, I’ve had friends stay at Concord Suites in Avalon and be pleased with it. Good luck finding a place! It’s not summer without the shore.

  3. Beautiful lake pictures, Jo-Lynne. I can see why you like going to Maine as it is gorgeous. I hope that Paul continues to recover. Hopefully a trip to the Jersey shore will make up for a disappointing Maine vacation.

  4. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Maine! We love our trips there too. Hope Paul is feeling better soon.

  5. I’m really sorry about Paul and his health issues. My hubby has the same problem, and it is NO FUN when he has a flare-up. The only upside is I can take some nights off from cooking! Thankfully he’s only had one bout in the last year and a half. So far, he controls it with diet and keeping his stress level in check (i.e., working from home was the best thing he could do!). Take care and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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