Now THIS Is A Ride I Could Get Used To

After I drove the Tahoe to BlogHer, Chevy offered to let me drive a Traverse for a week, since that’s one of the cars on The List.  (The List compiles the cars we are considering to replace our aging minivan whenever it decides to die and go to the happy hunting ground in the sky, which can’t happen soon enough for me.)  I’ve been tooling around town in the Traverse for the past few days, and I’m just warning you… they’re going to have to bodily remove me to take it back next week.

It’s really fun to drive.  It’s quiet and handles nicely, and despite the fact that it’s a big, heavy car, it has no problem accelerating to get on the highway, and the brakes are remarkably responsive, even in the rain.  Inside, the driver’s seat is comfortable, you can adjust the lumbar support, and you sit up nice and high.

My only complaint thus far is that it’s kind of hard to climb in and out of, especially in a skirt.  I was commenting on this fact to my neighbor, who owns a Traverse.  I remarked that it needs one of those steps like the SUVs have as she pointed over to her Traverse and said, “You need the running boards.”

Ah yes, running boards.  That’s what they’re called.  So they ARE an option.  Chevy thought of everything.

Ours is loaded (except, evidently, for running boards.)  It has leather interior, all wheel drive, a backup camera (HALLELUJAH!), a power lift gate (DREAMY) and an entertainment system.

The kids like it too.

They are particularly fascinated with the fact that their windows roll down.  (And ALL the way down, not halfway like in Daddy’s car.)  And, needless to say, they love the entertainment system.  We have never had a DVD player for our car; in fact, I have intentionally avoided it cause I’m mean like that.  But I couldn’t resist letting them try this out since we have it, and they are in heaven.

We’re taking the car to Virginia for the weekend, and they’ve already packed their favorite movies.  I guess I’ll give in and let them fry their brains just this once.  It will probably be the quietest trip we’ve ever taken.  [Update: AND IT WAS!!]

I’m anxious to see how it packs for a road trip.  That’s one of my biggest considerations with a new car, as we do travel quite a bit.  So far, it seems VERY roomy inside.  I’d even venture to say that it has as much room as our Sienna (keeping in mind, we have the older, smaller model.)  If so, the Traverse is definitely moving to the top of The List.  [Update: It definitely has as much room as our minivan. Impressive.]

Stay tuned…  The next post I publish will be from Williamsburg!