Songs I’m Running To Now

That would be IF I were running right now.

Due to the muscle spasm in my back last week, and the razor blades that have been attacking my poor throat for the past five days, and then the asthma attack that kept me up all night last night, I haven’t run in a week.  And I’m getting ready to go out of town for a few days, so needless to say, running has taken a back seat to, well, life.

So perhaps the title of this post should be Songs I’ve Been Running To Lately.

Or, Songs I Was Running To Before Life Kicked My Trash.

At any rate, I need change to keep me interested, and a few weeks ago I started losing my motivation to run.  Then I realized that I just needed new tunes.  I love it when there’s a simple solution!  Life could use more of those, I’m just sayin’.

So here is my latest running playlist, for those of you who may be looking for some inspiration:

Some are on there purely for the beat, so for the words, I apologize.

Some are on there because the words make me want to push myself when I feel like I’m about to die.  (Unwritten is a good one for that.)

And some are on there simply they’re so ridiculous I couldn’t resist.  Battleship Chains, anyone?  It just cracks me up.  Sometimes it’s all I can do not to sing along.  I would, but I wouldn’t want to frighten the cows.

What are some of your favorite songs to run (or exercise) to?

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17 thoughts on “Songs I’m Running To Now

  1. I’ve found that I run to 150bpm for optimum performance. 🙂 Here are some of the songs on my current list:
    Go Tell the World by Joy Zipper
    Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with That by Robert Randoph & The Family Band
    O…Saya from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack
    Try It Again by The Hives
    Going On by Gnarles Barkley

  2. Thanks for the playlist, I will have to use some of those when I put a new playlist of songs on my ipod. I started running 7 weeks ago, doing the couch to 5K plan, and ran my first 5K this past Saturday. I have never been a runner, so running 3 miles was a great accomplishment for me!!! I started running with music, but as the weeks went on I got more bored with the music. I am not a huge music fan, I like to listen to music but music does not entertain me–my mind wonders. So I decided to give an audio book a try. I downloaded Eat, Pray, Love and it has been working great!! My mind stays focused on the book and not on how far I have run or the pains I might be experiencing that day.

    1. I’ve considered trying the book on tape. I don’t know; I think I need the beat to motivate me, but I can see how, on a longer run, the book might occupy my mind and help time go by faster.

  3. Wow–that’s variety (Darlington County is one of my favorite songs, and CCR one of my favorite bands). I’ve never been able to listen to music when I run because it throws off my gait and my breathing and makes me feel all discombobulated. I do listen to music when I’m stretching (an odd combination these days of Duffy–Warwick Avenue, Tom Petty–Don’t do me like that, Amy Winehouse–I’m no good, Rolling Stones–Let it Bleed CD, Black Eyed Peas–Let’s Get It Started, and Pink Floyd–Learning to Fly) or riding the stationary bike (mostly music with a loud and pounding beat for the adrenaline–Guns n Roses–Sweet Child of Mine, and Aerosmith–Back in the Saddle). Curious to hear others’ selections…

    1. LOL, yeah, I do have an eclectic taste in music, don’t I? LOL. I’ll check out some of those. I like those artists.

  4. I have never been one to run with music. I guess I just like to soak up the sounds of nature (helps always living in super rural places).
    I do love your playlist, though!

    1. I’ve tried that. I live in a rural area too. But still, I can’t seem to get the energy from it that I do from music.

  5. iTunes just called. They wanted me to thank you from them. Because I just dropped a bunch of change with them.

    Great list. Now if only it could get me running, too.

  6. Enjoyed the post and great comments. I definitely think that finding the “right” songs can help on a run or a workout. My wife is a marathon runner and so I try to find songs for her that have a faster bpm so she doesn’t subconsciously slow down to the beat of a song. I only use songs that are inspirational, about running, or just fun w/ a great beat (no “Loser”, “10th Avenue Freeze Out”, or “Blister in the Sun”). In the spirit of “you can never have too much music” and as you mentioned, sometimes you just need a change…please check it out at:

    Here are a few favorites(w/ BPM):
    Pump it up – Elvis Costello (140)
    This Year – The Mountain Goats(140)
    Keep Your Head – The Ting Tings (156)
    Clampdown – The Clash (146)
    Age of Consent – New Order (165)
    Marathon and not a Sprint – Camera Obscura (169)
    Ballroom Blitz – Sweet (194)
    Lasso – Phoenix (152)
    You Got Yr Cherry Bomb – Spoon (146)
    Getting Down – The Kills (150)
    Niagara Falls – Harlem Shakes (159)
    Higher Ground – Red Hot Chili Peppers (140)
    Ali in the Jungle – The Hours (142)

  7. I’ve been running off and on. I really like Zumba though, and that takes away from my running time.

    I like This Life and Move by Mercy Me. How He Loves by David Crowder Band is not an upbeat song in the traditional sense, but it makes me push myself anyway. We just saw Tenth Avenue North in concert this past weekend and I’m going to get their latest album, Light Meets the Dark, because they had several songs I think will help me stay motivated.

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