#NSale Teen Picks

Yes, this is my 2nd post of the morning, but I’ve teased this post long enough. With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opening to Insiders this morning at 9:30 AM EST, I want to share my teen picks!

I’ve had a lot of requests for what my teenage daughters liked from the #NSale. They are finally both at an age where they enjoy clothes shopping, and this is the first year they actually went to the store to shop this sale with me, so it was a lot of fun.

My girls know what they like, and they both prefer quality over quantity, but they have two very different styles. Here’s a little bit about them, to give you some perspective as you review their picks.

Becca is 14 and dresses in very casual/athletic looks. She’s usually wearing jeans or leggings with a casual tee or a Philly sports team sweatshirt.

Caroline is 17, and she goes for more sophisticated, slightly retro styles. You will usually find her in a dress, even if she’s walking the dog around the block.

I also have a 20-year old son, and while David had no interest in shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with us, I did pick up a few things for him.

David lives in workout clothes, so I picked him up some new shirts and pants since much of his wardrobe took a beating at summer camp.

NOTE: The pictures I shared above are old; the clothes my kids are wearing are NOT in the #NSale this year… sorry! I just had to go with what I had.

One more thing before we dive in: I had to get this post prepped and scheduled last night because I’m meeting Alison early this morning to shoot a few looks for upcoming posts. As a result, I haven’t been able to double-check inventory on each of these items, so I apologize if I share some things that are sold out.

I’m hoping that Nordstrom is holding back some inventory to release when the sale opens to the public on the 19th, so if you wanted something that is sold out, keep an eye on it.

You can also try calling your local store if there’s something you really want — they sometimes have inventory on the floor that isn’t showing up on the computer system. There have been a few times in the past when I’ve seen things sold out online, and then when I go to the store, they have racks of it. So it’s worth a shot to call and see.

#NSale Teen Picks

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