Phillies Phans

Almost 14 years ago, I married a Philly boy and all of the baggage that entails.  I can now say that I love the Liberty Bell, cheesesteaks with friend fried onions, soft pretzels with mustard, Tastycakes, and the Phillies.  Along with being a Phillies fan comes enormous heartache.  You see, the Phillies are the losingest franchise in professional baseball or some such nonsense my husband loves to quote.  So last fall, when the Phillies won the World Series, you have never seen the likes of the celebrating.

Well today the Phillies had their ring ceremony, and we were there to witness history.  We dropped our 3-year-old off with my inlaws on the way and drove into the city and arrived at Citizens Bank Park almost two hours before the game so we could be there for the ceremony.  It really was special.




My son could watch baseball all day and not tire of it.  My daughter, however, is six.  And by the time the game actually started, we had been sitting in the stands for almost 2 hours.  You can imagine, I’m sure, how her attention span was maxed out by that point.  I managed to keep her in her seat for the first three innings by filling her full of hot dogs and cotton candy and allowing her to play a game on my Blackberry.


By the fourth inning, the Phils were down 7 to 3, and my daughter was at the end of her rope.  Besides that, it was COOOOOLD.  And I was pretty sure we were on our way to our third loss of the season, so I agreed to take her out to the playground.

By the end of the fifth inning, the Phils were losing 9 to 3 and my husband and son decided they’d had enough and found us in the play area.  We aren’t usually ones to leave before the game is over, but all things considered, this was the time to make an exception.  Or so we thought.

We took our time driving back to my inlaws’.  We even made a pitstop for burgers at one of my husband’s favorite teenage haunts.  When we arrived at my inlaws’ house, the game was on, and guess what?  The Phils had somehow, miraculously it seemed, taken the lead in the seventh inning by scoring 8 runs.  EIGHT RUNS in one inning.  The score was 11-10.  We watched the rest of the game on TV and we won 12-11.  I can’t BELIEVE we missed it.