Notebook Experiment: Peeps Cupcakes

notebookexperiment I’ve been wanting to take part in Amy’s Notebook Experiments, but I haven’t gotten myself organized enough to try anything yet.  At least, not until now!  I decided to try these Peeps Cupcakes from her 4-1-09 Notebook entry, and they were a hit!

I used my own cupcake recipe.  Ahem.  Then I allowed the kids to each have a cupcake to frost and sprinkle.



Then they each chose a peep and got a toothpick to stick it in the top!  Voila!  Peeps cupcakes!


And I’m a “fun mom” for once. 🙂


The emphasis here is on FUN because today is another edition of You Capture over at You Should Be Folding Laundry, and the assignment is FUN!  Speaking of fun, here are a few FUN photos of my girls using their new Crayola Window Crayons.  (Hurry! The contest ends today!)


The final product:


Now let’s just hope that all wipes off!