Notebook Experiment: Peeps Cupcakes

notebookexperiment I’ve been wanting to take part in Amy’s Notebook Experiments, but I haven’t gotten myself organized enough to try anything yet.  At least, not until now!  I decided to try these Peeps Cupcakes from her 4-1-09 Notebook entry, and they were a hit!

I used my own cupcake recipe.  Ahem.  Then I allowed the kids to each have a cupcake to frost and sprinkle.



Then they each chose a peep and got a toothpick to stick it in the top!  Voila!  Peeps cupcakes!


And I’m a “fun mom” for once. 🙂


The emphasis here is on FUN because today is another edition of You Capture over at You Should Be Folding Laundry, and the assignment is FUN!  Speaking of fun, here are a few FUN photos of my girls using their new Crayola Window Crayons.  (Hurry! The contest ends today!)


The final product:


Now let’s just hope that all wipes off!

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  1. I love Peeps and everyone else in my family can’t stand them. I am also going to have to try those window crayons, to cool!

  2. We don’t care for the peeps either, lol, but they make cute cupcakes. Most of us just threw them away and ate the cupcakes. 😉

  3. Oh, those look so yummy! I am definitely going to have to make those. I bet we have the same cake recipe too 🙂 Ha! Your pictures are darling. Thank you so much for participating today!!!

  4. What fun! I’ve always thought you were fun.
    Peeps taste better if they are left out for awhile to get a little stale or if they are put in the freezer.(Can you tell I love a good peep?) Its also loads of fun to put one in the microwave….heehee
    We’re dipping peeps in chocolate tomorrow! I saw them at a local candy store and Ethan said,”Can we do that?”. Who am I to say no to peeps and chocolate? I am wondering how long I’ll have to be on the treadmill to work that off.

  5. Cool pics! My heart skipped a beat when I scanned the post and saw your sliding glass doors, but then I realized that it was a “supervised” activity. Phew!

  6. I am not a fan of the peeps either.. BUT they are adorable on a cupcake!!!!

    And I would have heart failure with the marker on the window..haha

  7. Dang. Those are some cute kids! I must say that I am a big fan of peeps. And cadbury creme eggs. My favorite sugar fixes of the Easter season.

  8. I’m jealous that you can spell “voila” correctly on the first try.

    These look cute but for some strange reason EVERYONE in my family dislikes peeps of all shapes and colors. Every year we get them, they petrify and are thrown into the trash a week later with a big clunk.

  9. The window crayons would make me crazy! Dirty windows make me nuts (more than normal) – it is the OCD kicking in :}

    The cupcakes sound yummy but after working all week, I’m over all sugar products!

  10. I LOVE those markers but they do not clean up THAT easy. We use them on the bathroom mirror…keeps Hailey still when I need to dry her frizzy mop!!!!

  11. Love the cupcakes!
    Last year we made bunny cupcakes with marshmallow ears, but my DS just saw these & wants to make them!

  12. Oh, the cupcakes look so cute!! Maybe I’m a little inspired for this Easter weekend.

    OMG your windows…

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