Pink & Grey for Spring

Hello and happy Monday! It’s a rainy one here, which always puts me in the mood to hunker down and bang out a bunch of work. I’m grateful that I don’t have anywhere to go today so I can get ahead on my blog posts for the week and maybe catch up on some bookkeeping. (Just in case you thought blogging was all glitz and glamour, haha!)

Today I’m sharing my last spring outfit because Cyndi and I start 25 Days of Summer Fashion this Thursday. We decided to go ahead and get a head-start on this summer series. Last year we started on June 1st and ran it for the entire month of June, but this year we’re going to start on May 25th and run it until June 28th. We will post a new summer outfit every weekday and keep our weekends open for other content. If you don’t want to miss a post, be sure you’re signed up to receive my emails. I have a daily and a weekly option.

I styled today’s spring outfit around this tiered bell sleeve tee.

This top comes in a gorgeous array of spring colors. (I’m wearing the pink smoke in a size small.) It’s super soft and verrry comfortable, but it does run large. I’ve already washed and dried it and it’s still plenty roomy. I love the detail on the sleeves and that it has a straight hemline. It is rather long, so I did a front-tuck to give it some shape and to balance out my proportions.

This shade of pink looks great with just about anything — blue jeans or white jeans are obvious contenders, but in an effort to offer some variety here on the blog, I paired it with my grey jeans.

You can probably tell by the look on my face that I wasn’t loving this outfit. There’s something about these jeans that just isn’t working for me. I’ve tried them in a few different outfits, and I never like how they look when I get my pictures back. I don’t get it because this Paige Verdugo style in the ankle-length version has been good to me over the years, but these grey ones miss the mark somehow.

I thought it was because they were too long, but I had them hemmed up about an inch and they’re still kind of baggy in the calf and ankle areas. I share all this not to complain, but in an attempt to keep it real. People often tell me that I make it look so easy, but it really isn’t. I’ve learned a lot over the years, but I still make mistakes sometimes. I’m not saying these jeans are horrible, but for the price, I should love them and I don’t.

If you’re looking for grey jeans, AG has 25% off right now with code FF25, and they have their AG legging ankle jeans in a nice mid-grey wash. NYDJ also has a cute pair with the trendy released hem, and LOFT has a pair in their modern skinny crop style that is currently 40% off (no code needed.)

I also struggled with what shoes to wear with this outfit. Maybe I should have worn my blush espadrilles or those perforated peep toe booties, but I ended up wearing my lace-up ballet flats in this “latte” color which is sort of a lighter shade of grey. I do love these shoes, but I’m not sure they do much for this outfit. Pewter ballet flats might look better. My lace-up flats are sold out, by the way. They’re a few years old. (I didn’t realize this when I styled the outfit… I try not to do that to you!)

Any-Who. In summary, I am not loving this outfit, but I have a strict policy that I do not waste a photo shoot. I have three kids with hectic schedules and a husband/photographer with a full-time job, so when we get a chance to shoot an outfit, I use the pictures, period. And I do like to share some of my misses along with the hits because no one gets it right 100% of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this outfit is horrible; I just don’t love it.

The tiered bell sleeve tee is super cute, though, if you’re in the market for another cute spring/summer top, and I also really like this triple charm initial pendant necklace. I picked it up recently to replace one I wear a lot that I couldn’t link to anymore. It’s casual but it adds a nice element of interest to a plain top, and it comes in gold and silver. I carried my ivory saddle bag, which is also old, but it is available on Tradesy if you’re interested.

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tiered bell sleeve tee // Paige Verdugo ultra skinny jeans (other options here, here and here) // lace-up flats options here and here // triple charm initial pendant // triple hoop earrings // Tory Burch Serif-T saddle bag

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40 Responses

  1. I just wore pink & grey this weekend—but partly because it snowed!! I rarely think to wear it when it’s warm out—but that top is so springy!!
    I actually think the jeans look great Jo-Lynne. I would never look at them and think they didn’t fit you well.
    Happy Rainy day!!

      1. Hey Kathy—I live in Denver, Colorado. But luckily the snow is usually melted the next day in the spring!!
        We’ve been known to have snow in June too!!
        It’s all good!!

  2. My personal opinion is that you are missing some “edginess” in your outfit which makes you feel off. You absolutely glow in other colors/ensembles. Thanks so much for keeping it real and posting pix, even when you don’t love them. I learn so much from you!

  3. Jo-Lynne, I love the top! I have to agree with you, that the jeans don’t seem to fit you as well as others. I really appreciate you sharing outfits that you don’t love no explaining why because that helps us. So, thank you! Saturday we had 3 1/2″ of rain in less than 3 hrs. It’s sunny now, but we have rain and storms moving in.

    Keep smiling!

  4. Jo-Lynne, I love the top! I have to agree with you, that the jeans don’t seem to fit you as well as others. Seeing your misses, helps us! So, thank you! Saturday we had 3 1/2″ of rain in less than 3 hrs. It’s sunny now, but we have rain and storms moving in.

    Keep smiling!

  5. Good Morning! I’ve tried several tops in this style. Being short-waisted with largish “girls”, I find this style makes me look even thicker through the mid section. Any suggestions? I love the look, but maybe it’s just not meant for this bod???? And, I also think the jeans look great. Enjoy your day!

    1. Hey Michelle, I do think the sleeves can add volume where we don’t want it. Personally, I like them better when the sleeves are longer, like this one. When the ruffles are right beside “the girls” they don’t work for me. Maybe try a few different sleeve lengths until you find the ones that work for you? Or maybe this is a trend you want to sit out. I know some ladies just feel like it isn’t for them, but I think most of us can pull it off if we make sure the ruffle aren’t drawing attention to the wrong area. 🙂

  6. I believe adding your blush espardrilles would look great! Try it again, it really is cute!! Enjoy your day!!

  7. Did you lighten your hair color or is it just the lighting? Either way, it looks really pretty! I agree that the grey jeans don’t fit you as well as others you’ve styled but I do like the pink and grey together! Thanks for showing us that not all outfits are a hit!

  8. I love wearing pink and grey together! I like the fit of the jeans, but I would try to roll/cuff them to show off the ankles. And I think a heel or wedge would work better with the jeans uncuffed. I have a pair of light grey jeans from Anthropologie that were about 3 inches too long, so I cut them off above the ankle for that raw hem look. Will love wearing them all spring/summer!! Thank you for all your cool ideas, can’t wait to see what you and Cyndi have for us this summer!!

    1. I agree with the cuffing to show some ankle plus a heel to elongate the leg! And frankly, I think a larger/more substantial necklace would have been better to draw the eye downward or else a V-neck. Ruffled sleeves and larger girls (me too!!) and crew neck oh my! But I LOVE that you featured this one anyway. It keeps it “real” and makes us not feel so bad because even an amazing blogger like you can have some slightly less awesome days! I still love ya lady–you rock.

  9. Looking at the problem with the jeans, I think it’s the faded finish, and possibly the texture of the denim, more so than the length/leg shape. I kind of think some of the gray jeans with a faded wash can be harder to dress up than most of the blue ones with a faded wash–I don’t know why. But I’ve had the same problem. But, all that said, if I just saw you walking around somewhere and you hadn’t mentioned it, it’s such a subtle thing I don’t think I’d notice at all. You look great, and I’m loving the blush pink with the gray. Looking forward to the summer series on Thursday!

  10. I noticed the top comes in a petite, I’m wondering if that might work better than doing the front tuck? Which I have a hard time pulling off unless I am wearing a sweater as I hate the way it looks from the side! Like you said it really only looks best straight on. But I like the price point of this one as opposed to the other black one you have styled a few times! Might give this a try! Thanks!

    1. I can never make a petite work. I am just about an inch too tall for them, and they never fit right in the arms or chest, but it’s a good option to try if you’re any shorter than I am. I agree, as you know, about the front tuck issue. Sometimes it works better than others. I really like the way it works with that other black top – I think b/c it has side slits.

  11. I love the honesty! I feel this way more than I’d like, starting adore your wardrobe Wednesday and hoping that will teach me how to get it right for me. She mentioned following a celebrity whose style we love and you’re IT for me!

  12. Thank you for “keeping it real” with your “kinda” miss with this outfit. I have been beating myself up over a couple of misses in my own closet. Luckily they were not expensive purchases and I’ve been motivated by a lady in the Facebook group (who modifies lots of her clothes) to try to adjust these tops myself.

    Btw, my husband doesn’t get it and asks me why I bought it if I do not like it. Well, I only had it on for a few minutes in the dressing room. I guess I need to only purchase the items I totally LOVE in the store. (I think that men have it easier as their sizing doesn’t vary as much and not as many styles to choose from!)

    1. I don’t even have that excuse, lol. These came from Trunk Club, and I had them at home so I should have worn them for a while before deciding. I think I knew they were too long and hoped that hemming would help. Although in these pictures, the crotch area looks off too… I just dunno. I think I knew I didn’t LOVE them but I felt bad sending back everything in my trunk and I had specifically asked for grey jeans. Which is stoooopid. LOL! Live and learn.

  13. Wondering/hoping if you or Cyndi will be able to style a kimono for the summer series? Seeing them a lot this summer and would love to see how you would style?

  14. I’m glad to see this top on someone that is more my size. It looks really cute and I think I will give it a try!

  15. Jo Lynne, you always look so pretty! If I saw you out running errands etc I would think you looked pulled together and cute! Comfort comes into play for the wearer as do expectations. Maybe tweak some more or different shoes if they still do not work consignment at Thred Up or donation is always a good thing! Thank you again for all your hard work. Thinking I will order this top! Julie L

  16. Well, I’d never think this was a miss! Thanks for sharing your not so perfect outfits, too. I guess the lesson is, even if it is hand picked for you, if you don’t love it, just hold out a bit longer for something you DO love! Have a blessed day!

  17. Hey Jolynne…I have a pair of grey skinnies from Loft that bunch a little at the knees. They are the right length so I keep on wearing. My question is why would they bunch at the knees? This probably is not a good question but I was just wondering. I love pink and grey together. Have a Great Day!

  18. Jo-Lynne, I absolutely love this post and your honesty! Sometimes you put an outfit on and think “eehhh” but just go with it. We all do it and I totally get not wasting a photo shoot. It’s comforting to know that you don’t always love everything you put on. I think that’s one of the pitfalls in reading blogs. You see all the good stuff and forget there are misses too. Honestly that’s kind of how I feel about all the ruffle sleeve tops. I just love them on everyone else, but when I put them on they don’t really do it for me. Denim dresses are the same. Not every item works on every woman. Thanks for telling it like it is!!! Happy Monday! (you still look cute????)

  19. I agree with the grey jeans thing. I have 2 pair ( one darker and one lighter.) I prefer the lighter wash version but in general I don’t reach for them like I do my other jeans. I think I wear them more ( which is still not a lot!) in colder months but just don’t love them on me. I do love the combo of the pink and grey though!

    1. Thanks for sharing that because I liked it but thought it was a bit pricey ~ so this helps!! ????

  20. Love your analysis of your photo shoot- this process helps me figure out the “why” or “why not” something works. Okay, my goofy contribution for today- I have found that I like gray the best in wool coats and in leather goods (purses, shoes, wallets, etc). In other items, I find that gray tends to look too much like faded black.
    Love your work and style!

  21. I think its the color of the jeans, not so much the fit. I never really have liked the washed out grey jeans. I think for some reason they look outdated and I don’t really know why. I really think if the very same jean in a different color was on you, they’d look great. 🙂 I even think you could have taken another size down in the shirt. I love the shirt but if it was more fitted would balance better with the jeans. Love how you are so real in telling us your likes and dislikes. You always look great though. 🙂 Thanks.

    1. Very good point – both on the color of the jeans and the shirt. I would never have imagined trying an XS – I am just not an XS sorta gal, lol. But this brand does seem to run very large.

  22. PS Also I think different shoes and I would roll the jeans to crop or cut off. I just think grey is not a good color for jeans. I think of washed out black ones, which I don’t like at all. Just wear them casual with tennishoes….like your chucks and cute fitted t-shirt. 🙂

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