Things I’ve Worn That Are On Sale

Hello and happy Wednesday! It’s a beautiful sunshiny morning here in Philly, and I just sat outside on my front porch for a few minutes with my 2nd cup of coffee, enjoying the moment. I’ve been struggling with vertigo this week so I can’t drive anywhere and I’ve been feeling kind of cooped up. It’s so nice to see the sun and sit outside.

With summer getting closer and Memorial Day weekend on the horizon, the retailers are clearing out their spring inventory to make room for summer styles, and you know what that means… sale time! Many of popular styles I’ve worn this spring are suddenly on sale, so I put together a roundup for you.

I also wanted to let you know that Lands’ End has 50% off their swim department for the whole family — that is as good as it gets, folks! I just ordered this suit for myself along with a couple options for the bottoms, and I ordered a few suits for the kids as well as some beach towels. They have the BEST beach towels, and they are also 50% off! Crazytown. Nordstrom also launched their Half Yearly Sale today, and I’m working on a dedicated post for that.

There are tons of good buys here, most are 30-40% off. So let’s get started!

Things I’ve Worn That Are On Sale

This stripe knit bell sleeve top is super cute for day or night, and it’s marked down to $29! You may want to size down for a more fitted look, but I have this top in the medium.

I’ve been wearing this cold shoulder tee to death, and it just went 40% off, bringing it down to $23. It’s a great piece to dress up or down, and it comes in 4 colors. I’m wearing a small, for reference.

The ever popular Felicia Flats have been marked down to $69 in select colors, including this versatile bare nude. These shoes seriously feel like slippers. I almost always wear them for travel. FYI, Sam Edelman has a 30% off site wide sale going on for MDW. I prefer to buy from Nordstrom when I can because I like to get my rewards points, and they make returns so easy, but if you want a color that isn’t available at Nordstrom, head on over to samedelman.com. The code is SAMSUMMER30.

The perforated styles have also been reduced.

I haven’t even had a chance to style this linen blend off the shoulder tee for the blog yet, and it is already marked 40% off. Yikes!!! I was hoping to include that in my summer series so I hope it doesn’t sell out too quickly. It’s a great buy at $27, and I like that you can wear it both on and off the shoulder. For size reference, I have the small.

My muscle tank top with sequin palm trees is still available in all sizes and on sale for $29, plus it’s an extra 30% off with the code SALESTYLE, bringing it down to a mere $21.

My strap neck stripe tank that I wore last weekend is marked down to $19, and the pink is gone, but they have it in grey. I have it in a medium, for size reference. This is such an easy top to throw on with shorts and sandals for a casual Saturday vibe.

My favorite pumps, the Sam Edelman Hazel, are marked down in select colors at Zappo’s and Nordstrom. I just ordered the Gulf Blue suede, and I’m trying to deny the urge to order the Sugar Pink as well. #mustresist

DL1961 is running a great MDW sale — 30% off with free ground shipping. Use code MDW30. My Emma legging jeans are old, but the style is still very much on trend, and they have a ton of great washes and colors to choose from (including white!) I often cuff these for a cropped look in the summer months, so they can easily be worn all year round.

This cold shoulder stripe top with the split back detail has also been marked down. I have a medium in this one.

These adorable orange and pink Tory Burch sandals are on sale at Shopbop and available in very limited sizes. This white and gold pair is gorgeous too.

And the sizes are really depleted on this R Minkoff pair as well, but I wanted to mention it because they are such cute shoes and extremely comfortable too. The blush color is most similar to the taupe that I have.

LOFT extended their flash sale since their website went down in the middle of it. It says it ended at 3AM today but right now the discounts are still available. I wore this sunflower lace shell to my daughter’s dance recital last weekend. Size down in this. Even the small is a little bit large on me.

And these frayed hem crop jeans are fabulous for the price point.

Other Notable Mentions

Since I’m on a roll, here are a few other items on sale that you might be interested in. I don’t have these, but they are brands I trust and styles I think are cute.

These Kut from the Kloth frayed hem crop skinnies are super cute, but sizes are going fast. I recommend sizing down in this brand.

This tassel leather hobo is so super cute and such a gorgeous quality bag, plus this almond color goes with absolutely everything. It’s on sale for $146, marked down from $296. If I didn’t already have a classic cognac leather hobo, I’d snap this up in a heartbeat.

Speaking of handbags, Tory Burch has a sale on some of her popular styles. (Shipping and return shipping are both free at ToryBurch.com!) Shop them all HERE. I love that perforated logo tote in the orange, but it is sold out. The sand dune is a gorgeous neutral, though, and it is available at the moment.

And the Block T Tote in French grey is another great neutral tote. This one matches my TB Minnie travel flats, and I am so tempted… It also comes in a gorgeous red called Samba.

This ivory convertible clutch is super cute too.

Finally, I’m really jonesing for these gold gladiator sandals. I love metallic sandals for summer. They might just end up in my shopping cart before all is said and done!

That’s all I’ve got for now, although I’m expecting more things to go on sale over the weekend. I’ll be posting a full roundup on Saturday, so stay tuned for that!

And tomorrow I’m super excited to kick off 25 Days of Summer Fashion, a style collab with Cyndi Spivey. We will each be styling 25 new summer outfits over the next five weeks, so be sure you’re signed up to get my updates in your email inbox! If you have any specific requests, trends you’d like to see, or events you need outfit ideas for, feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email.

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29 thoughts on “Things I’ve Worn That Are On Sale

  1. Eeek, so many great sales! Now what to choose?! I’ve been trying to refrain from much buying, but I did *finally* snatch up some felicia flats from se yesterday. It has only taken me 2 years to pull the trigger, lol. Ive never seen any of the classic colors on sale, so I knew Id regret it if I didn’t. I ordered from se because shoprunner and ebates lure me every time, lol.

    And I was literally just looking at that linen ots top in that same blue, wondering what the fit and quality were like. Reviews from Nordstrom don’t always show up for me -even if there are hundreds. Does it need anything underneath?

    Thanks for the round up! Looking forward to the summer series tomorrow!

    1. That linen OTS top does not need anything under — at least not in the blue. It’s a great piece! Definitely size down, tho. I have the small and I washed it (hung to dry) and it still is plenty big.

      1. I’ve had this top on my watch list. Thanks for the update on wash-ability. That’s a great sale price, too..
        I’m drawn to the peachy-pink color; I think that will work best with my coloring. Time to order!

  2. I just ordered the striped tank in gray. Great deal!!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I think it’ll look cute with some distressed white shorts, or my regular denim ones work too!

  3. Hi! I love your blog! I’ve been faithfully following you for almost a year and never have commented, until now. Just want to give a PSA and let everyone know that the Hazel heels are not eligible for the Sam Edelman 30% discount. For some reason, they’re excluded from the sale. Total bummer, because I really want the white and I don’t see them anywhere else.

    1. OH NO! Are you serious??? I tested it and thought they were. I just went and checked, and you are right. Well, that stinks. I will update my post. Thanks for the intel!

  4. I picked up the hot pink SE flats when I saw your FB post that they were on sale (thank you!). I knew it was meant to be when my size was left and I went to check out and there was a Nordstrom note available. I may have squealed! ;). Seriously, I own two other pairs of those flats. They are so comfy!!!

  5. Just want to say how much I enjoy your posts. I know what it feels to have vertigo and hope you feel better soon. It is not a fun feeling. God bless you and keep you well.

      1. That is so good to hear it isn’t a serious problem for you. I am going through treatment currently for loose crystals in my ear ( bppv) which causes my dizziness at times. Your posts give me something fun to look forward to.

        1. Ugh, I’ve heard of that!!!! Miserable. At least know this will end. The worst part is not being able to drive. I’m just happy mine isn’t so bad that I can’t work. At least working helps keep my mind off it.

        2. Ugh, I’ve heard of that. It sounds miserable. At least I know this will end. The worst part is not being able to drive. I’m just happy it isn’t so bad that I can’t work. (I’ve had it be totally debilitating before.) At least working helps keep my mind off it. 🙂 Good luck in your treatment. I hope it improves soon.

          1. Thank you for your kind words. I am having a stubborn case of bppv this time, but hopefully it will end soon. I see Physical Therapist again tomorrow’s. And yes vertigo can be debilitating as you have unfortunately experienced before. Thank the Lord that you can work with it this time. Praying for relief for you too.

  6. So sorry to hear of your vertigo, Isuffer from Meineres Disease which is an inner ear issue. 4 years ago when I had my first episode I was diagnosed. I have lost total hearing in one ear and wear a hearing aid in my good ear and a transmitter in the other one but still have a lot of trouble in a crowd. My heart goes out to you. My episodes happen with change in weather and barometric pressure. This has forced me to retire at an early age of 60 but I am enjoying taking better care of myself , I always figure things could be a lot worse for me. Just have to listen to my body and take the time to rest. God is so good to me! Love seeing your blog every day!

  7. While I cannot buy one thing, it is still great to see what sales are going on. Always good to be in the know, even if the wallet has to remain closed. Maybe Home Depot will have good sales going next week since we have a few purchases we have to make there. I hope the vertigo clears up real soon! Larry hasn’t been able to drive since last October, but he seems to enjoy having me chauffeur him around.

  8. Regarding your vertigo, I saw a video maneuver online for vertigo. You may want to look it up. You place your head like you are going to do a somersault. A doctor came up with it. It couldn’t hurt to try it.

        1. If your vertigo is caused by loose crystals it is best to see a doctor or physical therapist who uses goggles to watch your eyes while they put you in positions that trigger your vertigo. Movement in your eyes can determine which ear it is and which canal of the ear so that the appropriate maneuver can be done to reposition the crystals. Some doctors don’t use the goggles, but the goggles are sometimes needed to detect smaller crystals which produce smaller eye movements. Hope you feel better soon.

        2. The epley maneuver is used for loose crystals causing dizziness . If your vertigo is caused by loose crystals it is best to see a doctor or physical therapist who uses goggles to watch your eyes while they put you in positions that trigger your vertigo. Movement in your eyes can determine which ear it is and which canal of the ear so that the appropriate maneuver can be done to reposition the crystals. Some doctors don’t use the goggles, but the goggles are sometimes needed to detect smaller crystals which produce smaller eye movements. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. A special thanks for putting together such a helpful blog as you’ve been trying to manage your vertigo. Hope those crystals in your ear get back to where they belong.

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