Pink Jeans Outfit with Grey Cardigan

I’ve got another spring look to share with you today. This time I’m styling a pink jeans outfit. Yes, more pink. I can’t seem to get enough of it this spring. If wearing pink is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

Pink Jeans Outfit with Grey Cardigan

If you’ve been reading here long, you know that I love my premium denim. I have pretty high standards for jeans, and I’m not easily impressed. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Old Navy Rockstar jeans, so when I saw these mid-rise pop color rockstar skinnies, I decided to give them a try.

I was pleasantly surprised by the flattering fit and comfortable feel. I actually wore this outfit out to lunch with a friend after this photo shoot, and while they did stretch out more than I like after a few hours of wear, overall I feel like they’re a really good value for the price.

Pink Jeans Outfit with Grey Cardigan

My exact pair and color is sold out, but here are the pink jeans they have available. Here are all of their rockstar jeans. They have high, mid, and low-rise options. Mine are the mid-rise. You can also peruse the pink jeans options at Nordstrom. I’m loving all the pale pink and blush colored jeans this season.

I paired my pink jeans with a white tee and marled grey cardigan. My exact cardigan is sold out, but this one is similar. I love the combination of pink and grey, and the white keeps it springy.

Pink Jeans Outfit with Grey Cardigan

FYI, my friend Carly who created ThirtySomethingTees has provided a discount code — Jolynne10 — to give you 10% off your order from ThirtySomethingTees. I really do love this t-shirt. It’s my go-to these days. I also love that it’s made right here in PA and a portion of the proceeds give back to a local children’s hospital.

For size reference, I have the medium in both the tee and the cardigan. My jeans are a 6, which is equivalent to the 28 in premium denim brands so they run TTS or maybe a bit big.

Pink Jeans Outfit with Grey Cardigan

I kept the outfit simple with a grey bag and grey flats.

Pink Jeans Outfit with Grey Cardigan

My trusty aviators and this layered necklace complete the look. I have to admit it does bother me that my sunglasses have gold frames and I’m wearing all silver jewelry. I wish I’d brought my plastic frames with me because they don’t have any visible metal hardware. I’m sure I’m overthinking it, though!

Pink Jeans Outfit with Grey Cardigan

This is an easy outfit formula that can be recreated in many different ways. I always like skinny jeans with flats, but wedge sandals or pumps would certainly work, or even white or grey Converse for a sportier vibe. If you’re not a skinny jean fan, you can certainly recreate this outfit with straight or bootcut jeans in your favorite color du jour.

Pink Jeans Outfit with Grey Cardigan

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grey cardi // mid-rise rockstar skinnies (or try the pink denim options at Nordstrom) // perfect white tee (10% off with Jolynne10) // Tory Burch travel flats // Stella & Dot layered necklace // grey crossbody options here, here and here // triad hoops

photo credit: Dottie Foley

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64 thoughts on “Pink Jeans Outfit with Grey Cardigan

  1. I was also shocked and saddened to see the news of Suzanne’s passing this morning, My favorite Suzanne post was when she told the story of visiting a nursing home where she ran into an old co-worker. The lady asked Suzanne if she had changed and Suzanne told her that she was still pretty. The woman was so pleased and Suzanne reminded us that no matter who you are or how old, you want to feel pretty. So to that end, while fashion is trivial, helping women feel pretty and good about themselves is not. That’s what your blog does….thank you! ???? Stay safe and warm today!!

  2. Your words in your email were perfect. I enjoy reading your posts everyday. Thank you for sharing your humanity as well as your fashion sense. ????

  3. In getting to know you a bit through your emails over the last few months, I’ve learned your inner legacy is every bit as beautiful as your outer one 🙂 Though I don’t know your friend in any way, I will join in prayer for her family and friends and all who loved her. Thanks for all you share and the tremendous amount of work you put into it

  4. Thank you JoLynne for sharing another side of you this morning. I enjoy your blog very much and after hearing your heart it makes me more excited to be a part of your community!

  5. Jo-Lynne, Your text is beautiful and well written! I too am in shock. We aren’t guaranteed another chance to tell people we love them, so we don’t need to let the opportunity pass us by.
    Now to this outfit, it’s awesome! The colors are great together, and it is one we can recreate with items most of us have in our closet. Is the white tee thick enough to go without a tank underneath? I am so glad y’all have electricity and are safe at home. Mother Nature isn’t being very kind to lots of people, but the heat will be here before we know.

  6. Thank you for sharing this morning. I am sorry for your loss. What you do on your blog is more than just fashion. You are sharing your life and your faith and you are very inspiring to many of us. Please do not think that what you do is trivial, because it is not! Thank you for all that you do.

  7. Sorry for your loss! You have inspired me to start paying attention to the details of my appearance. After spending the last 20 years focusing on my home and raising my children I have put my self lower on importance when it comes to my appearance. Proverb 31 reads..” her clothing is fine linen and purple” a gentle reminder that the Lord is pleased when we dress and look our best. Like all things we can take it too far but you have been an inspiration to me in an area that needed help in my life. I really love that your style is not too flashy or revealing and I believe pleasing to the Lord. May you find comfort today in knowing God’s grace and love.

  8. Very cute outfit!! I love pink and grey ( those were my wedding colors a long ago????)
    Sorry for your loss. Appreciate your perspective
    Have a safe day in the bad weather.

  9. Sorry to hear about your loss…tomorrow is never promised. We are all here just trying to to do our best. Although I’m not sure I measure up.
    Always praying for strength and direction.

    On a different note I am going to be knee deep in snow here in northern New Jersey today….I can’t wait to wear my my spring clothes!

    Enjoy your snow day with your family ☃️

  10. Good morning, Jo-Lynne,
    I saw that note too on the group, and I want to encourage you, because the pictures she posted all looked like she was so happy and like her beauty radiated from a soul that found companionship through a group you and Cyndi created for women to have a little escape each day. She must have been a lovely person, just from her contagious smile. I believe she would tell you to march on, because of all the joy and beauty and encouragement you bring into women’s lives each and every day. You make all women feel beautiful and inspired that they can put on a pretty new top and lipstick and celebrate all things feminine. You share your stories very candidly of being a mom, but always with a dose of laughter because we kind of are all rookies facing what life brings us next. You have breathed new life of hope and inspiration into so many lives. You even have me at age 55 considering buying those pink jeans! So I encourage you, what you do is building a legacy of new life pouring into women everywhere. All over this planet a lady may try something new with a twinkle in her eye and a little extra confidence and joy, because you gave her that confidence. I mean every word from the heart because you have encouraged me now for almost 2 years every single day. Have a great day!

    1. Amy, at 76 yrs young I still wear pink jeans …a favourite colour.
      Lovely expression of my thoughts in your email.

  11. Your faith, your honesty in sharing your faith, and the perspective of your faith over the importance of fashion is why I follow you and Cyndi.

    I love that I can look at your outfits & modify them for my budget.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us, your readers!

  12. Good morning JoLynne,

    What a powerful message.!

    I look forward to reading your blog everyday, not just for the fashion, but for the goodness in your heart that one senses through a computer screen.:)

    Sorry to hear about your friend! God bless her soul,, and her family.

    Although some of us are miles away, we have built
    relationships from a distance, and it does hit home,.

    So, continue with your amazing blog that makes me happy and look forward to read ieveryday 🙂

    Continue to be the special person that you are!


  13. I loved your comments this morning. I so agree with all you said. Fashion does not come easy to me so following you, and others, working at it is necessary. BUT…I want to be remembered for my service to the Lord. I so want people to know HIs saving grace and find their relationship with the One who created them. Thank you for being honest and truthful sharing your heart.

  14. I am so sorry to hear about your readers loss! It is always hard to lose someone we love but are comforted that they are in a better place with Jesus!! Hugs to you as you go through this grieving process and prayers for the family and the readers! This is the first time I have responded to your wonderful posts, but I do love them and I love your heart for Jesus and your spirit and how you love your family!! I have always posted in Cyndi’s posts because I have been on her blog longer and I also follow many blogs and it takes time to respond to all! Ha. Your outfit today is so cute as they all are on you!! Hugs!

  15. What you do through the blog is bring a little lightheartedness to each day. It may seem trivial, but I know I get enough “serious” (sometimes too much) through good things like devotions that come into my Inbox every day. Your blog is refreshing and real, and I believe IS a service to God. Something doesn’t have to be preachy or churchy to serve Him. Sending prayers of comfort for those who are feeling the loss.

  16. Thank you for sharing your faith and reminding us what is really important in this life. I love your blog with the amazing fashion ideas but also love reading about your family and “everyday” life.

  17. I will miss our friends smiling face on our FB group. She radiated happiness and always had positive things to say. I only knew her from this group but felt very sad when I heard of her passing. On another note. I have always enjoyed fashion, style and trends but have a hard time justifying it (that is the wrong word but I can’t think of another) with my faith. I feel like I am being materialistic and self absorbed when what truly matters is the inside, my heart not my outward appearance. I think it is a balance just like a lot of things in life. I have to be diligent that clothes and accessories and fashion dont become an idol for me or that I don’t put it before my heavenly Father. I dont think you and Cindi truly realize the inspiration not only fashion wise but spiritually that you are to some of us every day. From the bottom of my heart Thank You for being authentic and staying true to your faith it seems to be the exception and not the norm these days.

  18. I really love these colors on you! So simple but very classy. Very sorry to hear of your loss. It is difficult when these things happen, but it does give us an opportunity to pause and reflect on what is important in life. Your words were very meaningful & touched my heart. Keep doing what you are doing — you help us ladies more than you probably realize! When we feel good about ourselves it gives us energy and initiative to do more for others & lead a joyful life with our families!! 🙂

  19. Thank you for sharing your heart this morning!!! Many prayers for you for the loss of your friend. Your outfit is so pretty. I have most of that already in my closet already, but would have never thought to put it together!!! This is why i love your blog so much!! I have some great pieces in my closet, just lack the ability to put them together. LOL That’s where you and Cyndi come in!!! Thanks for all you do to inspire us!!! Blessings!!!!

  20. I appreciate your honesty abut fashion and the thoughts and reflections of your heart. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  21. Amen! You are doing what we are instructed to do, share our faith in our every day living. Sorry about your friend ???? We recently lost our pastor suddenly. He was only 62 and was playing golf when he passed away. Life is so fragile and short! , Live each day to the fullest! I follow you and Cyndi because I love fashion, more importantly because you share your faith in Jesus Christ ????

  22. JoLynne….I love reading your blog and seeing your outfits and tips every day! I appreciate your perspective today and that you take time to honor your friend and stay true to God and serving him. You are an inspiration to me to look better, feel better and just be a better person. We all know beauty begins on the inside but keeping ourselves pretty and current is important too. Thanks for all you do to encourage us every day. Especially appreciate your love for our Lord and not being afraid to share it will everyone! Kudos to you, have a great ‘snow’ day. I live in Dallas, nice and sunny here. 🙂

  23. I love your blog and your heart for our Savior shines through! For people like me who are somewhat challenged in the fashion sense you are a huge help so what you do is not trivial and it’s wonderful that you can work from home to help provide for your family. I have 3 children who seem to be about the same ages as yours so I feel like we are in about the same stage of life. You have inspired me to get some nicer, more quality pieces for myself and I use your ideas to put outfits together. So, thank you!

  24. Jo-Lynne, You’ve written such a beautiful post today that shows your true heart in how much you love Jesus and how much you love others. That’s what really matters in life, just as you said. I do think that you have been given the gift of an amazing fashion sense and you work hard at having a successful blog, so that does not make what you do trivial. You help all of us choose things to wear that we feel good in! So… I love the more vibrant color of these strawberry pink jeans. I think Old Navy delivers a price point for a seasonal trend that makes trying trends an option for many people. Wasn’t last year all about the mint jeans? Funny how it changes every year. Anyway- stay warm today!

  25. I’m sorry to hear of your friends death. We forget that every day is given to us and we are not promised tomorrow. Of course, if someone is taken so suddenly that doesn’t lessen the grief but at least we are comforted in knowing we were able to show them we loved them one last time. I was not able to be with my dad before he passed (was driving down to the hospital and didn’t make it in time). It weighs heavily on me all the time. And while I know he knows I loved him I just wish I could have told him that one last time. So everyone … hug your loved ones and tell them you love them!

    I love your outfit – so cute and comfortable looking.

    Have a blessed day.

  26. So sorry to hear of your friend. It is always difficult to continue with daily life after “eternity” makes itself felt. I think it makes us treasure our time more and be more careful with it. That all said, fashion can be vacuous, but “being pretty” isn’t bad. Lots of things make us feel “pretty” and some of those are clothes, most of those are more meaningful pursuits. I know how hard it is to adjust to a loss, my prayers are with her family and all who knew her.

    All that said, I read that the cardy runs small in the arms, was that your experience? Asks the big-armed Texan.

    1. LOL, yes, I have to say, it does have small arms so maybe size up one? Overall it runs small. It would fit better over a cami (so you don’t have to fuss with the sleeves on the tee.) Hope that helps! (and thanks for your encouragement.)

  27. So sorry for your loss. She sounded like a lovely lady. What you said really was also lovely and your blog has helped me in times when I was feeling down and just needed something fun to look at. I enjoy your encouraging words and your love for fashion and for women in general. Well , I have big thighs so I hesitate to wear colors on the bottom. I have been working so much and not working out lately, I have gained a lot of weight. What size did u buy in these? I really like them, so I was gonna maybe try them. They are a reasonable price and I have a store near me , I could just return if I don’t like them.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement. xo

      I have the 6, and I tend to be between 6 and 8 in other brands. They do stretch quite a bit as you wear them, so you might find they work okay. I would leave the tags on and wear them around for an hour and see how they feel.

  28. From reading your heartfelt words, Suzanne must have been a wonderful lady. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

    We all need to feel good on the outside, as well as the inside. Our family, church and prayer help us with our spirit. Your blog helps us with our outside. We need you in our lives! You know what I love about your blog over all others? You reach out to those that read you faithfully every morning. You acknowledge our existence and therefore, feel like a real friend.

  29. JoLynne,

    I so appreciated your thoughtful blog comments today. Our God has a plan for each one of us and the important thing is to keep our hearts always open to His messages and direction. I look forward to your fun adventures with fashion, etc., every day. They add a great dimension to my life. Especially on days when I need a lift. It’s all about sharing so much more than the way we look or how many designer jeans we collect. Through your blog, you share a part of your life with your followers. You reach us and affect us in good and different ways. Believe it,
    It is greatly appreciated…..thank you.

  30. Your email was very touching and I appreciate your shout out to our Creator! Love the pink jeans -would look cute to with the Adidas Rockstars. Also, it was 90 degrees in Phoenix yesterday – – sorry. Stay Warm!

    1. Okay, that was just mean. 😉 Haha, not really…. honestly, I’m not sure I’d know what to do with 90 in March. I like warm weather, but I also like the chance to wear layers. I guess I can look at the bright side… more time to wear my favorite sweaters! ha.

  31. Sweet Jo-Lynne,

    Many of my thoughts have been shared by others but I just wanted to add these:

    One thing I have learned in my 55 years is that it is often the “trivial” things we do in the course of our days which are our greatest opportunity to bring others joy. A quick compliment, a small chat with our grocery clerk, encouraging a young mom to spend that little extra money on herself once in a while, instead of feeling guilty for not buying her child another toy, saying no to that volunteer ” ministry opportunity” at church and using that time to just sit and talk with a lonely neighbor or have lunch with your hubby after a long week, taking your family on a beach vacation which will build memories for a lifetime.

    I have always been puzzled by a Christian Culture which tells young women to dress modestly because ” men are visual creatures” yet suggests that married women shouldn’t be bothered with “trivial things” such as fashion and how we look ????

    But most importantly and what I really wanted to say is this; what you and Cyndi are doing here is so much more than “Fashion”. Especially in the Facebook group, I see Community and Women’s Ministry every single day. I see ladies who share ideas, encourage each other, ask for and receive prayer for themselves and their families. I see honesty and transparency, rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep.

    Be encouraged as you are an encouragement to so many!


  32. That was such a sincere post. Thank you for keeping it real. And I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I happen to have the same cardi you are wearing from Express but mine is pink. Looking at your outfit give me the idea to wear mine witha white tee and my grey Loft shorts. Thanks for the inspiration.

  33. So very sorry to hear the news this am…. I love all these comments…. Jo Lynne… you can be sure that we all love your taste and style in fashion,,,,but what I see above, in all the comments,,, is that your life and the way you desire to be a light for Jesus is the very best thing you wear!!! xo …. so thankful I can come here and get some great ideas for my wardrobe,,,AND also get some”inner” beauty perspective … xo,,,, let’s keep that family in our prayers

  34. Hi Jo-Lynne, I read Cyndi’s blog first this morning and heard about your friend. My thoughts are with you.

    I love colored pants – that being said I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of white jeans this year! I am curious about the blush pink ones though…. This outfit looks great and super comfy!

    I love to follow you and Cyndi because you are both down to earth and are very inspiring style wise. We all appreciate you taking the time to keep us dressed for success, even though you may be going through some very personal and not so fun things in your lives.

    Keep it up – we love you guys!

  35. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your reader that passed. You are correct, life is more than clothes and shopping, and losing someone close to you brings it all full circle. Your thoughts this morning show all of us what a strong faith you have, and that we should be grateful to God for everyday He gives us here on this earth. Stay warm.

  36. Jo-Lynne, I am so sorry about your friend. It sounds like she was a blessing to many. It is hard when we get bad news, to not wonder if what we are doing really matters. Sometimes I feel that way and I haven’t gotten bad news. I think the enemy just wants us to feel useless and devalued. No matter what we do, as long as we are doing it for His glory and to honor Him, then that is all that matters. Thank you for your honesty and for being human to all of us out here in blog land, because that speaks volumes for the kind of woman you are. Praise Jesus that your friend is now with Him. I appreciate your blog and your style. What you do is very worthwhile. – Amy

  37. As usual, you have displayed both beauty and such grace today. I love the little glimpses into your soul. And I continue to appreciate the glimpses into your closet! Thank you for your gracious, appropriate words of compassion for your friend, and for the bearing of your faith.

    I love pink and gray! I bought several sweater/top combos for the spring, but am fearful it may already be too late for me to wear them much. We are in the high 80s here this week!!!! Crazy. Not even normal for us in Arizona. I’m hoping for some more cool weather because I love wearing some transitional clothes during the spring.

  38. All so true!!!!
    When your heart is right your motives
    Shine thru!!
    You do a great job of loving your
    Heavenly Father, family and readers!
    Love outfit!

  39. Thanks for always keeping it real, you and Cyndi and provide more than a fashion blog as you speak from the heart and show you are human.

    I am in So Calif and we have a heat wave going on 82 degrees right now unless on the coast where I live but work inland 30 miles makes a difference.

    Cute outift and mixing metals is okay , I always like how it breaks things up sometimes not to matchy matchy.

    Enjoy your day and live each one to the fullest.

  40. What you said in your email this morning was warm and thoughtful, and your fears are understandable. I feel that you handled this situation with grace and respect. Also, know that you and Cyndi have provided a place for a community to grow, and many opportunities for encouragement and support have come from it–and that is wonderful!

  41. I have just started following you recently.
    I have enjoyed reading your post because you have such a sweet spirit. It was so evident in your kind and powerful words today. Blessings!

  42. Your email for this post was accurate and beautifully said. I’m new to the Facebook group and didn’t know Suzanne but still grieve for all those who knew her and loved her. A sudden loss like that is a real dose of reality and how fragile life truly is. Which makes me feel even weirder commenting on the post, but here goes. Love the outfit. My question is – How on Earth did you get those pants to fit like that??? My daughter and I each got a pair in our normal size and they were SKIN TIGHT! I mean like sausage casing tight. We loved the colors but ended up returning them. She even tried sizing up and they still looked like that. Such a bummer. They look awesome on you!!!

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