Bell Sleeve Top & White Jeans with Floral Skinny Scarf

Well, we survived Snowmageddon. It actually turned out to be a bit of a bust. When I woke up yesterday morning to the sound of sleet on my windows, I knew our epic snow storm was going to fall short, and it did. There was enough for the kids to play in, but it was pretty icy and gross… definitely not the fluffy, powdery foot of snow we were expecting. I guess the weather system went a little further west than they were predicting, and our total snowfall amounted to a mere 4-5 inches with ice on top.

The kids still enjoyed a day off from school, and we maintained our electricity, so all is well. This morning they’re going back on a two-hour delay. (And all the mommas said, Hallelujah!) One snow day is fun, but when you start adding on, it gets a little tiresome. Plus, I don’t want them to lose any of their Spring Break, because we have travel plans.

So today’s post is the last outfit from our trip to Nashville. It seems like ages ago, but it was only a couple of weeks.

This bell sleeve top came from Trunk Club a few weeks ago, and I’ve already worn it a bunch of times. It’s cute and flirty but practical too. It also comes in red, pale pink, and a navy & white stripe. For $49, it won’t break the bank, and the quality is really nice. The material is kind of thick, which makes it nice for this time of year. I’m not sure I’d wear it in the dead of summer, but it’s nice for spring and fall.

I always get asked about sizing. I actually have the medium. The small is probably my proper size, but because it’s kind of long and cut very straight, I wanted to front-tuck it, and that seems to work better with the medium. FYI, it also comes in petite sizes, and that may work better if you are 5’4″ or shorter. (I am 5’5″ and short-waisted.)

Because it has that nice, wide neck, I felt like it was begging for a neck scarf. I actually prefer the skinny scarves to the square ones that you have to fold and roll. This one has a lot less fabric so it’s not as bulky. I do wish I’d tied it a little bit tighter so it would sit up higher on my neck and not keep sliding to the front. I’m still getting the hang of styling these!

I wanted to create a fun date night look for spring, so I wore my white jeans and pink suede pumps. The pink pumps are the perfect shade to go with this scarf.

These are such comfortable pumps. They have a padded footbed and a 3 3/4″ heel. I have a hard time finding pumps I can walk in because I have a narrow heel, but these are perfect. I have them in black leather as well. I highly recommend them if you have narrow feet and struggle with pumps.

This cuff bracelet is an oldie but goodie from Stella & Dot. I chose it because the 3/4 length sleeves leave a lot of arm bare and I wanted something big enough to make a statement but still delicate enough to work with the rest of the outfit. I didn’t realize it had sold out when I packed it to wear with this outfit, but this one would create a similar effect.

I wanted to carry the pink satchel from this post, but I didn’t want to pack one more bag in my suitcase, and this one actually works into the outfit nicely as well.

I can see wearing this outfit for so many purposes. It’s cute for church, a casual bridal shower or graduation party, dinner out, or probably even some work situations.

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bell sleeve top // silk skinny scarf // white jeans (similar for less) // pink suede pumps // mylie hobo in rose cloud (similar for less) // faux pearl earrings

photo credit: Kelsey Cherry

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the spring outfit she’s styling today. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. I was so enamored by the pretty neck scarf that I didn’t notice (until after the bracelet photo) that your tunic was a bell sleeve! (Clearly an indication that I was skimming and not reading.)

    Anyway, I love the whole smash! I keep drooling over the pink blush bags wondering how versatile the color would be…and then you use it in another post (which is helping me figure it out…keep ’em coming)!

    BTW, is that bag heavy?

  2. What is the right way to do a front tuck on the shirt without a bunch at the top of the pants, like I seem to get?

  3. Snowmageddon hit Upstate New York. Saw the front loaders working on clearing the streets around 10 last night

  4. Jo-Lynne, you look so good, as usual! I too have a narrow heel, so I get it. I’m glad y’all didn’t get hit as hard with the snow storm as some of the other areas did.

    Have a great day!

  5. For two days in a row now I have not been receiving your emails? I’ve linked over from Cyndi’s page…Love this top I have been on the fence about getting it since you first showed it!

      1. Well, that’s upsetting to hear. Did you check your spam folder? Be sure to mark it “not spam” and move it to your inbox. Also make sure to add my email to your address book: [email protected]. Try that, and then let me know if you don’t get it again tomorrow.

      1. Checked Spam, nothing there I will check again tomorrow but it appears I am not the only one this is happening to?

  6. Hi Jo-Lynne! For some reason I didn’t get your email yesterday or today…wondering if I need to sign up again to receive your posts? My day would not be complete without checking in with you & Cyndi! Y’all both are such a blessing to me! Hope you have a blessed day!

    1. Hi Susan, there are several people telling me this. So frustrating b/c this is why I moved email providers. On my end, it says the emails were sent to you today and yesterday, so resubscribing wouldn’t make a difference. First, check your spam folder. Emails from these email lists tend to get stuck in spam. Second, add my email address to your address book so your email provider recognizes it as a valid email and isn’t as likely to mark it spam: [email protected]. Hopefully that will help in future. If you don’t get it tomorrow (or find it in spam) let me know and I’ll fill out a help ticket with MailChimp.

  7. Such a cute outfit! I love how the little details make it special – bell sleeves, scarf & pink shoes. Our temps in So Cal are crazy. We went from 60’s to mid 90’s seemingly overnight. This is more of a winter outfit for me 😉

  8. You are so right! This outfit has versatility written all over it! I guess I’m going to need to try a scarf although I already know my daughter is going to give me grief. I still love this top and really should just break down and order it. There’s a very similar blush one at White House Black Market that I like too. So many choices.

  9. Hi! Not sure why, but I have not received your blog in my email for the last two days. Should I sign up again? Thanks.

    1. There are several people telling me this. So frustrating b/c this is why I moved email providers. So first, check your spam folder. Often it gets stuck in spam. Second, add my email address to your address book so your email provider recognizes it as a valid email and isn’t as likely to mark it spam: [email protected]. On my end, it says the email was sent to you today and yesterday, but it does not show it opened, and it does show the ones before that opened. So I am thinking it might be in spam.

    2. So, for your further sleuthing, I checked my spam folder for today and yesterday, but nothing from you. I did go ahead and add your email to my contacts. But this has not happened before…. Hope you figure it out soon for your own sanity! Thanks for replying!

  10. Great outfit which I pinned immediately as I already own most of the pieces. I love the way you styled them together! Just want to jump on the “I haven’t received a daily email from you yesterday or today” bandwagon. I always look forward to receiving your email and when I checked my preferences on the website, it states that I’m already signed up. Maybe just a technical glitch?

    1. Hey Kathy. Did you check your spam folder? If it’s in there, be sure to mark it “not spam” and move it to your inbox. Also make sure to add my email to your address book: [email protected]. Try that, and then let me know if you don’t get it again tomorrow. I’ll fill out a help ticket with MailChimp.

  11. I would also like to mention that I have not received your emails for the last two days. I’ve linked over from Cyndi’s page. Not sure what happened, but I’ve missed them!

    1. Hi Melissa. The issues seems to be with a few particular email providers: sbcglobal & bellsouth, mainly. I am pretty sure those providers are marking my email address as spam – even if it isn’t in your spam folder, they are blocking it. I have filled out a help ticket with mailchimp, so I will keep you posted, but also make sure to add my info@[email protected] email to your address book.

  12. Love that bag! Question, i found that bag for a price I can afford but it only comes in a pink granite. Do you think that color would be considered a neutral for spring and summer or should a keep looking for a neutral color more like yours?

    1. The pink granite is gorgeous, and it definitely could be a versatile summer color that would go with most outfits. The grey that is also on sale is more of a neutral and is may be more versatile, but it all depends on what colors your wardrobe consists of. I hope that helps!

  13. Great outfit! Thanks for posting the pumps may work for those of us with narrow heels. I own only one pair of pumps, and they are not comfortable because I needed to order them in a slim width in order to make the heel work.

    I am sorry to learn about the death of your friend. Your post yesterday was beautiful.

  14. I love your style! You often talk about investing in good jeans but the brands you wear don’t come in tall. Do you know of good jeans sold for tall women.

    1. Many premium brands are made longer, expecting that us shorties will have to hem them. With the ankle length trend, it is easier b/c the length doesn’t have to be exact, like it does with a bootcut. But there are premium brands that make some taller ones – I know I’ve seen some recently, in fact. I wish I could remember who it was – they had a section for longer lengths. What type of leg style are you looking for?

      1. Skinny and baby boot cut for next fall / winter. I’ll wear cropped this spring and summer which are easier to fit. I’m trying to create a more casual wardrobe since I’m retiring. Thanks.

        1. I just remembered where I saw them! Seven For All Mankind make bootcut with a 36″ inseam! AND they are on sale – Bloomingdale’s is having Denim Days – 15% off one pair, and 20% off 2 or more. I love the wash on these too: https://rstyle.me/n/ch6xd5gthw

          As for skinnies, look for a 31″ inseam. That should be long enough. As you say, cropped ankle lengths are fine for summer. A 29″ inseam will be more ankle on you, probably.

  15. I was so excited to see this post today. Let’s face it, I look forward to seeing what you’re styling everyday, but this one in particular b/c I just got a white pair of Jeans last weekend, the pink pumps two weeks ago, and the bell sleeve top in black last week. I’ve been struggling with the front tuck though. I think b/c of the side slits, I just wasn’t sure how to tuck it in without it looking weird, but on you it doesn’t look weird at all. I’ll try again, and given the fact that we are of similar shape and size, I might actually be successful at it…I hope! The Scarf is a great addition Never thought of that. Very pretty 🙂

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