So. About that foot. #RunnerProblems

The Boot

I haven’t updated in a while because I figured everyone was sick of hearing me complain. I was running some after the cortisone injection and feeling good, trying to ease back in slowly. I was just starting to feel strong again when the pain came back. I guess I was still injured and the cortisone was just masking the symptoms for a time.

At first I tried to work (read: run) through it but it only got worse. I was still seeing my PT twice a week, and she seemed at a loss as to how to help me so I decided to go back to the doctor to see if there was anything else they could do. Not happy with the care I got from the orthopedist I was seeing, I decided to try someone new.

He advised me to wear running shoes at all times to support my feet when I’m not running, and he gave me a new set o orthotics to try. He also gave me an anti-inflammatory cream to use and ordered an ultrasound so he can see exactly what he’s dealing with.

I returned to the doctor yesterday to get my ultrasound results, which confirmed my plantar fasciitis/fasciosis diagnosis and revealed evidence of a tear in the plantar fascia. In the meantime, I hadn’t really been running and the pain in my foot had only worsened.

He says that my plantar fascia is thick and diseased. By the sounds of it, it’s pretty bad. Because I’ve been through so much therapy, worn orthotics and sensible shoes, rested all winter, and even tried the cortisone, the boot was deemed the next step.

The idea is to “shut it down” by keeping my foot immobilized in a boot in hopes that the plantar fasciosis will “calm down” and allow the plantar fascia to heal. If it doesn’t, well… none of the other options sound very appealing so I’m just hoping this does the trick.

The weather has been glorious for running, I’ve been feeling strong and energetic, and it’s really a sucker punch to the gut to be taken down again so soon. I’m trying to stay positive and hopeful. At this point, I’m more concerned with being able to walk again than being able to run. My body doesn’t seem to be healing itself, and that’s kind of freaking me out.

Meanwhile, I am coming to terms with the fact that my running days may be over. People who are prone to plantar fasciitis sometimes don’t ever totally heal it. It’s more a matter of managing it. Bah humbug.

As frustrating as it is to deal with this, I have friends in the past month who have been dealt much harsher blows — diagnoses that are life altering and even life threatening. Every time I start to get depressed about my own struggles, I think of them and how they are dealing with their situations with grace, and I know I need to get over myself.

While I’m in the boot, there is no PT or exercise, so at least I’ll have lots of time to blog, right!?