Poolside: 3 Swimsuit Cover-Ups Under $60

Greetings and welcome back to 25 Days of Summer Fashion! Today it’s all about swimwear, and more specifically, swimsuit cover-ups.

Prima Donna Canyon Underwire Tankini Top + Robin Piccone Pareo

Last summer we moved into a new home with a backyard swimming pool, and I’ve been spending a lot of time in a swimsuit and cover-up lately.

When we belonged to a swim club, I usually just pulled a tank top and jean shorts on over my swimsuit to drive to and from, and called it a cover-up. That way I could stop into the store if I needed to, and I felt like I was wearing real clothes.

But now with a pool in our backyard, I’ve found it a lot easier to throw a cover-up on over my swimsuit when I want to run inside to grab something I forgot or refresh my mojito.

I don’t love the one I had, so when I was at Nordstrom a few weeks ago, I stopped into their swim department to pick up a few options to try. I didn’t have a lot of time, so just grabbed four cover-ups that looked good to me, and decided I’d return what I don’t like.

I’m saving one for a future post, but I’m sharing the other three here.

Prima Donna Canyon Underwire Tankini Top + Robin Piccone Pareo

My favorite is this Robin Piccone pareo for $38. This is definitely the one I’ve been wearing the most.

It’s one size fits all, and it’s so easy to grab it and tie it on when I want to run inside for something. It covers just enough to give me the level of modesty I’m comfortable with, and it’s feminine and pretty too.

It comes in the plain black that I’m wearing as well as white with black stripes.

Prima Donna Canyon Underwire Tankini Top + Robin Piccone Pareo

I also picked up these Chelsea28 gauze cover-up pants. These are really fun, but I feel kind of silly in them. I think they’d be better suited to someone with more of a boho chic style aesthetic, and I also don’t care for where they sit on my hips, emphasizing my middle.

They would definitely look better with a bikini top, and ideally on someone with a flatter stomach, but I decided to go ahead and share a photo of them because some of you might like them.

They also come in coral, and for size reference, I’m wearing the small.

Prima Donna Canyon Underwire Tankini Top + Chelsea28 Gauze Cover-Up Pants

This hat sold out right after I bought it, unfortunately. I really like the shape and the black bow band.

A few other good options are this floppy straw hat and this one with the black band.

BP. Bow Band Floppy Straw Hat

I also really like this Billabong shift cover-up dress, but it’s a little fussier than the other two.

I feel like it’s better suited to a resort than my backyard, but it’s a good option to have, especially if I’m entertaining friends and want a little more coverage.

Billabong Shape Shift Cover-Up Dress

This cover-up is also super easy to throw on and tie. It has slits up the sides, and you can cinch the front all the way as I did here, or leave it open in the front and tie it that way.

Either way, It gives more coverage than the pareo and the pants, which is nice sometimes. It comes in two sizes, and I’m wearing the XS/S.

I’d feel comfortable wearing this to walk around at a resort or hotel, grab lunch in the cafe, or even grabbing a drink at the bar before heading up to change for dinner.

Billabong Shape Shift Cover-Up Dress

I’m also wearing my Maui Jim Mele polarized cat eye sunglasses. I love the oversized styling, both for the style factor as well as the extra sun protection, and I wear them all the time.

Billabong Shape Shift Cover-Up Dress + Maui Jim Mele Polarized Sunglasses

If you’re wondering about my swimsuit, it’s this Prima Donna underwire tankini top and coordinating high waist bikini bottoms. These are pricey, although they’re on sale right now, so there’s that.

When I discovered Prima Donna swimsuits last summer, I swear I heard angels singing, ha! I’ve struggled with bathing suits my whole life, but as I’ve gotten older, it’s become harder and harder to find suits that flatter me and give me the support I need. I always buy bra-sized swimwear, but most don’t come large enough. (I wear a 32G.)

Not only does Prima Donna make swimsuits with a wider range of cup sizes than most brands, but their tankini tops are a little loose through the middle, so they don’t cling to the lumps and bumps that I prefer to camouflage. They also have swim bottoms with good coverage that stay put.

Basically, these are the most flattering and comfortable bathing suits I’ve ever owned, and I don’t think you can put a price on confidence in a swimsuit.

Prima Donna Canyon Underwire Tankini Top + Robin Piccone Pareo

Outfit Details:

tankini top // high rise bikini bottoms // pareo // cover-up pants // cover-up dress // sandals // raffia tote // sunnies

If you want some other bathing suit options at lower price points, don’t miss my 2019 Swimsuit Guide. And for more swim cover-up options, I have a whole post of Swimsuit Cover-Ups Under $50 that was recently updated for 2019.

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer look she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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16 Responses

  1. That is so true. I’ve always struggled with remembering to stand up straight, even with my mom reminding me throughout my entire childhood, ha! I’m sure it’s partially self-consciousness over my chest, and also just laziness. Also, in looking at these pictures, I wish I’d yanked up the straps of my suit. They’re adjustable, and definitely need to be shortened just a bit. The things you notice in pictures…🙈

  2. I often wear an informal swing dress as a coverup. It covers everything 🙂 and so comfortable (especially on a hot day.) And as evening comes, I am comfortable making dinner and having dinner around the pool with friends. I have found Lands End good for bathing suits (good for support on top, and some are not form fitting so more comfortable, for me, around my middle.) I did just buy a suit, on sale, at Macy’s, and I am looking forward to wearing it when the weather warms! You are so brave for styling swimwear! You look great!

  3. Great info, as usual!  There is so much to take into consideration when buying a swimsuit, and you’ve covered it all!  And once you’ve found that brand & style, yes, the Angels will sing!!  My go to brand for a mastectomy swimsuit is Lands End, they offer many options if you need that type of suit.  I like the short pareo on you the best!  You’ve shown us a lot of great options for coverups!  Thank you!  

  4. You look great in all these styles. I have a hard time finding swimsuits for a larger bust so glad to learn of a brand to check out. When we used to visit my parents in their Florida high rise, mom always stressed to me that you had to be covered up to walk thru the lobby to the pool. I found swing dresses to be perfect for that and to go to the beach. Did she really think I would walk around in just my swimsuit anyway?🤔

  5. Thanks for doing a post like this. I’m sure they’re not the easiest to do but you look so comfortable:) I’m always picking up a new cover up as I try to spend as much time around our pool as possible. I  don’t like my cover ups sheer and will even just pick up an expensive cute little sundress to throw on.. enjoy that pool and love the white 🦢😎

  6. I love these posts! Quick question. On the Prima Donna bottoms, is the size chart accurate? Can you order according to that? Or go a ‘size up’ as recommended for so many other swimsuits? Thanks in advance!

  7. How did I not know about Prima Donna?! I have always bought Fantasie and Panache swimsuits for their bra sizing. Good to know there are other options out there. You look fantastic in all your choices!

  8. Love your suit and the cover ups are cute too. However, when I went to the website for the suit, the sizes were all for large bust sizes, so very disappointed. I am thin, long waisted, and small busted and have a difficult time getting a cute suit that will fit too, and not make me look frumpy. Any suit suggestions for my issues?

    1. Isn’t it funny? We all have different “issues” but we all struggle to find a great fitting swimsuit!

      The Prima Donna brand is geared to larger busted women, but Bare Necessities does have suits for smaller bra sizes. You can find your size on the dropdown menu on this page: https://rstyle.me/+7DSSQq6e880W-PpRJ_KsAw

      Also maybe check out my 2019 Swimsuit Guide. I tried to include a little something for everyone: https://jolynneshane.com/2017-swimsuit-guide-for-women-over-40.html

      Also, Athleta has a lot of bra-sized suits for smaller cup sizes and a lot of cute tankini options you can mix and match with their bottoms: https://shopstyle.it/l/4eG6

      Without any experience fitting swimsuits to a different body type than my own, it’s hard to give specific recommendations, but maybe someone reading along can share a brand that works for them. It takes a village! 🙂

  9. If I needed a swimsuit I would definitely check out the brand that you highly recommend.  While I like all three of the coverups you shared today, I think the last one is my favorite.  I hope you are having a very productive day.

  10. I’m with you Jo-Lynne, a good fitting, and supportive swimsuit is worth every single penny. And in my opinion, a great cover up is just as important. You look great in all of them!

  11. Thanks for tackling this tough, ego- bruising topic of swim suits and cover ups! Thanks for taking it for the team! 👋I agree, standing up tall makes such a difference. We lose 5 lbs just by standing up tall. Thanks for the options. You look terrific in everything!

  12. “G” stands for Good Googely-Goo. I would have never guessed you were a “G”. I have a little pareo very similar to that one that’s more shear and I’ve probably had it 15 years. They are perfect for throwing on! I like the longer one too. I am so incredibly envious of your gorgeous pool. I’d be wearing a swim suit all the time too if we had one in our back yard! XO

    1. Bwahaha, no one every does. I am love-love-loving having a pool. I never in a million years thought I’d have one, and didn’t aspire to, although it sounded fun. I wish we hadn’t waited this long, although it was probably better not to have it when the kids were little. We’re all enjoying it a lot.

  13. The short pareo looks great on you. I like that one the best. The other ones are kind of
    frumpy looking, but would look great one else. Just my two cents!! Thanks for sharing.

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