Swim Coverups Under $100

Swimsuit Coverups Under $100

We put a lot of time and energy into finding the perfect swimsuit, but when it comes to the coverup, we tend to lose steam. That’s where I come in! I’ve rounded up a bunch of cute cover-ups under $100, to make you feel and look great going from beach to bar and everywhere in between.

Swimsuit Coverups Under $100

Caftans & Tunics

These are pretty much exclusively swim cover-ups. In other words, you wouldn’t wear it out as a dress without a swimsuit underneath, so they look very intentional and beachy-chic, but you still get good coverage if you want to walk over to the snack bar and grab a bite to eat. Plus, there are tons of patterns and styles to choose from.

I have this black one, and I always bring it on vacation because it’s lightweight and easy to pack, and it offers enough coverage to wear around the house in front of family and friends.


I like to wear a dress over my swimsuit when I’m entertaining friends at our backyard pool. I feel dressed, but it’s easy to remove if I decide to get in the water.

This is also the perfect style to wear if you want to go straight from the pool to lunch or a casual dinner when on vacation. And some of these, you can actually wear as a regular dress, thus maximizing space in your suitcase! Speaking of which, my Z Supply scoop dress is now on sale at Evereve!

Sarongs & Pareos

This style is casual, cool, and comfortable. It offers some lower body coverage for those who want that, and it’s feminine and pretty. I also love these because they’re so easy to remove and don’t require a full getting undressed when you get to the pool.

The longer ones are nice for leg coverage, as some ladies prefer to keep the focus on the upper body. This pareo is my go-to here at home with my family, when I’m planning to lay out by the pool and maybe get in the water if it gets too hot. It’s quick and easy to tie on and off as needed.

Shorts or Pants

Pants or shorts are a good option for moms who find themselves chasing kids around the pool, or those who want some extra coverage. The pants are especially nice for ladies who aren’t comfortable baring so much leg.

Rompers & Jumpers

This is the perfect style if your pool or beach time includes some activity. It’s a stylish way to be comfortable and covered up so you can enjoy your day. Plus, they’re very much on trend right now, for streetwear as well as poolside.

I hope this helps you find the perfect coverup for your summertime!

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4 thoughts on “Swim Coverups Under $100

  1. I was in H&M lately with my teen and they have MANY dresses that could easily be worn as a swim cover-up. The styles were very trendy, as you’d expect from H&M, but they were also very inexpensive. I picked up a maxi style dress that I plan to use as a swim cover-up – for only $9! Paired with a fedora, even my teen thinks it’s going to look great.

  2. Love all the different options. I have a sarong that I bought at a market and the lady showed several ways to tie it. You can do a halter dress, mini skirt, midi skirt, maxi skirt etc. etc. ….pretty colors too that just happened to match my swimsuit I already had. She was a really fun lady and so I just had to buy it from her. I always enjoy your post. It’s like opening an email from a long time friend I’ve never met though. 🙂 I think that is the way heaven will be. God units us all.

  3. I always have a hard time finding appropriate suit coverups when wearing a tankini & skirt bottom. Any cute ideas?

    1. I think the tunic style is your best bet. The skirt is almost a cover-up in and of itself, but if I was going to the snack bar, I think a tunic would be the easiest and look the best over a skirt.

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