Swim Cover-Ups Under $100

A few weeks ago, I shared my 2023 Swimsuit Guide with the latest trends and tons of swimsuits for women over 40, and today we’re going to talk about what to put on top of your swimsuit!

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Most women put a lot of time and energy into finding the perfect swimsuit, but when it comes to the cover-up, they just grab the closest thing they can find to throw on top.

I look at swim cover-ups kind of like coats and jackets. What’s on top of your outfit is the first thing people see, and in many situations, you don’t even take it off. So don’t neglect your cover-up! In fact, I probably have more cover-ups to choose from than I do swimsuits.

Whether you’re an active beach bum or lounging by the resort swimming pool, I’ve rounded up a bunch of cute cover-ups under $100 to make you feel and look great going from beach to bar and everywhere in between.

Swimsuit Cover-Ups Under $100

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15 thoughts on “Swim Cover-Ups Under $100

  1. Good morning, Jo-Lynne. Thank you for this post! Curious, could the navy Splendid sleeveless dress from your spring wardrobe essentials blog post double-up as a swimsuit cover-up, as well?

  2. My issue with coverups is that most of them are SO SHORT and weirdly make me feel more exposed and self conscious than just wearing a swimsuit! I found a nylon dress from Columbia that covers up the legs and butt area but it is not the cutest thing in the world. Fine for a family pool outing, but not great for resort wear.

  3. Totally agree! It’s often difficult to find just the right length kind (also stylish) WITHOUT it looking like an unflattering muumu “tent”-size thing(!). Another point, which a gal above mentioned that is correct, is the “weird” way you can feel MORE self-conscious with a cover-up that’s *too short* over a bathing suit than just in the suit by itself (like?: you feel everybody is staring at you because it looks as if you just have an unbuttoned shirt on over your underwear lol!).

  4. I ditched all my other cotton cover-ups when I discovered the harbor shirt cover-up from Vineyard Vines. It’s made of a technical fabric so has structure, doesn’t wrinkle much, and stands up to all the chlorine, sunscreen,etc. It has a shirtdress look and I am more than comfortable in it when I need to stop at the store to and from the pool, which happens a lot.

    1. Yes! I agree with the Vineyard Vines shirt cover-up! I bought one several ago at a VV Outlet and it was still almost $100, but I have worn and washed that thing a million times and it still looks fresh! Usually when I want to cover-up at the pool or beach, I want to prevent too much sun exposure on my arms and shoulders. So wearing a “long, tunic-style” shirt is perfect. I also love something that buttons all the way down the front so I can take off/put on without removing my hat! I use sarongs when I want a stylish way to walk around a resort in a bathing suit!

  5. Jo-Lynne I love the oversized white shirt you have over your swimsuit. I think what the ladies are thinking or saying and I could be wrong is most cover ups are so short then it looks like one is wearing too short a dress than they should. I feel that way, but I think the open front shirt works and I’m like you a sarong is good. I just don’t wear a swimsuit much as I’m too antsy to just lay by the pool on vacation. I like to be running around site seeing and we don’t boat out in our boat as much as we use too now that we have no kids at home. They motivated us to go out skiing and of course camping and boating. I think I’m getting old. Lol. By the way, you look stunning in your red and white swimsuit. All your suits are so cute.

    1. I do get that. In fact, as I was walking around the resort property wearing it, I was wishing I had jean shorts on to cover a bit more b/c I had it unbuttoned and it was flying open so I felt like I was parading around in my swimsuit, haha!

    2. Yessss! You got it! 😉 I should have said: a too-short cover up has this awkward feeling as if it’s like wearing a shirt minidress (which, even though I’d say I look in fit-enough -ahemmm! lol- shape, isn’t really “age-becoming” for someone a curvy sz12 44 y.o.). I think trying to accessorize a bathing suit with, whether: hats/jewelry/sunglasses/sarong/sandals (something I’m a total fan of the older I get), can have the effect of making you feel like your own kind-of “celebrity”; as well as confident about your body in a swimsuit.

  6. I really like the white shirt style coverup, looks classy. I tend to still like two piece suits even though I may not look as well in them any longer but they are much cooler and always keep a pair of short shorts of some description in my bag to walk the beach and search for shells which is what I love to do anyway.

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