Swim Cover-Ups Under $100

A few weeks ago, I shared my 2022 Swimsuit Guide, and today we’re going to talk about what to put on top of your swimsuit!

Most women put a lot of time and energy into finding the perfect swimsuit, but when it comes to the cover-up, they just grab the closest thing they can find to throw on top.

But I look at swim cover-ups kind of like coats and jackets. What’s on top is the first thing people see, and in many situations, you never even take it off. So don’t neglect your cover-up! In fact, I probably have more cover-ups to choose from than I do swimsuits.

Whether you’re an active beach bum or lounging by the resort swimming pool, I’ve rounded up a bunch of cute cover-ups under $100 to make you feel and look great going from beach to bar and everywhere in between.

Swimsuit Cover-Ups Under $100

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3 thoughts on “Swim Cover-Ups Under $100

  1. Love a great cover-up! I tend to fall into two categories when choosing a cover-up. The most important to me as a boater I NEED it for sun protection….like it’s the end of, or heat of, the day and I need to cover my body up so UPF is really important. It will not be a sleeveless cut dress for that purpose. Usually that’s the Athleta Pacifica long sleeve quarter zip top and shorts. Then there’s the fashion one. Usually that can be “cute” and look almost clothes-like. Maybe I wear it in the evening around the pool. My workhorse ones though are the long-sleeve-cover-me-up LITERALLY! LOL. Also, a heads up to anyone who orders the darling one above by Soluna…. this brand runs reeeaaalllllyyyy little (or at least the ones I bought to try for our Hawaii trip this year did). Do I dare believe swimsuit and cover-up season is actually coming?!?!

  2. Don’t forget the big floppy crocheted hat to complete “the look”. Seriously, though!, yet ANOTHER dank rainstormy day in NJ (today); where, I WISH I *COULD* BE INSTEAD was: relaxing on a beach somewhere in the Bahamas right now (with the proverbial hunk hand feeding me grapes, lol!). To me, the “bonus” of a cover-up is that if you’re not totally in the Summer shape early in the warmer weather you want to get to: you DON’T -then- have to buy an extra (frumpy/larger size) suit that’s basically a piece of glorified shapewear for $100+ just to feel publicly confident in.

    Best wishes regarding your upcoming procedure. The relationship between keeping one’s mental/physical/spiritual well-being in balance IS a deeply personal issue society has (pathetically) ignored too long for women, because of how society SOOOOO commodifies and objectifies women’s bodies.

  3. The best coverup is the one you modeled in Florida! I’ve followed you since 2015 when you showed Vionic shoes and the Chantelle sports bra! Items I still love and use along with more recent Blondo boots purchased with your link. You feature a variety of items, so, no, I’m not going to stop following you after your procedure, even though I’ll still have a large chest! Very best wishes for your procedure.
    A month ago I asked you a question at: « info
    @jolynne… » Do you still check it? Or is there a better way to message you ?

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