Random and Sundry

My parents were here this weekend, so that was fun. They brought my kids new Easter outfits. Yay Grammie! But now they’re gone, so I’m back to changing all the diapers and doing all my own laundry.

I’ve noticed that I consume much less coffee without my mom here to constantly refill the coffee pot. The house always seems a little empty for the first day after they leave. I sure wish they lived closer than six hours away.

While they were here, we had a Home Video Night, complete with popcorn. I even let the kids eat in the living room! I really know how to party hard, don’t I?

First we watched my wedding video, which I haven’t seen in years. All I could think of was, WHAT were my parents thinking, marrying off that CHILD!? I was 23, but really. That’s hardly old enough to pick the china pattern you want to live with the rest of your life, much less the man. It just goes to show, marriage is based on good old-fashioned hard work and commitment, cause let’s face it, none of us look like we did 12 years ago, even if our china does.

Any-who. After we relived my wedding day, we drug out the baby videos of the kids. I discovered that if I were to videotape the baby once a week for the rest of her life, I’d never have as much video of her as I do of my son during his first three years of life. Mercy on my soul, that is some extensive video footage! And I remember at the time thinking I was being very careful not to “overdo it”. HA!


In other news, Caroline is sick. AGAIN. It seems to be the same thing she had last week. She is just lethargic, fussy, and has a fever on and off. I called the pediatrician, and they said it’s probably a virus, so unless she gets dehydrated, I just have to let it run its course. Greaaaat.

And the clincher is this. She LIKES to be sick.

Yep. That’s what she tells me. “I like sick, Momma.”