Respect the Process

I don’t write much about faith and politics. It’s not that I don’t think about those issues. I actually have very deep seated beliefs on both topics, but I generally don’t care to debate them in public forums. It just takes more of an emotional investment than I have available and takes away from the energy I can put into my home and family.

However, sometimes I get something weighing on my heart that I feel the need to share, and today is one of those days.

With this election looming… okay it is no longer looming. It is front center!! I hate to say it, but I dread today and tomorrow and whatever the outcome might bring. Whoever wins, I dread the dissent and mud slinging and name calling that will inevitably result.

Does it seem like it is getting worse? That our nation is becoming more and more divided? Or has it always been this way?

Many of my online friends are liberal, and I get treated to a lot of liberal rhetoric and often feel like the butt of their jokes. Facebook is the worst. I have resorted to unfollowing and even unfriending some who I find particularly offensive, and that saddens me. I don’t mind the thoughtful questions or sharing of articles that are informative. I’m always open to listening to the other side of the issues. But the jokes and jabs — they sting, I won’t lie.

I am weary of the insinuations and outright proclamations that those of us voting for Romney are ignorant, selfish and uncaring. I have well thought out reasons for my positions on the issues, and it certainly does not mean that I don’t care about the poor or women’s rights or diversity.

But I’m sure those voting for Obama feel they are treated unfairly for their beliefs too. It happens on both sides of the fence, I realize that. And I don’t approve of the jokes and jabs that defend my positions either.

Why can’t we just respect each other for our differing opinions? What ever happened to intelligent discussions and real debates? Not the contrived televised ones that don’t give either candidate the time or freedom to really delve deep into an issue… but a real debate between intelligent people discussing the issues respectfully? Did that ever exist? Maybe not.

So today as we vote, and a winner is announced and it comes time to move forward, it is my plea to everyone reading this today that we respect the process. When Obama won four years ago, I didn’t vote for him, but he is my president. He receives my respect and my prayers just like if my candidate had won. And that actually brings me to the point of this post.

I have read a lot about putting our faith and hope in our president, and that frightens me.

My faith and hope is in Jesus alone. There is no man, no leader on this earth in whom I put my faith. No matter who wins today, God is on his throne, and He is ultimately in control. I firmly believe that. I don’t believe God has a political party. He will work His perfect will no matter who is in political power. No matter who wins this election today, it will not shake my faith and hope because I don’t place faith and hope in our government and our president. Whoever takes the office of President of the United States and leads our country for the next four years will have my support and respect.

I urge anyone reading this post today to consider the effect your attitude about the president has on your kids and your neighbors and friends. We don’t have to allow this election (or any election) to divide us. Let’s respect the process and commit to support who ever fills the Oval Office this coming January. Who’s with me?