Straight Ankle Jeans Under $100

I’m sure by now we’ve all gotten the memo that straighter denim styles are trending this spring. I’ve tried a lot, and I mean A LOT of different brands and styles of straight cut jeans in various lengths. I have a few favorites, but they’re pricey, so I went on a hunt to find a great pair of straight ankle jeans under $100.

Keeping in mind that a lot of ladies need petite options, I found this pair by Wit & Wisdom, one of the Nordstrom Made brands.

Treasure & Bond sweater in Rust Marsala (S) // Wit & Wisdom jeans (6) // Vince Camuto booties in Tortilla Suede (option) // Nordstrom layered necklace // Nordstrom hoop earrings

Never mind that they’re labeled as a skinny jean; they’re definitely a slim straight silhouette with a 13″ leg opening. (Skinnies usually have a 10″ or sometimes 11″ leg opening.)

They also have a 10 1/2″ front rise, so high enough to look current but still easy to wear for most women, and a 28″ ankle length inseam on the regular sizes.

With straighter silhouettes, I think ankle length is the most versatile and easiest to style with a variety of tops and shoes. The inseam for petite sizes isn’t listed on the website, but I’m guessing 25 or 26 inches.

The raw hem makes it so you can easily cut them if you want to adjust the length. In fact, I would probably take these up a half inch. I prefer a 27 — 27.5″ inseam, and that would be perfect with these booties.

Wit & Wisdom jeans tend to run slightly big, and they can stretch out a bit, so I recommend sizing down if in between. If in doubt, take advantage of Nordstrom’s free return policy, and order two sizes to try. I always recommend wearing jeans around the house (with the tags on) for an hour or two so you can see if they will stretch out or not.

These jeans also have a nice versatile mid-indigo wash that looks great just about every color and neutral imaginable. I love how they complement this lightweight dolman sleeve sweater in a soft shade of rust.

This sweater is very lightweight and exceptionally soft; in fact, I wouldn’t really call it a sweater. It’s more of a knit top. Wow, I sound disagreeable today, ha! But I just want to make sure you aren’t disappointed if you order something I recommend.

I love it for late winter/early spring, depending on the weather where you live. In fact, I wore it on Wednesday when we were having a rare mild, sunny day. It also comes in five other colors, including a really pretty Blue Manor.

I styled this outfit with booties for a late winter look, but mules or clogs will take this outfit into spring.

These booties were an #NSale purchase, so the sizes are limited, but this Treasure & Bond pair would look great with this outfit. That higher shaft would slip right under these jeans.

We also took that picture to show the slit on the side of the jeans. That’s a fun detail. Also, I’m wearing the 6 but they do stretch out a bit with wear, so you may want to size down if in between.

I accessorized with a layered necklace and gold hoops. Layering shorter necklaces is a great way to keep the focus up towards your face, and it keeps the look modern.

Everything I’m wearing here is from Nordstrom, so shipping and returns are free, or you can take advantage of their BOPUS (Buy Online Pick Up in Store) and contactless curbside pickup options if you have a store nearby. Gotta love one stop shopping!

Also, if you aren’t already a Nordy Club member, be sure to sign up so you can start earning points toward Nordstrom Notes today.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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24 Responses

  1. That link is taking me to the raw hem skinny crop. Is that the ones you’re wearing? as I don’t see the little slit on the website. If they are listed as crop I think the regular length for me (5’3) would be just right.. Thoughts? I’ve been eyeing these so great timing to style them today! Also love the sweater!
    Thanks and have a great weekend!

      1. I’m 5’3 and literally wearing these right now! I have the petite and they are EXACTLY the perfect length. Hope that helps!

  2. I like your earrings. On the Nordsrom site, they look to be thinner than they look in your photo. Do you think it’s just the way they photographed them?

  3. I just bought a very similar pair of booties. Love! The pointed toe is so elegant. I am eying those jeans and top…😁

  4. Such a great transition outfit! I’m excited to see your spring outlook ideas and your fashion looks from your upcoming Florida trip. I’m especially in need of new luggage choices too.

  5. This outfit is so put together, love it! I’m 5’2 so those jeans would be perfect, love the post! I never shop in the petite section because I wondered if they would be too short in the seat but these sound like a good option.

  6. For some reason, they only seem to have the larger sizes in petite. Was I imagining it – or did someone say Democracy are the same as Wit and Wisdom? Would there possibly be a Democracy version of these in petite?

  7. I got these jeans a few weeks ago and really love them! The wash is really a terrific mid-blue and I love the ankle slit. I am 5’4″ and got the regular length. They hit right around my ankle and look great with leather sneakers. I am considering buying a petite pair for spring/summer since a slightly shorter length works well with sandals.

  8. I just ordered the W&W jeans, since I love that brand. With the trend you are seeing for spring/summer, are you going to pack up your skinny jeans?

  9. I think I am the only 1 who hasn’t tried the wit and wisdom so I am giving them a go! Unfortunately, I need a little more stretch than I did a year ago, and hopefully these will be comfy and still work if I lose a few pounds. (Trying to be optimistic!)Thanks!

    1. Kathy,
      W&W are VERY stretchy, especially in the waistband (so they don’t cut you in half when sitting), but they do not look at all frumpy. After I got my first pair I was tempted to throw out the rest of my jeans and replace them with W&W. I did not, but there has been a gradual transition. I agree with sizing down as they do give a little after you have them on for awhile.

      Democracy is a nearly identical brand that I frequently find at TJ Maxx for a fraction of the cost, but it is kind of hit or miss.
      Happy denim shopping!

  10. I really like the Wit and Wisdom brand and I have several pairs. I just received a pair of Liverpool jeans in my Trunk Club box from Nordstrom. They fit like Wit and Wisdom and are a little more expensive. Have you tried them Jolynne? I’m interested to know if they will stretch out a lot.

  11. Thank you Jo-Lynne for your post. I like the necklaces and the sweater. I’m would also like to know where you bought your living room rug? I have been looking for a long time and it’s hard to order online without seeing the quality of the rug in person. I’m sure you are happy with it and I’d like to check out the website you purchased it from.
    Thank you! 🙂

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