Fashion Friday: Favorite Summer Trends

If all goes well, when this posts I’ll be relaxing by the pool on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. My only birthday request this year was to go to the beach, so we decided to use some of our Hyatt points for a short family beach getaway. I’ll fill you in when I get back, but in the meantime Fashion Friday must go on. Here are some of my favorite summer trends of 2011.


2011 is the year of the neutral, but they’ve reinvented this classic look with a bit of sparkle. I love this silk sequined shell. Wouldn’t it be great with black jeans for a night out? You could also layer a blazer or cardi on top.

I’ve already shown you the cute sparkle sweater vest I got at Banana Republic. Sorry this picture’s so dark, and it seems to be no longer available online.

I’ve been enjoying wearing it with my next favorite trend… white!


A few years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing white pants, but now I want to live in them. I have white bootcut jeans for dressy nights out and white cropped skinny jeans for daytime or casual evenings. Between the two of them, I could wear white jeans every day. I still want a pair of white skinnies but I haven’t found just the right ones.

Last week I bought this white skirt at the Banana Republic 40% off Sale (that is 40% off sale items – so I really racked up!! I may have to break down and do a fashion haul video. Run, don’t walk, to BR before the sale ends on July 4th!! Use promo code BRSALE25 online.

I also love the idea of a white dress, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t wear it if I had one. If this lace shift was just a few inches longer (and a few dollars cheaper) I’d be tempted to place an order.

Just don’t wear a white dress to someone else’s wedding.

Just. DON’T.

Pop of Color

You know I’m all about the pop of color. A colorful handbag is an easy and inexpensive way to infuse color into an otherwise simple outfit. Check out these cute bags — all less than $50. (Click on the photos for links.)

Cool Nail Colors

I love wearing cool matte tones on my nails this summer.

Right now I’m wearing a pretty lilac. Next time I’m going for Tiffany Blue.

How about you? What are your favorite trends to wear this summer?

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10 Responses

  1. Love all the white denim. It looks so good with a summer tan paired with a pop of color like you suggested. Also, that matte sequined shell is cute, it ads sparkle without being in your face.

  2. Enjoy your vacation! We are headed out this weekend…woo hoo!

    Love that sparkle vest…very cute. I seem to avoid wearing white (maybe because I’m a slob HA!) but I do love the way it looks in the summer!

  3. OMG! I just discovered Pink Flamingo from O.P.I and LOVE it! It comes in regular polish and gel so your nails and toe nails can match!

  4. loving my white pants this summer, too! And that dress is beautiful, but I know it wouldn’t stay white long enough to be worth it.

  5. I’m loving my white pants right now too. Those skinny crops are awesome. They’re on sale too. Has me thinking…

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