Summer Style Inspiration at Ross

Isn’t it always the way? When you go shopping with something specific in mind, you can never find it, but when you go shopping with nothing particular in mind, you find about a dozen things you think you can’t live without. Or is that just me?

Last month, I stopped into Ross just to see what they had in stock, and I left with two dresses and a new top.


I didn’t think I needed a new dress or a new top, but as it turns out, I’ve worn each dress and the top several times in the past month. In fact, the blue dress totally saved me when I had a last minute invitation to a formal event. I had nothing in my closet that was appropriate and fitting me at the time, and I was so thankful I had impulsively purchased this dress just the week before. Best of all, it was just $39! 

The top has come in handy a few times this spring. I wore it with my white jeans for a date night with my husband, and a few weeks later, I wore it with my black shorts for a dressy dinner out. I snagged this little number for just $14.99. Score!!

The print faux wrap dress was the biggest surprise at all. I don’t usually wear prints, but I love this one, and I got a ton of compliments when I wore it to church. This dress was $49 at Ross, but it would retail for at least twice that at my favorite department store.

I think the key to finding great pieces at Ross is two-fold. First, you have to go shopping with an open mind. Their inventory changes often, and there are always new pieces arriving. You can’t go looking for a specific item and expect to find it, but if you have a general idea of what you can use if you find the right thing, you may very well get lucky. And if you don’t, just go back in a week or two. They will have a whole slew of new merchandise to peruse.

And second, you will do your best bargain hunting if you know what department store brands work for you. Both of these dresses are made by a designer that I’m familiar with. When I saw that tag, I knew they were probably going to come home with me. Once you know what styles and brands work best for you, you will be able to be a much more efficient and successful shopper.

I wrote this post in partnership with Ross, but all opinions and fabulous fashion finds are my own.

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9 thoughts on “Summer Style Inspiration at Ross

  1. Jo-Lynne!!! All three of those items are the bomb for you. Truly the shirt is my all time favorite—the colors, the print….it’s the cat’s meow!!!
    The question you raise is truth! Looking for one particular item makes finding it next to impossible (unless you’re shopping online). Besides, don’t we have everything we Need by this age? ha ha jodie

  2. I absolutely LOVE the patterned dress! It looks like a style that would work well on me. Too bad there’s almost no chance of finding it, due to the nature of the constantly rotating stock at Ross. I DO love dress shopping there – they have amazing prices and so much to choose from!

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