Surviving Seasonal Allergies

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you that I was a prissy little girl. I spent most of my childhood reading books and playing school. I wasn’t much of a tomboy, I wasn’t much for sports, and I wasn’t much for the outdoors. It’s actually quite out of character for me to enjoy the outdoors as much as I do as an adult when I’m running and biking, because as a child, I wanted no part of it.

My daughters are nothing like me. They live for summertime, and they like nothing more than to spend a sunny spring afternoon climbing trees or rolling around in the grass.


No one is more excited than my kids that warm spring days are here again. Every day when they get home from school, they drop their book bags in the foyer, grab a snack, and they’re out the door. I don’t usually see them until dinnertime.


Unfortunately, my girls are terribly afflicted with seasonal allergies. They have it all — the cough, congestion, sinus pressure, itchy/watery eyes… the works. We finally had allergy testing done on my older daughter because her symptoms were so severe, and the results shed some light on the situation. She’s highly allergic to grass and just about every tree that grows in the state of Pennsylvania. Good times!

And yet, this is all she wants to do in the springtime.


I can’t bear to keep her inside, so every spring we stock up on eye drops, antihistamine tablets, nasal spray, and lots and lots of tissues. The cost of all these products add up, but once again, I save by shopping at CVS. I always opt for their store brand products. They work just as well as name brands for a fraction of the price, and they have a money back guarantee. Even though I’ve never had to use it, I like the reassurance that provides.


I also always use my CVS ExtraCare Rewards card so I earn coupons and cash back when I shop. I’m not big on clipping coupons, but I can’t afford NOT to use my ExtraBucks Rewards. If you don’t have an ExtraCare Rewards card, go out and get one right now. Look, this is what my last receipt looked like.

CVS ExtraBucks

Get 30% OFF when you “Fill Your Bag” at CVS!

Right now CVS is running a “Fill Your Bag” in-store promotional event through May 23rd to help you save on your favorite CVS Brand products as well as on other select exclusive product lines that they carry.

CVS "FIll Your Bag Event" for 30% off!

To participate, you just scan your ExtraCare Rewards card at the ExtraCare Coupon Center inside any CVS store. You will receive a 30% off coupon and a reusable shopping bag. Then you go shopping and fill your bag. You can choose from more than 3,000 CVS/pharmacy exclusive items at 30% off. And if you prefer to shop online, there is no coupon required. Savings will automatically be applied to eligible online purchases. Pretty sweet, yes?

What are your favorite CVS Brand products??

Disclosure: I am partnering with CVS/pharmacy for this springtime campaign, but all product claims and program details should be verified at CVS.com or with the appropriate manufacturers. All opinions and sniffles are my own.

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12 thoughts on “Surviving Seasonal Allergies

  1. I do love CVS and all of their coupons. Like you I am not a coupon but CVS makes it easy with the coupons that print out right at the register. I really like the nuts. I stock up on them for work.

  2. I love CVS! I have been there often lately due to allergies! They have remodeled the store I go to and it looks so nice, even selling fresh food now! I love the ECB and coupons. It’s a one stop shop!

  3. I love CVS. I suffer from allergies as well…and CVS is where I go to look for some relief. they do also have some great natural products that I like as well.

  4. CVS is always our go-to store for toiletries and remedies, and it’s only 5 minutes away! Thanks for sharing about this, I actually need a restock on summer stuff – summer is also bandage season!

  5. It’s so hard to stay inside during the summer time! I’m glad you got all stocked up on some allergy products and hopefully your older daughter is benefitting from those products. Thanks for sharing!

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