Summer Trend to Try: Crochet

Hi friends! Now that we’re approaching the dog days of summer, I thought I’d do a few posts highlighting some of the season’s hottest trends.

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Remember, fashion trends are simply clothing styles or specific items that are popular at the moment. You don’t have to participate in all of the trends to look current and stylish. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend that.

But when you see one that resonates with you for one reason or another — it represents your personal style or works particularly well for body type and lifestyle — it’s a great time to lean in to that style.

Crochet is “having a moment” this season, and this is a great way to add texture and pattern to an outfit. While this trend gives a nod to the ’60s and ’70s, current styles are more refined and less homespun.

If you don’t care for crochet knit tops and dresses, you can find some great crocheted accessories, or look for tops and dresses with crochet accents.

I rounded up a bunch of fun options below, and I split them into two categories: apparel and accessories.

Crochet Women’s Apparel: Sweaters, Tops & Dresses

Crochet Accessories: Bags, Hats & Shoes

What are your thoughts on the crochet trend? Is it one you’ll embrace, or are you sitting this one out?

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33 Responses

  1. Yes, I heard the Canada wildfires were affecting New York and other areas that way. Its terrible. We have had several days this time of year before where its not safe to be outside. I live in NW Oregon. My husband is a fireman(fire chief) and in the last 3 days he’s been on 3 fires that got out of hand. I think its going to be a bad wild land fire year again. We had a wet Spring, so the vegetation(fuels) are plentiful and now its been dry for longer than usual for us in Oregon, so not a good combo. It does give off a strange hazy and the sun will turn orange. Its not safe to be outside and you are right, not safe for pets either. I hope it clears up soon for you all. A few years ago, during a covid summer, my daughter who lived by Portland, Or. had to duck tape their windows and doors to be safe and they bought air purifiers. It was hard for them to be stuck inside in the nice weather and covid times on top of it. You might want to go out and buy a good purifier. As for Crochet, I’m not a fan. I don’t like to have to try to wash it so it doesn’t rip apart. Some items are cute though.

    1. Yes, I read advice about an air filter. I have a pretty large house, so it would need to be some type of whole house system, for now we’re just going to close windows and hope it passes soon. I’m afraid it won’t be the last time. We experience this though. 😕

      1. Kathy, your husband is to be commended; firefighters are a special breed. My husband was a volunteer firefighter for several years and they never know what they will face when called out. Blessings to him!

        1. Thank you Nancy. I met him in high school and he was volunteering then. He went to college for paramedic and fire and has been doing it ever since. He is 64 yrs old. He is now the fire chief. He was born to do this. He takes his job very serious and during fire season even more as he wants to keep our community safe.

      2. I have the dyson but only use it downstairs in my 2200 Sq. ft house. My daughters had the same but later bought a larger unit that works for larger square footage. They have one up and downstairs. They are expensive but they use theirs year round as helps their allergies too. Let me know if you need model name of their bigger one. They work great.

        1. I have the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball and it really cleans well but doesn’t get under the bed very well, I don’t lug it upstairs anymore but get my husband to do that. Mine is probably 7-8 years old and the warranty is very good, had a problem occur with mine before the 5 year warranty was up and they sent me a box to pack it in and paid for shipping to and from repair shop and I had it back in a week. Unfortunately I have a lot of carpet, my son has the newer small version and he likes his, they have mostly hardwoods and area rugs. I would definitely buy from them again, mine is still going strong.

        2. Interesting, and good to know. I do have the small one from QVC in my office, and I can close the doors and run it when I’m home all day. Hopefully this won’t happen again, but we probably won’t be that fortunate.

  2. Thanks for whittling down the options in this trend! I’ve typically been leery of crochet due to lack of structure therefore not keeping its shape. But you’ve shown a few pieces that I think I’ll try! Thank you!

  3. I like the idea of crochet, but in some of these colors it would read as ‘granny’ on me. Love the shoe and purse options though.

  4. I’m going to sit this one out and leave it to the young ones. It seems a little too precious.

  5. I’m sorry that the bad air from the Canadian fires has moved into Philly. Everyone being impacted remains in our thoughts and prayers. As of now, I’m going to pass on the crochet trend.

  6. I love crochet! I own the Gap Factory tank in white, and it’s a nice weight that is cool without being see-through. I also make my own crocheted items and wanted to note that most “crochet” items available in stores are actually knitted, which is good because knitting can be done by machines and sold at a lower price point. Genuine crochet has to be done by hand and should have a higher price to reflect that work. Whenever I see genuine, hand-made crochet items mass-marketed at a low price point, I know the artisans couldn’t have possibly been paid a fair wage. Obviously, I buy from Gap and am not completely guiltless when it comes to fast fashion, but I thought others might appreciate having this info when deciding whether to buy a crochet item.

  7. I know crochet has been around for generations, and it’s fun that it’s “trendy” now! When my mother-in-law passed about 12 years ago, I was able to “inherit” a pretty natural-colored crochet top with a scoop neck and cap sleeves, and short length. Looks similar to any of the Loft or Gap tops you featured! I have loved wearing it with black shorts and a black tank/cami underneath. I’ll wear it even more this summer!!! Maybe it will pop up on our Facebook page next Wednesday!! Not quite sure about a crochet bathing suit! HAHA!!

  8. The Evereve Remy Crochet sweater just went on sale. I ordered it for $85.00. I have been eyeing it up since you first posted it.

  9. I’m so happy that crochet is trending. I was going stir crazy when everything shut down 3 years ago. (I’m a very active, outdoorsy person) A friend suggested I try learning crochet. I thought she was crazy. I couldn’t see myself doing it. I decided to try and now I’m “hooked.”😊 I’ve recently started making garments. There are so many modern patterns out now thanks to crochet being a trend. I hope it lasts!

  10. Dwane Wade is catching some ‘heat’ for his sweater but I enjoyed crochet represented last night at the NBA Finals game!/Users/clare/Desktop/Screen Shot 2023-06-08 at 11.40.24 AM.png

  11. Wow….if only I wasn’t on a “no shopping” binge right now. Boo for me! I love that small Madewell crossbody bag for summer! It would be good for traveling too. And the black dress with the crochet bodice is so cute! I’m sorry, I guess I am currently NOT the follower you want, right? Your recent blog post about bad shopping habits really hit me and is forcing me to change my ways, so you certainly “influenced” me in that way. 🙂
    So sorry about your bad air quality; yes, being in CA we are unfortunately used to that. Although we had so much rain and snow this year that experts are predicting a different fire season this year.

    1. You are funny. I love all my “followers” who engage thoughtfully, whether they shop through my links or not. 🙂 Plus, I earn ad revenue that is based on how many times my blog is viewed so just reading and commenting helps with that. And I’m so glad the post on shopping habits was helpful.

  12. We are just heading home from a few days over to Maine and New Hampshire for some time away and of course shopping! Two of my purchases were crochet one a sleeveless sweater (tank) and a long dress. One was scoop brand and one free assembly from Walmart! The top was 22.00 and the dress was marked down to 5.00 so that was enough fir me to pay fir a trend that may or may not be here next year!

    Sorry you’re feeling the smoke! You’re more than likely getting it from Quebec. Our province NS has had fires but one is under control one is still on going! The one that was not far from us only a 30 minute drive had 150 homes completely burn! One was our youth pastors home! Almost an entire subdivision gone! It’s been devastating. The smoke was bad for a few days but the wind would cause shifts so we felt very little in our direction! We are praying that the fires everywhere will be soon done! It was such a dry winter and a dry Spring!

    God bless all those firefighters putting their lives on the line! Two days at home the temperatures were over 90 degrees Celsius and they were battling both different fires within our province! We prayed for rain and had about 4 days !!! Much needed relief!
    Thinking and praying for all affected !

    1. Someone on IG was telling me about the situation in Nova Scotia. Maybe it was you? I can’t even imagine, what a horrible tragedy. And I agree, God bless the firefighters.

  13. In the Pacific Northwest we have “fire season” which typically starts mid Aug – late September or the first snowfall. There are many days in the early fall where the kids can’t have outdoor recess because of the air quality. Sorry you’re experiencing this but I am glad you listened to your body and came back inside, for Savanah too, this is serious business. As for the Crochet trend, it’s cute. I did purchase a natural (tan) colored cotton crocheted cropped sweater that will be perfect for cool summer nights on the deck or lake side. I can see it with a pair of shorts and slides. And If you can pull off a crochet dress or bathing suit, then go for it!

  14. I have a few crochet cardigans in natural and one in black. They’re several years old and they come in handy in the summer which is why I never got rid of them. I have the patience to hand wash if needed.

  15. I bought the GapFactory striped sweater (#7) in the spring & get compliments ea time I wear it. Very comfortable. I machine washed & lay flat to dry. I’ve worn it several times since late march & not any issues with threads unraveling.

  16. Can you share the info on the air purifier that you have. I heard that they are expecting more Canadian wildfires and we can expect more days like we have been having. Thanks so much!

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