Sweater Weather with Ross Dress for Less

It hasn’t felt much like fall around here yet, but sweater weather is on its way. Sweaters are one of my favorite things about fall . . . and boots, and apple crisp, and . . . well, let’s stick to sweaters for today.

I stopped into Ross last week to see what they had for fall sweaters, and I hit the jackpot. Popular sweater trends this year are fringe, capes/ponchos, sweater coats, waterfall cardigans, and vests. I was thrilled to see that the selection at Ross was right on point. Take a look.

Sweater Trends for Fall 2015

Sweater Trends for Fall 2015

Sweater Trends for Fall 2015

Sweater Trends for Fall 2015


This ribbed waterfall cardigan ($29.99) in a gorgeous burnt orange practically screams fall. I wore it over a black tank, but it would also work well over brown or ivory. The tan ballet flats ($15.99) are also from Ross. They have a faux shearling lining that makes them super cozy. When it gets colder, I’ll wear this outfit with ankle boots or riding boots.



This charcoal grey poncho ($19.99) incorporates two trends — fringe AND the poncho that is so popular right now. I love a poncho. It makes me feel like I’m snuggled up under a blanket all day long. I wore it over a black tank, but I’ll wear a long-sleeve t-shirt underneath when it gets colder. The jeans ($16.99) are also from Ross. I love pairing plum with charcoal grey.

Sweater Trends for Fall 2015

Sweater Trends for Fall 2015

This hooded sweater coat ($27.99) has such gorgeous detailing in the knit, and it’s a great piece for dressing up or down. I paired it with jeans, but it would also work well with ponte pants for a work environment.

Sweater Trends for Fall 2015

Sweater Trends for Fall 2015

Sweater Trends for Fall 2015

I shudder to think that I almost left this one on the rack! I absolutely adore this hooded waterfall sweater vest/cardi . . . I’m not even sure what to call it, but it’s adorable and perfect for these early fall days.

What fall sweater trend are you most excited about??

I wrote this post in partnership with Ross Dress for Less. All text and opinions are 100% mine.

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39 thoughts on “Sweater Weather with Ross Dress for Less

  1. My fall wardrobe is dying for an overhaul and I love how fun and fashionable all of these are! I’ve been wanting a poncho for ages and I love the longer vest options with unique cuts ~ great looks as always Jo-Lynne!

  2. I’m going to have to look for one of those cardigan/vest watcha-callits. We don’t get a lot of super cold weather here on Florida so that would be just heavy enough for winter.

  3. Beautiful! my favorite is the blue/periwinkle sweater. I don’t think we have a Ross here in NJ…I’ll have to find out 😉 great finds! Have a blessed day 😉

  4. Love all of these!!! And can’t say there’s one trend in particular I’m excited about – I just love that I can wrap myself up soon 😉
    Btw, the burnt orange colored one looks fab on you!

  5. My favorite is that periwinkle coatigan! Question about the poncho–I find they always move backwards to choke me… how do you keep a poncho from moving too much?!

    1. Yeah, well, I had it positioned so a little bit of my black t-shirt was showing in the V-neck, but as I moved, the poncho moved back, and it looks a bit empty. So yeah, I don’t have a good answer for that, lol. I do prefer ponchos with sleeves. They stay in place better. But this one was to cute to resist. 🙂

  6. I absolutely love these sweater options for fall! Thank you so much for taking the time to style them for us! Everyone of them look great on you!

  7. Jo-Lynne, I love all of them and I am thrilled that you found them at Ross. I don’t know which I like the best, but I do know that I will be going into a Ross store tomorrow after physical therapy. Thank you!
    God Bless!

  8. Great outfits! May I ask where you found the tank that you wore with the sweater coat, or if you have other suggestions for a good white tank for open cardigans?

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