April 19, 2020

Coffee Talk & IF Update

Good morning! We are over halfway through April, can you believe it? For today's Coffee Talk I've got a newsy life update, some things we're doing to keep ourselves distracted while on quarantine, as well as the latest on my IF journey for those who were asking.
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March 22, 2020

Coffee Talk 03.22.20

Happy Sunday, friends! For today's Coffee Talk, I'm sharing what things look like in my neck of the woods at the moment, and then I'm answering some questions I've gotten lately about IF, my kitchen makeover, and FB Lives. I divided things up with headings so you can skip over any part that doesn't interest you.
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March 8, 2020


Happy Daylight Savings Sunday! Who's dragging this morning? Not me, ironically enough, but I'll probably pay for it later. Grab a cup of your favorite java; it's time for my weekly coffee chat.
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January 19, 2020

In Which I Answer All The Intermittent Fasting Questions

Greetings and good morning! We've had quite a weekend in our house. Most notably, C got her driver's license yesterday!!! I've also got a brief kitchen makeover update, and I'm answering all the intermittent fasting questions I've been getting this week.
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January 12, 2020

Coffee Talk: Intermittent Fasting Update & Kitchen Makeover Plans

Well, good morning! I'm going to need toothpicks to keep my eyes open today. I've been up since about 3AM... You might want to grab a 2nd cup of coffee and take a seat, it's another long one!
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January 5, 2020

Coffee Talk: Weekend Recap & My First Week of IF

Good morning! How was your weekend? Have you de-Christmassed your house yet? Today I'm chatting about my weekend, and my first full week doing intermittent fasting. You might want to grab a 2nd cup of coffee and take a seat, it's a long one!
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