Coffee Talk & IF Update

Good morning! We are over halfway through April, can you believe it?

For today’s Coffee Talk I’ve got a newsy life update, some things we’re doing to keep ourselves distracted while on quarantine, as well as the latest on my IF journey for those who were asking.

outfit details

It’s funny, when our lockdowns started back on March 13th, I was thinking it wouldn’t be too bad at all to be “stuck” at home. We were headed into warmer weather, our pool was about to open, and I’m a self-proclaimed homebody even when I’m free to go wherever I want.

Well, the pool is pretty to look at, but we’re still waiting for that warmer weather to arrive, so we won’t be swimming in it anytime soon. And while I’m generally pretty content to be at home, I’m really starting to miss everyday interactions with people.

Zoom group chats are nice, but they just aren’t the same as in-person get togethers. Maybe I’m not such an introvert after all!

I’m thankful not to be struggling with the emotions a lot of people are talking about dealing with right now, and I know better days are around the corner, so I’m trying to keep my sights set on that and not get bogged down in the monotony of the day to day.

In the meantime, we’re trying to do little things to keep our spirits up, and the latest was joining a wine club.

I’ve always been curious to try one, but I’m pretty picky about my wine, so I typically prefer to pick out my own. Paul is more adventurous than I am, so he was definitely open to it.

Now that our state stores are closed, and we aren’t supposed to be grocery shopping unless we have to, I figured it was a good time to try out a wine club delivery service. We looked at a few and decided to go with First Leaf Wine.

I liked their questionnaire because we were able to choose brands and varieties that we know we like, and they will make their selections for us based on that information.

Some other wine clubs I looked at asked a bunch of loosey-goosey questions about your palette and flavors you like, but that doesn’t really take into account what you like in wine. I also like the price point of the First Leaf wines, so I think this is going to be a good fit.

Our first shipment arrived on Friday, and we’re super excited to start trying them out. Best of all, our new wine rack is almost full!

outfit details

I absolutely love having this drink station, and I’m so glad we decided to redesign this space when we did our kitchen makeover.

It would have been a lot easier to leave it as-is, but it’s so much more functional for us this way. The desk situation that we had before didn’t feel like it was really part of the kitchen, although we did use it for drinks when we had big get-togethers.

But with the microwave and coffee maker and all the coffee paraphernalia moved over there, and of course the drink fridge and all of our wine and cocktail glasses, now it feels like an extension of the kitchen.

And once again, I’m so thankful we finished up the kitchen project before we went into lockdown. That was very good timing!

The other thing we’re doing to keep our spirts up while staying home is getting a puppy.

Notice, I didn’t call this one a “little” thing, haha!

I know it’s a far bigger commitment than a wine club, but we are all very excited. We’ve been talking about adding a second dog to our family for some time, and I had summer in mind. But now that we’re all at home for the foreseeable future, we decided to go ahead and expedite the process.

We visited him last week to make sure everything checked out, and it was love at first sight. We get to pick up little Ozzy and bring him home tomorrow afternoon!

I’m curious to see how much he’s grown in the past 10 days, and very interested to see how Savannah takes to him.

I know it may be rough for a few weeks, but I think it’s going to be a nice distraction for our family and hopefully bring everyone out of their respective corners of the house.

Again, not to suggest that we are getting a dog just to keep us entertained for the next few months. I realize this is a longterm commitment, and we’re all very excited about adding a second dog to the family.

Okay, switching gears….

I’ve had a few requests for an IF update.

I’m never sure quite what to say when I get asked for an update, because not much has changed. It’s just what I do now, although I am making some tweaks to my diet along the way.

Please understand, when I say “diet,” I am not referring to intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting refers to how and when I eat; my diet is what I eat.

I answered a bunch of general questions about IF in this post back in January: In Which I Answer All The Intermittent Fasting Questions. And then this IF Update was written in early March, before we went on lockdown due to Coronavirus. Both are worth a re-read for context, as I don’t want to repeat all that here.

I’m still consistently fasting for 18-20 hours a day, and I’m still 100% committed to the clean fast (I drink only black coffee or water during my fasting window.)

Where I’m struggling right now is with what I’m eating during my eating window.

Now that we’re at home so much, I’m tempted to eat way too much and snack constantly while my eating window is open, and it doesn’t help that I always struggle with controlling my eating this time of year.

I tend to get into a major funk in the springtime because of the weather, and I end up eating more out of boredom and as a way of self-soothing, and now that is compounded by this stupid coronavirus crisis.

In addition to that, I have a 17-year-old daughter who loves to cook and bake, and she often makes high-calorie, high-carb treats that are hard to resist. She’s doing a lot more baking now that she’s not as busy with extra curricular activities.

Add it all up — more time at home, more opportunities to eat calorie-dense foods, the craptastic weather and my tendency to self-soothe with food, and let’s not forget, a nationwide pandemic — and it stands to reason that I’d be struggling a bit.

I’m not upset about it. I understand what is happening, but it means I have to tweak my eating habits a bit if I’m going to maintain this weight loss.

Sometimes you will hear people say that IF means you can eat anything you want during your eating window. Yeah, sort of. But “anything” and “everything” are two very different things.

I am not restricted to certain foods, and I don’t count calories or macros, but I still can’t eat everything under the sun during my 5-hour eating window and expect to lose weight.

Intermittent fasting helps you listen to your body, and you may need to eliminate certain foods that don’t agree with you. (I still don’t do well with gluten, for example.)

IF also helps you be more in tune to your satiety signals so you can stop eating when you’re full (or perhaps choose not to start eating when your window is open, if you aren’t hungry yet.)

But you still have to tweak your diet (what you eat) as you go along, and as you learn what works and doesn’t work for you. And it is entirely possible to ignore those satiety signals and still overeat, or to choose junk that makes you feel crappy over the foods that make you feel good.

And that’s where I am in this whole journey.

I’m still following the IF way of eating (restricting my eating hours to a certain time of day), but I’m struggling a bit with my diet (what and how much I’m eating.)

To put it all in perspective, I’m still maintaining a 6-7 pound weight loss, but my weekly average has actually gone up a pound or two over the past few weeks.

My goal is to lose a few more, for a total of 10, and I think that will happen, but it’s happening verrrrry slowwwwwly. That’s okay, though. It is to be expected.

As I’ve said before, IF is not a quick weight loss plan, and I have yet to see the full results of intermittent fasting on my body. It takes a lot longer than 4 months to see the optimal benefits, especially when I’m not doing longer fasts.

What IF does and what I love about it, is the way it has simplified my life and given me confidence in controlling my weight.

I’m no longer a slave to the scale, and I have the tools I need to lose and maintain a comfortable weight without allowing every fluctuation to make or break my day.

I also love how IF has freed me from decision making all day long. Strangely, I’m not usually tempted to eat before my window opens — not to say that those beignets don’t smell delicious when C pulls them out of the oven, but I know I can have one later, if I decide to.

So I’m not always thinking about food, and about what to eat, and how much to eat, and if I should eat or not. When my window isn’t open, I just don’t eat. Easy.

When my window is open, I need to be more intentional about choosing good-for-me foods, and avoid situations that encourage mindless snacking (bringing a bowl of chips to the computer when 4:00 rolls around.)

It’s a work in progress, and it probably always will be to some extent, but IF makes it a lot simpler. Plus, over time, IF is helping my body process sugars and fats more efficiently and providing other health benefits that will be more evident over time.

For now, I’m just trying to enjoy the extra energy and the simplified lifestyle while I continue to tweak what I eat and how much I eat until I find what works best for me. And I’m giving myself heaping amounts of grace during this crazy time of quarantine/stay-home orders/coronavirus madness.

Q&A Coming Up!

I’m planning my April Q&A post for later this week. I’ll be including some of the questions I’ve been asked a few times lately, but if you’d like to submit any questions for me to address in that post, feel free to email me with Q&A in the subject line. It can be about anything fashion or life related.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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49 thoughts on “Coffee Talk & IF Update

  1. Good morning! I am about two weeks behind you on my IF journey and have very slowly lost six pounds but what I have gained is so much more knowledge and control over my eating. I just know that my window opens at 12 and closes at 7 and I rarely move that time frame. I find I eat much less and also am more intentional about what I eat. My sleep and energy have improved, also. I started with the goal of dropping the 15 lbs I had gained over the last 18 months, and while I may or may not reach that, I’m very happy with how far I’ve come. The books you recommended were a huge help and so are your updates. Have a blessed day 🙂

  2. I’m looking forward to following along your puppy journey! We have two goldendoodles, one my son got two years ago so he will go with my son when he moves out in about a year. I knew I would be sad when he left and took the dog so I got one for myself a year ago. They are such wonderful dogs. I hope you’ll be sharing lots of photos… I’ll be checking your instagram stories! I know you’re getting lots of tips – mine is to be sure to handle each paw frequently. It gets them used to it so nail trims and paw wipes after a rain will be easier as they get older.

  3. Nice to see the wine rack growing!! Haha! By the way, I’ve been meaning to let you know how much I like your new coffee talk pictures! You look so good and they convey such a relaxed style. Must be the wine….

  4. Since Spring is here Maybe you could do a short post on Outdoor Decor…My daughter and I built our house and moved in in 2018 . My grand daughter is 10 and we spend a lot of time outside. We have a full 9 ft wide wrap around porch that faces Nth (back of house, facing the pool–we have placed a table and 6 chairs, near patio door leading into kitchen area) East (we have a porch swing as well as an 8 ft couch) Sth (I have placed 2 chairs with foot stools as well as 2 rockers). You can see the lake from the East and South sides. I have dark wicker furniture that I love with Blue cushions mixed in with a little off white as well. Around the porch is white columns and white railing. Would love to see some suggestions on outdoor rugs,,decor pcs for outdoor as well as a few more cushions. We live in a remote area in Mo, closest Major city is Springfield MO and it is 2 hours away. Most of our “shopping” is done online. Love your ideas and style, keep up the great work. And yes there is a Rainbow at the end of this Storm we are all enduring.

    1. Wow!!! Rhonda. Sounds like you are doing just fine on outdoor decor. It sounds really nice and a beautiful place to be. 

  5. Thanks for the “real” update. I’m sure you help a lot of others who are on “IF”. I for one don’t know how you do it. I could never go that long without eating once I get up with having chronic migraines. I have to eat my meals and snacks and not put too many hours in between eating. Skipping meals or waiting too long has always been a migraine trigger for me. I eat healthy as I have food allergies so I eat Whole Foods, nothing processed and rarely eat sugar. I’m glad “IF” is working for you. I’m sure once your weather warms up and you can enjoy your outside area with your pool it will help. My friend and I keep using the word “blah”. We are doing ok, just feel “blah”. Be thankful you do have your husband and kids home with you. I’m alone all day, retired and my husband has to work…..Fire Chief. I told him the other day…….I use to think I liked myself, but now being with myself so much I’m not sure. Ha Ha. 🤪Have a great Sunday. I’m off to church online. Our new normal. 

    1. I have the same issue with migraines. It led me to eating 5-6 scheduled, regimented times a day. Like you, I mainly eat quite healthy but have pie or something every day. No artifice anything though. Homemade type and enough fat to balance whatever sugar is in it. 
      Just started Botox for migraine and got Ubrelvy for attacks 🤞🏻🤞🏻

      1. Diane, So Sorry to hear you also get migraines. It really is a hard way to live. I tried Botox for a few years. It did help the severity and length some but not the frequency. I was averaging 25 a month. Actually I’ve tried everything and finally starting seeing a naturopath. She has worked on my food allergies  and hormones. I had a full hysterectomy at 36 and was only given estrogen replacement. So for all these yrs I’ve been estrogen dominant with no progesterone so terrible combo for a migrainer. So now I’m on bio identical progestrone and estrogen but a way lower amount of estrogen. The goal is to level my hormones  then wein off, unless I get to a dose of no migraines then we will leave alone for awhile. I’m 58 so just now experiencing menopause Symptoms as I’ve gone through this process. Most woman have already gone through it by now. It’s been a very long journey to get to this place but I finally am seeing improvement and having more relief. It’s been 32 yrs of fighting migraines and I’m so ready to live a life pain free. I thank God for bringing this naturopath into my life as none of the OB,GYN’s, regular doctors or neurologist have been able to help like she has. They’ve all tried their best but nothing worked enough or for very long. Plus, they just push medicine. I’m tired of that route and glad to be  doing the healthier route. Hope the Botox works for you. No one understands unless you’ve gone through migraines. Will lift you in prayer right now. 

        1. Kathy,  
          Thank you so much.  I truly appreciate that.  I prayed for you this morning, as well.

          I have had about 40 years of migraines, increasing in frequency and length as time goes by.  I tried acupuncture, neuromuscular massage, chiropractic adjustments and this is my 3rd neurologist.  I’m 54 and have not gone through menopause yet.  Many women tell me that’s when the relief comes.

          I’m glad you are getting some help and pray it continues.

          1. Thank you Diane for the prayers you offered up for me too.  You sound just like me. I have tried all those things you mentioned too.  You may experience relief when you go through menopause.  My grandma, mom and two Aunts did. They were migrainers all their life and once through menopause they had none. That has always been my hope, but I was different than them, as I had a hysterectomy and had to take replacement hormones because I was so young.  Anyway, I’m sure you’ve had your hormones tested etc. and I know what its like for others to tell you stuff to try, but it really is worth looking into if your progesterone is low or not balanced with your estrogen, it really can be migraine trigger. I have learned so much about hormones from my naturopath and its been worth the out of pocket cost for me.  I have friends who have also had to start taking some progesterone for their symptoms with pre menopause or menopause and its really helped them.  They have more energy and better mood etc. etc.  Just worth you looking into. I just hate to see anyone suffer from migraines. Breaks my heart.  Blessings and hope today is a migraine free day for you.  

        2. Hi Kathy!! Since you had your Hysterectomy have you experienced any Hot Flashes? And, I had Migraines when I was younger and my Doctor said they were Menstrual Migraines. Have yours subsided since you had your Hysterectomy?

          1. Linda, I had my hysterectomy so young-36 yrs. they gave me replacement estrogen, so no, I didn’t experience any hot flashes. The estrogen was replacing what my ovaries would have produced if I had them.  The hope was I’d find relief from my migraines if I had the hysterectomy but I didn’t.  Ever since, I’ve fought trying to be on the right dose of hormones and the older I’ve gotten the worse the migraines have gotten, thus me finally going to a naturopath who knows hormones and knew to get me on some progesterone(which I should have had way before now) and lower my estrogen.  But, lower estrogen can give hot flashes as its like going through regular menopause, so now at 58, I’m having AM hot flashes daily, but just right when I wake up and they go right away. But, it too will pass someday, as we continue to wein down the hormones slowly.  I may have to be on some type of hormones awhile if it helps my migraines.  Hope this helps.  PS I too had mentrual migraines before my hysterectomy.  

        1. Ubrelvy is in a new class/type (not sure the medical term) of migraine treatment.  I saw an ad for another medicine that has the same generic ending, much like all the triptans, just the other day, so we’ll be hearing more about them, I’m sure.  It makes me nervous to try something that new, but as you know, when you’re on day 2 or 3 of that pain and the rest of the symptoms, you’d take about anything. 

          1. Yes, I understand the pain for days and needing some relief. I was at the point though, nothing worked and the side affects were so bad from the meds, I had to go a different route. I hoping this tweeking my hormones continues to help me. I tried all the triptans back in the day.  I  hope you can find some relief with the botox and new med.  Everyone is different as you know.  

  6. Good morning! Very much enjoyed your coffee talk. 🙂 I’ve also always felt like I’m an introvert (other than with my students :)), and I always used to think how awesome it would be to work from home. I have definitely come to the realization that I want to be with my students. And my colleagues. We only use Zoom for staff meetings, not with the students because of the potential hacking issues, so I miss my kids a lot, even though we are doing e-learning. Most definitely not the same as interacting in person. My husband is an essential worker – a farmer, so I’m home with the dogs, who I think are very happy for me to home with them, but I’m pretty solitary for most of the day.

    On the IF front, I’m doing well. I haven’t really been tempted to eat outside my window. I have a morning window, which is technically from 6am-noon, but typically is from 8 to noon. Yesterday for some reason, I was really hungry, which happens very infrequently, so I opened at 6, and basically continued to graze til noon, which was not the best plan. Today seems back to normal. I do fix dinner for both of us, but I just eat mine for lunch the next day. My husband has to taste for seasonings, which he doesn’t mind. 😉 It has definitely been slow. I started about the middle of January and have lost about 8-9 lbs. I’ve just started losing again this past week. I plateaued for about a month at the same weight. It’s so sustainable though. I don’t feel deprived at all. I’d be thrilled to lose another 5, but we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

    I’m so looking forward to hearing about and seeing pictures of your new puppy! He looks absolutely adorable, and yes, it usually takes a little time for the resident dog to get used to the new one, but I’m sure they will become friends. 🙂

    1. Hi Melissa, 
      I’m a teacher too and my district uses Google Meet instead of Zoom (due to lack of privacy restrictions). I hold two whole class google meets per week plus 2 small group math sessions and 6 small group writing groups per week. It really helps feel like I’m still connected to the kids as I get to see them and teach them virtually. Do you use google Classroom? 

      1. We used Google Classroom regularly, but I think more teachers did not, so it was decided that the elementary schools in our district would go with Seesaw. Our middle school and high school are doing Google Classroom. I will definitely bring up Google Meet at our next staff meeting though. Especially since it was just announced that Illinois schools are done for the year, I really believe it’s important to keep that connection open with the kids. Although, our district also has concerns about home privacy, and what can be seen in the backgrounds, so I’m not sure they will change their minds, but I really think the kids need to see their teachers and their classmates, and to interact with each other. Thank you!

  7. Wait a minute…. do I see a new feature… Wine Talk coming our way? I wouldn’t object! Sunday is always a good day around our home;
    I hope yours is as well!

    1. Love Shelly’s suggestion of a futue Wine Talk! Looking forward to seeing Ozzy’s pics. He looks so cuddly.

  8. I can’t wait for y’all to bring Ozzy home tomorrow afternoon!  I suspect that y’all already know this, but let Savannah and Ozzy check each other out on their own, and let them set the ground rules.  With Savannah being the oldest she should be the dominant dog.  I hope you and Paul will enjoy the wine club.  How’s his finger feeling?  I sure hope your weather is better than ours!  The severe stuff will be moving in later this afternoon and will be around at least dawn tomorrow.  Enjoy the rest of your day!

    1. Yes, we are hoping to let them adjust to each other slowly… we have a puppy pen to keep Ozzy contained and give him his own space, and then Savannah has free reign of the rest of the house, so she can escape if she needs to. 🙂

  9. The picture of you wearing the black and white is photo perfect for a magazine cover….I liked it on Instagram too… in fact during these days I finally got on board with Instagram so I could follow you and Cyndi and a few others and actually enjoy your videos that you post. I know I have been living in the dark ages.. My son couldn’t believe I got Instagram.. LOL, but with the help of my daughter I am all set. So excited for the arrival of your new puppy I have a feeling he’s going to be spoiled with love and lots of attention… I think this is a snacking time for a lot of us, and we are looking forward to nicer weather to be outside more. I find if I eat a few things I am trying to stay away from( mainly sweets or chips) then the next day I do better, so its not a daily intake. It seems to all even out, plus I really don’t have anything I don’t eat, its just how much and how often. I try to make healthy decisions each day on food so a little grace is ok….

  10. Ozzie is adorable.  How big does that breed get?  I’m doing IF but I really need to clean it up a bit lately.  Puppy pics please!  Be Well All!

  11. Can’t wait to see the puppy! Like your daughter, I have been cooking and baking more and trying new recipes-not all healthy. I’m trying to cut back but still enjoy being in the kitchen and doing more ‘how-to’s’ like making my own BBQ sauce, cheese, yogurt, tortillas, etc. These are more like projects and produce less sugary results. kitchn.com and Pinch of Yum and Gimme Some Oven are good sites for more how-to and ideas for mastering basics, even perfecting a latte or spice blend.

  12. I am in the same boat as you, with IF. I struggle once I sit down in the evening and turn on the television…..glass (or two) of wine or margarita in hand, along with a bowl of something salty to munch on…it’s my comfort time—totally a habit….but not helping AT ALL with my weight. 
    My only consolation is telling myself how much heavier I would be if I wasn’t doing IF while still eating my comfy foods…🤷🏼‍♀️

  13. So much to say! Wow, a sweet new puppy! I’ve heard so many people are adding to their families in this way during the quarantine. It’s probably a great time for having all hands on deck to help with training. I feel ya’ on the daughter baking, etc… Katie is home and she’s a terrible influence. HAHAHA! Last night she “force fed”😉me jelly beans (we got on clearance…LOL) and brownies with ice cream. Have a great weekend!!! XO

  14. Just a comment or two – First , your Coffee Talk photo is stunning. Black and white are my go to outfits and this one is right up my alley. Please share the links. LOVE the wine rack and your beverage center. I so like to hear about teenagers cooking – I am trying to encourage my granddaughter to learn some of my grandmothery recipes. She’s not too willing, so I guess it is sad they will die with me. Love your IF updates. You are so real. I too go back and forth with my healthy diet. IF does help but I go back and forth with that too. Gee whiz, I guess we are human.

  15. I am on day 91 of IF. I am a very slow loser, but fasting 18-20 hours a day, water only during my fast. I don’t deny what I want to eat, but I am trying to eat better during my window. I love to cook and bake, and I love knowing I can eat what I bake, and not feel guilty. I am now concentrating on eating less of what I love, rather than denying myself. I love feeling like I am in control of something during these out of control times. I have lost 8 pounds total (lost 8, gained 4, lost 4), and I am hoping to lose a couple more (and hopefully some inches around my middle. I am finally feeling a bit more energy (hard to tell since working 8 hours a day on the computer is really draining me), and I hope to see more non-scale victories as I continue. Thank you for introducing IF to me; I had never heard of it before. Beautiful day here in NH; back to yard work. I know I will be sore and barely able to move later, but I love being outside and seeing progress on some projects. Enjoy everyone! Stay safe!

  16. It’s interesting that some of the mental/emotional things you like about IF are what I like about my 5-6 meal a day eating that I’ve done for many years. I eat basically the same thing every day except dinner which varies. I have no category restrictions, but I feel better on my usual daily formula. I eat a piece of pie (Or other baked good) every day. Knowing that treat is coming makes it easy to deny other temptations. Also, over the years I’ve realized that everything is so much more enjoyable if you’re really hungry. So I’m less tempted to snack because I know lunch/dinner/my planned treat won’t be as enjoyable if I do. I also think, like with the IF theory, your body needs down time from food. But my down time is only about 3 hours except for overnight. But I don’t put a single bite in my mouth between my planned eating. 
    I just was struck by the things you mentioned that made IF easier for you in these ways. 

  17. Two questions for your Q&A:

    What types of extra-curriculars were you involved in while in high school? (Band or band front, sports, dance, girl scouts, church youth activities, etc)

    How did you meet your husband?


  18. Regardless of the actual pounds lost, you’re looking great in all of your photos, Jo-Lynne! So it is apparent.
    Looking forward to “meeting” Ozzy and I’m sure Savannah will show him the ropes 😉

  19. Thank you for sharing your IF journey. I knew about IF and was interested but had never tried it. I read the Obesity code and Delay Don’t Deny, books you suggested, and the information made great sense to me. I started 3 weeks ago and doing good with the fasts, so far up to 17/7 to 18/6. Down about 2 lbs so far but only have about 5 to loose. I am also interested in the potential health benefits of IF. I am also working on what I do eat in my window, some days better than others. I live in the same area of the country you do and the weather has not been the best. Looking forward to warm weather to get outside.

  20. Would you mind sharing your top five favorite white and red wine? It’s always a challenge to find a good bottle of wine that is not too expensive. The new puppy is adorable. We have a golden doodle too and we adore her. 

    1. Sure, for white, I usually go for a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – my faves are Kim Crawford and Whitehaven. I’ll buy Oyster Bay when it’s on sale, and if I want to splurge, Cloudy Bay.
      Red, I like a good Cab. J Lohr is a good one, Josh is another I buy a lot. I usually go for a California cab, and I try to find something in the $15 ballpark when on sale.

  21. Many years ago our local mom’s group had a wine club and it was a great way to be introduced to new wines and get together with girlfriends.  A shipment of surprises sounds fun too.  
    Thanks for posting an IF update.  I’m only 11 weeks in but am loving this way of life.  I’m not the only faster in the house and so my current challenge is finding a time to enjoy a meal with the others.  I too need to tighten up my diet if I want to continue to lose.  As a family we decided that desserts are ok but only twice a week.  
    On a puppy note, Ozzy looks so cuddly.  He’s absolutely adorable.  I can’t wait to read about how his integration goes.  Make sure to share when you have the time.  

  22. You inspired me to read “The Obesity Code” which inspired me to try IF. I wasn’t trying to lose weight but I am. The best part for me is reducing my body’s inflammation. All my little aches and pains are gone. Thank you!

  23. I started IF in January of this year and am going through exactly the same things that you are. I am down 15 pounds (with a lot more to go) but find being home hard with the snacking too. Way more sweets than normal too – but feeling not so great after, reminds me why I don’t eat a lot of sweets! I have two dogs (they are a year apart) and I find that getting out on my “lunch break” and taking them for a walk has helped (usually I would take them after work). I start eating around 12-1pm and stop at 6-7pm. Good luck with everything and have fun with the new puppy!

  24. I’ve been clearly eating out of boredom and self-soothing. This is such a strange time, I don’t even know how I feel about it. I guess I swing from calm and happy to be home to high anxiety when I do need to go out to work or to the store. I’m trying to counteract this by moving more, but that’s tough too. My daughter and I have started watching old seasons of America’s Next Top Model, and my husband, daughter, and I started watching The Walking Dead as well. It’s fun to share the time together, but we need to increase our walks, etc.

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