Summer Pajamas Roundup + My New Summer Slippers

A few weeks back, I rounded up a bunch of stylish spring slippers, and I ordered a few to try out for myself. Today I’m sharing the pair I decided to keep, and I also rounded up a bunch of summer pajamas for your shopping inspiration.

I love my cozy UGG Dakotas, but they were getting too warm for our weather; so I set out to find something just as comfy that would allow my toes to breathe a little.

My packages trickled in slowly, and eventually I ended up trying the UGG Cozette, the Vionic Gracie, and the Acorn New Spa Thong.

The winner, believe it or not, was the New Spa Thong by Acorn!

I say believe it or not because I almost never pick the least expensive option, and these are less than $40!

When given a choice, I have this uncanny knack for sniffing out out the most expensive option, even if I have no idea the brand or the price tag… almost every. single. time.

It doesn’t matter if it’s clothes, shoes, furniture, wine, or food, I will almost always like the spendiest one best. It’s a bit of a curse, if you ask my husband.

But this time, I much prefer the Acorn New Spa Thong to the other two.

In fact, I like them so much, I may order a second pair in another color. I went with the grey for this first pair because it’s such a great neutral that goes with everything, but I’ve got my eye on that pretty Azalea color.

I’m not the only one who loves them — with almost 1000 5-star reviews, they’re clearly a hit with almost everyone who orders them.

They have velvety, moisture-wicking terry fabric uppers, with weatherproof outsoles and a skid resistant tread, so you can wear them outside to get the mail without ruining them.

And they have a memory foam insole for lightweight support as well as a raised heel counter and gentle arch support for stability — so your foot doesn’t slide off the side when you walk.

Best of all, you can just throw them in the washer and dryer if they get dirty, and they clean up great!

If you’re looking for a lightweight, soft and cozy spring/summer slipper, I highly recommend giving these slippers a try.

See how happy I am about them? Don’t I look like I’m having fun?

Yeah, it was like 45 degrees when we shot these looks. Fortunately the sun was shining and there was no wind to speak of. I can’t wait until it’s nice enough to sit outside every day with my morning coffee!

Unfortunately, the pajamas I’m wearing in these pictures sold out. I ordered them several weeks ago from Nordstrom Rack, and they took an age to arrive. By the time I got them, they had sold out. Womp, womp…

But speaking of Nordstrom Rack, they’re having a HUGE Lagos event, and I cannot believe the prices. I have a few of his pieces, and they are gorgeous and such high quality. Comparable to Yurman, but not quite as spendy.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Also, fun fact, Steven Lagos is a Philadelphia-based designer.

Okay, back to summer pajamas!

I asked in my Facebook Group where people like to shop for pajamas, and I got a lot of good responses, but a few places were mentioned over and over: Soma, Nordstrom,  Target, and Kohl’s came up over and over; but Soma won, hands-down.

I have to agree — my Soma pajamas are among my favorites. The cool nights fabric is amazing.

Also, my favorite robe that I wear every morning while I do my hair and makeup is from Soma.

Shop Soma Pajamas & Robes:

Beyond that, I’d say my PJ Salvage pieces are a close runner up — I’m wearing PJ Salvage pajamas in the pictures above. You can find them at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. I usually look at the Rack first, and then I may check Nordstrom.

A lot of people also like the Nordstrom Moonlight pajamas. I tried a couple pairs of those in last week’s try-on  haul, and they do feel amazing — very similar to the Soma cool nights.

Target and Kohl’s are great for those who don’t like to spend a lot on pajamas — the Target Stars Above line was mentioned a few times, as was the Vera Wang pajamas at Kohl’s.

I rounded up a bunch of my favorite picks for summer pajamas below. Happy shopping!

Summer Pajamas Roundup

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32 thoughts on “Summer Pajamas Roundup + My New Summer Slippers

  1. Cute new slippers. I love Soma Cool nights pjs. Pretty much all I wear. So glad you were able to get Paul stitched up quickly. What a pain. That’s been something I’ve thought about during this whole thing.  Not wanting to need to make a trip to the Dr or ER. Have a great weekend! XO

  2. Nice post.  I’m so due for new P.J.’s.  Its one thing I put off too long.  I love the pictures you took outside by your pool.  Your deck furniture with the pillow cushions look so nice.  How do you keep our cushions clean? I know you have similar weather as me, but different coast and I just haven’t had cushions, but was wanting to buy a new set with them.  Do you remove in the rain?  Where did you buy your set?  Have a great weekend.  I feel a little blah today. The weekends and the weekdays are all blending into one and nothing to look forward to.  I miss my kids and grandkids something terrible.  I read in the news today that the Jacksonville, Florida beaches were opened back up from 6a.m.-11a.m. and 5p.m.-8p.m. and Friday people flooded down to the beaches and no social distancing was obeyed.  I just hope this type of reopening doesn’t start a resurge in the virus.  As much as I’d like to be reopened where I live, I don’t want to do this all over again starting it too soon.    

  3. PS  So glad your husband is okay.  You are right……you don’t want to go to the ER if possible.  Boy, we went from sunny and 75 yesterday to rainy and cloudy today.  What a change.  

  4. Well, I loved the sold out ones so much. Shoot. If they get more let us know. What a great place to shelter in place.

  5. So glad Paul is ok! ER is the last place any of us want to be in regular times let alone now. In Alberta, Canada: families or visitors are not allowed in ER or hospitals to reduce exposure and spread of virus. Its a whole new world. Love your pool and backyard! Even if you can’t go on trips, its a mini oasis get away! Love the PJs too….. Will check them out on line. More blah weather here too. Supposed to perk up next week to mid 60s – yay!

  6. Can you share where you got the throw pillows on your outdoor furniture? Love them! I’ve been shopping for some and these would be perfect. 

  7. OUCH!!!  I sure hope that Paul’s finger didn’t throb too much last night so that he could sleep. Larry’s last job was with Keyshawn Knives, so I’m way to familiar with cuts from sharp knives.  I really like the slippers that you decided to keep.  I think I will get a pair of them to wear during the day and after my foot moisturizer soaks in at night.  Because I like to have lots of pj choices, I don’t spend as much money on them as some do.  Lately, Kohl’s and Belk have been my go-to for pajamas.  I hope that y’all are enjoying your Saturday!

  8. Ordered the slippers in heather navy! They look soooo comfy and I’ve been needing some for warmer weather. And I spy some new pj’s for my birthday coming up! And maybe Mother’s Day too. 🙂

  9. I’m in the middle of a spring/summer pj clean out and purchase new so this post is timely. I find that I’m putting my pjs on earlier and wearing them late into the morning. I have this weird thing about preferring a jogger-style cuff if I’m wearing long pj bottoms so they are not as easy to find. For some reason, the legs are made so big in non-cuffed bottoms and I don’t like the hem whipping around my ankles. I like Life is Good pjs. They are a little spendy but the company gives a lot back to their community and the clothes last for years. I just ordered this adorable pair.

  10. Nice post and glad your hubby is ok. Question for you: I wear a 7.5 /8 shoe size, which puts me smack in the middle of the size range of these slippers. I would like to order them, but unsure of size to get? Any advice? I guess I could order 2 sizes.

    1. I’m usually an 8, sometimes a 7.5 and sometimes an 8.5, and I went with the 8-9. They’re a little big, but I think the 6-7 would be too small. They stay on just fine and haven’t stretched out, and I have fairly narrow, flat feet.

  11. I have been wondering about a pair of summer slippers so yay!! I’m going to order these. And I need to get some summer pj’s too. Great post!

  12. Yep I’m in need of spring and summer pjs.. I’m still wearing my plaid from Christmas but it’s been too cold for much else. The pool area looks so inviting. Glad to hear Paul is doing well and you were able to avoid the ER certainly not a place where anyone wants to go these days. Happy weekend 😊

  13. Sorry to hear about your excitement last night! Same thing happened to us last Sunday when my 12yo cut her hand on a broken snow globe. But it all worked out. Hope Paul is ok! 

  14. Do not order a second pair of the UGS!!

    Okay, I’ll calm down…. I have the same slippers and for Florida they are perfect for our winter and I love them!  However, for summer, I found the Jack Rogers (iconic Palm Beach brand) slippers!  ADORABLE!  Ya gotta and you’re welcome 😉 

  15. Hi, thanks for reviewing the summer slippers!

    Why did you not like the other two you tried? (I was looking at the Vionic Gracie)

  16. I love my Acorn Spa Slippers!  I really do need to by another pair, so I have a spare.  I hope Paul’s finger injury isn’t too painful and heals quickly! 

  17. Happy sunny Sunday morning! I just purchased the Acorn Spa slippers! I needed a pair of open-toed slippers to replace my UGGS. I got the navy heather in size L (I wear a size 9-91/2 shoe). Hope they aren’t too small, but I didn’t want them too big!!! Happy for the mild weather today, I plan to open up the windows to bring in the fresh air! Will also enjoy our church’s on-line service (again!)

  18. I am wanting to try the slippers however I have read many reviews saying they did not last. Can you let us know after wearing a few months what you think? I have several pajamas from Target Stars Above and I love them! Soft and cool. I love the ones from Soma too especially when the are on sale!!! Stay healthy and safe!!

  19. Jolynne, I want to recommend you try a pair of Asian Wrap Pajamas from Garnet Hill (garnet I’ve bought multiple pairs over the years and they are my favorites. This year they have a cap sleeved nightgown that I’ve fallen in love with. They are so soft and comfortable. Give em a try!

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