Stylish Spring Slippers #StayHome

I was joking in my Top Ten in March that while my post on transition shoes seemed so appropriate at the time, most of us are probably finding slippers to be the most practical transition shoe right now. I suggested a post on stylish spring slippers, and you guys were all about it, so here we are.

Stylish Spring Slippers 2020

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Even though I have no problem wearing shoes in the house, I still find myself wearing slippers for a large portion of my days at home. I will throw on sneakers to go for a walk, but I usually revert back to slippers when I get home.

Some days I’ll wear a slip-on sneaker for a bit, just to feel somewhat human, but the slippers usually come back out long before I change into my nightwear.

But as the days get warmer, my beloved UGGs aren’t quite so cozy anymore. They’re almost too hot for my feet! Plus, I just need an alternative because I’ve been wearing these every. single. day.

SO! With the help of the ladies in my Facebook Group, I’ve rounded up the best stylish spring slippers at various price points!

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Also, speaking of Facebook, I’ll be doing a Facebook Live today around 1PM ET, and I’d love for you to tune in! This will happen on my Facebook Page (not in the Group) so be sure to check in around 1PM and my video should appear at the top of the page.

Stylish Spring Slippers

Slippers for All Seasons

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  1. These look great!  I have a pair of Haflingers that are perfect with arch support. They are pricey and great for winter, but rather hot for Spring. I recently saw a pair of white furry flip flip style Vionics with arch support on Zulily and ordered them, but they haven’t come in yet. I don’t know what I was thinking about ordering the white, but I thought they looked so pretty and comfy. The llBean might work also!  Thanks for this post. Very timely!

    1. I think the white is pretty for spring/summer but I was also concerned about keeping them clean. I ordered the Vionics to try, and the Ugg slides, and also one of the thongs. I’ll report back!

  2. I have the leopard print Vionic slippers, as well as a taupe pair, and a grey pair.  All three are up in the attic because they are too wintery for me.  My feet sweat bad and get hot so easy.  I am waiting on the arrival of a pair of Dearfoams Terry slippers with some arch support from Target.  I absolutely hate that I have to buy some groceries today because I don’t want to be inside any store.  I will wear a mask, of course.  I have complete confidence in the steps Publix is taking to reduce the amount of germs we can come in contact with.  Prayers for your friend!

  3. Jo-Lynne,

    Thank you for this post. I received Bean “Wicked Good” slippers for Mother’s Day last year and love them. I have also had UGG slippers. I have been wanting summer slippers for awhile, so I’ll definitely be getting a pair.

    Your blog has been nice to read during these crazy times. I’m trying to find small ways to treat myself while watching my spending. 😊

  4. So very sorry to hear about your friend in the ICU. It really hits close to home when it affects someone you know. My prayers with be with them and you today. As I helped my 23 yr old daughter get ready for work (she works in our largest Texas grocery store) I couldn’t help but feel like I was sending her to a war zone. Even though they are now issuing masks to all employees, I gave her permission to resign as this was her part time job while in college and certainly not worth the risks. 
    I’ve actually been living in my adidas slides as they are very comfortable and not a warm as a regular slipper. 

    1. Yes, I’d have a hard time if my kid was going to work in a grocery store every day. It’s hard to know what to do b/c it’s good for them to work and stay busy.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Prayers that they will get better and be able to leave the ICU. I am actually wearing my UGGS and have been pretty much daily. I have the cognac color like the first light grey pair you’ve shared. Super comfy and warm. We still have some chilly days. The last two were gorgeous and sunny and it was so nice to be outside for walks and doing some yard work.
    Take care and be safe.

  6. So sorry to hear about your friend. Thanks for this post. They are all so cute. I may have to try the ones with the elastic back as ever since I slipped in my kitchen and broke my foot in January I am a little paranoid with shoes and slippers.

  7. Question …
    I would love to go to grocery only once in two weeks. But…
    I can’t seem to get necessities so I end of going back and back to get what is needed. Our shelves are often bare. I am talking me necessities not wants I e milk, bread, eggs, toilet paper, etc are your stores full S usual ?

    1. Our shelves are often bare too. I can get milk/bread/eggs usually though. I stocked up and am pretty good for a couple weeks. The main thing I need is fresh veggies.

  8. I’m sorry to hear about your friend, Jo-Lynne. One of my sisters-in-law became ill with COVID-19 mid-March and is finally on the mend. She was not tested as her area didn’t have enough tests, but was a classic case. Thankfully, she did not have to be hospitalized.

    I’m looking for slippers for warmer weather so this is a timely post! I ordered the Vionic Gracie style and am sending them back. I felt like I was wearing snowshoes! They seemed very wide, and the faux “fur” made my foot slide around. I’m disappointed as I need the arch support after a bout with plantar fascitis last summer. I’ve had good luck with Vionic in the past but am also returning a pair of their sneakers as they just aren’t very comfortable. I need sneakers for walking outside on a hard surface. We have no sidewalks in our neighborhood, but also no traffic, so I have been walking on the street. My Nike “fashion” sneakers aren’t good for much more than a mile or two. Does anyone have suggestions for good walking sneakers that don’t look orthopedic, lol?

    I’m in Delaware and folks in my county seem to be doing well staying home. There is noticeably less traffic. I had to go to the grocery store this morning as I have been ordering for delivery but there were a few things that weren’t delivered for various reasons. The shelves were adequately stocked– I even saw TP and paper towels!

    1. So glad your SIL got better without medical care, but that’s a long time to be sick! It does sound like this thing lingers. Ugh.

      I ordered those Vionics too, but if you felt that way, I probably will too. I always feel like they run a little big. My daughter loves their flip-flops though. She inherited my bunions and I like her to have good support. I had surgery for mine, and I’d love for her to avoid that if possible.

      I usually wear my Nikes for my walks, they’re cushy and have moderate support. https://shopstyle.it/l/bfIsL

      But if my feet are feeling finicky, I wear my running shoes – the Saucony Guide. https://shopstyle.it/l/bfItY They have more support and are more of a stability shoe. Not as cute, but definitely better for my feet.

      I also recently tried these, and I love them. I’m waiting to get a different size, but I’m definitely going to add them to my rotation: https://shopstyle.it/l/bfIsx

  9. Please keep us updated on your friend. Will pray. So much harder when it hits home. So far I don’t know anyone with the virus but I continue to pray for those who do and those caring for them. Just hard to watch the news these days so I limit it. Great slipper options. I miss wearing shoes. I love shoes. :). I look forward to watching your live tomorrow after you post it. It will be fun to see you. 

  10. I am wondering if/where I could find a spring vest this inst quilted? I work in the basement of a building and need the layer, not always a long sleeve shirt. Insight and suggestions would be wonderful. Or is a light weight vest out of style?
    Thank you. I have been following you for 3 years. My girls say it has helped a lot. LoL

  11. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend and prayers are sent your way. I made a grocery store run yesterday and while I didn’t get everything on my list, that’s it for another 10 days. I actually was able to buy toilet paper and as I was putting the package in my cart, I felt like I had won the lottery!

    1. SCORE!!!! We have a lot b/c we ordered from Amazon before it got scarce. But I should probably pick some up when I see it, just to keep a good stockpile in case it continues to be hard to find. Such strange times.

  12. I’m sorry to hear about your friend in ICU. My prayers go out for them and all the care givers in the hospital.
    I really like the Vionic leopard slippers. I hope you’re doing okay and I’m glad to hear you now have a mask. We ordered some and they will be here next week. We loaded up on all our groceries a few days ago and are trying not to go out for as long as possible, other than outside by our pool.
    Jo from Florida

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