Stylish Spring Slippers #StayHome

I was joking in my Top Ten in March that while my post on transition shoes seemed so appropriate at the time, most of us are probably finding slippers to be the most practical transition shoe right now. I suggested a post on stylish spring slippers, and you guys were all about it, so here we are.

Stylish Spring Slippers 2020

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Even though I have no problem wearing shoes in the house, I still find myself wearing slippers for a large portion of my days at home. I will throw on sneakers to go for a walk, but I usually revert back to slippers when I get home.

Some days I’ll wear a slip-on sneaker for a bit, just to feel somewhat human, but the slippers usually come back out long before I change into my nightwear.

But as the days get warmer, my beloved UGGs aren’t quite so cozy anymore. They’re almost too hot for my feet! Plus, I just need an alternative because I’ve been wearing these every. single. day.

SO! With the help of the ladies in my Facebook Group, I’ve rounded up the best stylish spring slippers at various price points!

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Stylish Spring Slippers

Slippers for All Seasons

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